Skinny Food Swaps

By simply swapping some of the foods you eat, you can lose weight. Yep, that’s right. At times, the foods that you think may be healthy still have a really high calorie intake. For example, swapping cheddar cheese which has a whopping 403 calories per 100gm with feta cheese which has 264 calories per 100gm can make a huuuuuuge difference. And you still get to eat cheese! Yippeeee! Try some of these others: 


If you have banana bread for breakfast, you could be consuming up to 309 calories per slice (not to mention the butter you slathered over the top!). Swap this for Yoplait Yoghurt in Apple Pie flavour which is still a yummy treat but only contains 72 calories per tub. 

Morning Tea:

If you have a sweet tooth like me, and like to have a blueberry muffin for morning tea you could be consuming up to a massive 509 calories. Try swapping this for a Be Natural Macadamia Honey Bar which has a calorie intake of 260 calories and is still a super sweet treat. 


Think that a chicken caesar salad is healthy, because, you know… it’s a salad? Well, get this – a small sized chicken caesar salad from Sumo Salads contains 384 calories per serving. If you were to swap this for a turkey and cranberry sandwich on wholemeal bread, you’d be looking at a calorie intake of only 186 calories. Plus you will be way more full and satisfied than if you had the salad. 

Afternoon Tea:

If you hit a wall at 3pm and your energy levels slump, don’t reach for a chocolate bar to pick you back up! A standard 50 gm chocolate bar contains around 260 calories. You can get the same delicious chocolate taste with a Coles Simply Less Dark Chocolate Mousse which contains only 167 calories for a 180gm tub.


I get it… chicken is protein. But while tasty, that Indian butter chicken you are consuming has a massive 362 calories. Swap this for something like Ainsley Harriott, Packaged: Couscous, Roasted Vegetable which only has 191 calories and is super tasty.


Swap your regular glass of white wine which contains a huge 121 calories for a glass of Lindemans Early Harvest Semillon Sauvignon Blanc, with only 73 calories per glass!

swiish tip: try using the website where you can type the food you want to know about and it will tell you what the calorie intake is. Following a simple meal plan and knowing exactly how many calories you are consuming, along with regular exercise is a good step to helping you on your weight loss journey!

What are your skinny food swaps? Share them with us!

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