Smart Budgeting Tools

I may have a degree in accounting but that doesn’t mean that I find doing a budget for my family any fun! 

If you feel the same way I do, it turns out we could be stressing out over spreadsheets and receipts for no reason.

With the growing number of tools available online, budgeting can become a walk in the park. No longer will you have to sit in a pile of paperwork trying to discover where that $100 went – you can keep track of all your incomings and outgoings online.

There are many different resources that can help. Here are our top three picks:

HomeBudget Lite

A free app available from itunes that helps you to set a budget as well as track expenses, income, bills due and account balances. You can view reports to see any trends over the last 6 months and then email reports to yourself to analyse (warning, this is actually quite addictive and not as boring as it sounds!). If all that isn’t enough, there is a sync function where everyone in the household can sync to and work together within the same budget.

KidSpot Family Budget

This website has everything you could possibly need to make budgeting for a family easier. There is a budget planner on the site that will keep track of your money, plus tips and tricks on how to cut down on food shopping, entertainment and even loans.

Saving Money Expert

An excellent website that has a free and easy to use budget spreadsheet available to download. They also have recipes based around cheap ingredients that are great for the whole family. You can even compare home loans across a large number of the major lenders.

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