If you can believe it, we only have one more month of freezing cold temperatures, gloomy days and having a socially acceptable reason to wear ugg boots all weekend hahaha before spring hits. So to get us in a spring and summer state of mind, we’re prepping with our 30-Day Super Green Smoothie Challenge. They say that summer bodies are made in winter, and while we think that any body is bikini ready (ladies, just pop on a bikini, and your body is bikini ready), we can’t deny that everyone wants to feel better about heading into the warmer months. That’s why we’re doing our 30-Day Super Green Smoothie Challenge in August and although you can do it any time of the year, we thought there’s no better time than doing it in the last month of winter.

The great thing about this challenge is that it’s all about feeling your best. It can help you sleep better, makes your skin glow and gives you a big dose of energy.

Not sure how the challenge works?  Here’s a bit of a break down.  All you need to do is drink one green smoothie a day for 30 days. Sounds easy, right? Well - it's actually harder than you might think. We all know that life gets hectic, and sometimes it's easier to skip brekkie altogether, or grab a sugary treat to eat when that 3pm slump hits.

That's why we're here to help you turn your green smoothie into a habit. From one green smoothie a day, you'll get vitamins and nutrients that give you increased energy, that help your digestion, assist your body to detox, give you stronger hair and nails, and help your skin to glow.

We'll share what we know, we will help you to prep, we will give you shopping lists to cut down on waste (of time and ingredients) and be with you each step of the way to answer any questions you may have. We will make this as easy for you as possible. And as delicious as possible too - double win!

In addition to everything you already know and love about the challenge (delicious smoothie recipes, detailed shopping lists, bonus celebrity smoothies, etc.) the 30 Day Super Green Smoothie Challenge also has an easy-to-read layout, a tonne of bonus tips and tricks AND over 22 mouth-watering lunch, dinner and snack recipes.

Why do we love smoothies so much? Aside from their deeeelicious taste (and we've created and tested hundreds of these recipes ourselves over the years, so we know these ones taste absolutely amazing), smoothies keep you full. If we were to pile up on a plate the ingredients of a green smoothie – it’d look something like this…. a huuuuuuuuge mountain of spinach, kale, cucumber, broccoli, avocado plus fruit such as banana, mango, kiwifruit, berries or pineapple. Oh and of course, superfoods too! We could never eat that much if it were put in front of us on a plate. But when it’s all blended it up it is so easy to drink and keeps us feeling full all the way through until lunch. That means no mid-morning biscuits and definitely no 3pm block of chocolate.

So not only have we skipped the calories and fats from unhealthy snacking, but the smoothies in our 30 Day Challenge all contain under 300 calories per smoothie. When combined with clean, healthy eating the rest of the day, Super Green Smoothies make getting lean easier than ever.

Now, lets talk energy. If you tend to find yourself in a 3pm slump, or even an around-the-clock slump (we’ve been there!) Super Green Smoothies can help. When we’re put under a lot of stress we don’t always have time to give our bodies the love and respect they deserve. If you’re always eating on the go, you may not be making the healthiest food choices either. This means your body is constantly fighting to clean out all the toxins that are entering it - no wonder you're exhausted! Drinking green smoothies is a delicious and easy way to give your body a break from all that junk while at the same time fuelling it with the vitamins and nutrients it needs to keep you buzzing all day long.

Pesky pimples, brittle nails and dry, unruly hair can be a sign that something bad is going on below the surface. A bad diet, air pollution, smoking, drinking and sun exposure can lead to a huge build up of toxins in the body.

You can join us and by heading to our online shop. 


By the way, for anyone who loves Afterpay (yep, us too!) the challenge is just four easy payments of $17.48 (or one payment of $69.95).
We can't wait to connect with the hundreds of our fellow smoothie sippers who have already signed up. Let's do this!


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