I have to admit, I’m a bit of a neat freak.  But that’s predominantly because I love my space!  Between the furniture, Annabelle's toys (and ok... my shoe collection too...) in my apartment, there isn't any room for unnecessary clutter.  Over the past few years though, I’ve discovered a few sneaky little ways to save a whole lot of space.

Shelves Inside Shelves
Buying a whole new cupboard just for an extra bowl or two is hardly savvy spending.  Investing in a few shelf racks instead will not only save space, but money too!     

Magnetic storage
Who needs precious space in their cupboards taken up with annoying little spice jars?! I keep my kitchen tidy by simply sticking food to the wall (just not in the same way Annabelle does!) Magnetic holders are a unique and stylish way to store spices, along with any other bits and pieces that otherwise end up scattered everywhere!     

Stackable shoe shelving
I think most women would agree that a one-story shoe space is just not enough.  Four stories sounds a bit more reasonable… maybe five?  Placing a multi-storey shoe rack in your closet or getting creative and making shelving on the wall for your shoes will leave you wondering what to do with all the space! Plus it’s a great way to display your favourite shoes and makes dressing in a hurry a breeze! Maybe it’s time to go shopping...

Draws inside furniture
Hybrid furniture – a must-have for any space deprived apartment.  You can turn an ordinary chest of drawers into a window bench with one throw of a cushion!  I also love to double up drawers as tables wherever I can.

Nesting Tables
Having more than two tables in your apartment can sometimes seem like an unnecessary waste of space.  Especially if you don’t always use them!
I’m obsessed with this idea of nesting tables that slide right over the top of each other.  It’s so easy to keep one tucked away and then just whip it out whenever the girls come over for coffee.  So simple but so stylish

Ikea Trones
Art feature, or storage space?  These cute little boxes provide that rare blend of modern, chic and practical.
Ikea trones are like little cabinets that take up barely any space because they’re so shallow.  Each one of the squares pictured pulls out so you can slip all sorts of  bits and pieces inside.  Whoever thought of these things is seriously clever! 

So there you have it! Just a few of the ways I maxmise my space... If you have any space-saving hacks then I'd love for you to share!