I was so thrilled to be part of Sportscraft’s Mothers Day collaboration. I love Sportscraft for their gorgeous, classic pieces and consistency in quality and price range. 

Here’s the Q&A from the piece and don’t forget to check out the Sportscraft site here to find some gorgeous pieces for your winter wardrobe!

How do you balance your work and being a mum?

It’s a constant juggle but Annabelle always comes first. As long as she is happy and healthy, that’s the most important thing. Like many working mums, I don’t always get the balance right. I am also lucky to have a lot of family support - my parents are fabulous. At the end of the day, I know I’m doing my best so I try to be kind to myself and not hold on to too much ‘mother guilt’.     

How do you best describe your style? Do you think it has changed since being a mum?

My style is about mixing classic, investment items with seasonal pieces. I love fashion and I’m all about looking for luxe for less pieces that embrace the trends of the seasons. My style hasn’t really changed since becoming a mum. I wore high heels all throughout my pregnancy - I’m more prone to falling over in flats ha ha ha! I love trends and I’m always looking to incorporate them with my current wardrobe. I’m quite partial to white, denim and anything with a hint of sparkle.      

What is the best advice that your mum passed on to you which you will pass on to Annabelle?

Always believe in yourself… trust your instincts and follow your dreams. My mantra is ‘be your own cheerleader, don’t wait for others to encourage you to pursue your dreams’. If you do, you could be waiting a long time. The onus is on you to make your life what you want it to be. 

What do you and Annabelle enjoy doing most together?

Every Wednesday afternoon, we have mummy-daughter picnics. It’s treasured time just for the two of us and I am extremely protective of that time, I won’t ever cancel or let anything get in the way of it.   

What is on your Mother's Day wish list?

Honestly, if I can just spend time with family, I’ll be happy. But if Marcus is reading this, then I’m pretty sure Annabelle wants to get me a new watch!   

Where is your favourite place in Australia to visit with Annabelle?

I love Byron Bay - we spent a month there when Annabelle was younger and so it holds special memories for us as a family. It’s chilled out, we kick back at the beach, we go to the markets and stock up on fresh local produce. Sometimes I fantasise about moving there! We’re heading back this year for a holiday, which she is incredibly excited about. 

What song reminds you most of Annabelle?

Sia’s ‘Chandelier’ and Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake it off’ are her favourite songs which we sing to at ‘dance parties’ in our lounge room. Also 'Let It Go’ as she is obsessed with Disney Princesses. This one is often played on repeat for hours at a time. ‘Let It Go’ I tell her, but she doesn’t get the joke!