Slim Secrets

How long I have dreamed of being able to enjoy a diet-friendly snack that isn’t celery and carrot sticks with hummus!

That dream is now a reality, thanks to Slim Secrets, a brand of tasty and nutritionally balanced snacks.

We are talking low carb, high fibre, high protein “Fit Balls” – a snack containing Chia seeds which are also loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants; low calorie 97% fat free potato chips; and Wanted! Snack bars, with less than 100 calories in delicious flavours such as Vanilla Almond, Juicy Apple & Cinnamon and Peach Perfection.

Slim Secrets also offer a low carb, high protein range of snack bars with cheeky names such as Morning Rev-Up! and Night Time Binge-Buster!. Love it!

My favourites are the Fit Balls in Butterscotch Bliss flavour, and the potato chips in Sea Salt.

P.S. If you get addicted, it’s not my fault!

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