Hands up if you’ve washed your makeup brushes in the past week?

Like most women, you probably didn’t but did you know that makeup artists and dermatologists suggest you clean your brushes everyday? Yep, that’s right, just like brushing your teeth; you should be cleaning your makeup brushes after each use, which is most likely daily. To be honest, hearing that made us squirm because we know so many ladies who rarely do it! But it makes total sense to wash them everyday – just think about the makeup you’re putting on your skin everyday and then reusing that same brush day after day. Makes you squirm as well, right?

Lucky for you though, we have a simple tip that will make sure you clean your brushes daily and it’s soooo easy and actually a little bit fun (yep, cleaning can be fun hahaha).

So the nifty little trick we have tucked up our sleeve is to use a battery-operated cleaner. We use the StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner and it’s just the best. You pop a little bit of soap or makeup remover into the bowl with some water, stick your makeup brush in the designated holder and then dip the brush back into the water and it swirls around, cleans it and dries it!

Hallelujah, a device that will clean and dry our makeup brushes! It literally takes us about 30 seconds to do each brush. Not even joking. It’s saved us so much time and our skin is definitely thanking us for it.

To have cleaner makeup brushes in 30 seconds, you can pick up your StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner from The Shaver’s Shop here.  And to see it in action, watch our video below.


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