This Week's Snap Wrap

Saturday morning with my favourite person.
Pink roses from NBCF! Thank you!

With singer James Blunt.
Showing off my moves behind the scenes with Kris.

Meeting Dan Aykroyd - what a legend.
He was so much fun to have on set!

We study hard at TDE...
Looking good, James Tobin!

Swapping dancing tips with Kerri-Anne.
Annabelle and I got caught playing in the park.

Saturday morning fun!
Healthy dinner at the Obermeder household.

A side effect of spending so much time in the hair & makeup department at Channel 7!
I do love tacos...

Carmelo and me on DWTS
Waiting in the green room.

A Dare to keep my energy levels up...
or three.

James gets a sneak peek at my costume.
New dancing kicks!

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