One of the questions we receive most from our SWIISH readers is simply “where do you shop?”  And sometimes, it’s hard to give a straight answer because truth be told - we shop all over the place!  Whether it’s discount or designer, for us, it all comes down to style, quality, comfort and affordability.  That’s why recently we’ve teamed up with Katies to scope out and stock up on their latest collection.

Maybe you haven't been into a Katies store for a while, but having spent a lot of time looking through and wearing their collection, we can tell you that it is stylish, bang on-trend and affordable. Our three favourite things!  Aside from being a go-to for staple basics, we find ourselves heading back again and again for all sorts of fashion pieces. From comfy jeggings and hooded jackets, to sophisticated dresses and fashion-forward tops, Katies has such an incredibly diverse range.

Recently, we’ve found ourselves picking most of our pieces from Katie’s new MOVE range.  This collection has been specifically designed to be stylish, affordable and practical – we love that!  This collection definitely has a bonus comfort factor too – we could practically live in these pants! 

About the look.



The best part about this range is that it’s so easy to mix and match. I've styled these statement print pants with a hi-lo knit top and classic black pumps with a twist (check out the tassels on the back). The pants would also work perfectly wtih a chunky cable knit sweater and cool trainers; or a crisp white shirt and black cape blazer. I'll also be wearing them with an oversized silk shirt and luxe-style wool coat. PIeces that are versatile, like this, work so well in any wardrobe because you can mix and match and create a range of options. You get bang for buck and maximum style at the same time. All of the pieces in the Katies collection are perfect for layering, which makes them great for winter. Over the next few weeks, we'll be sharing more of our favourite looks. We'd love to know what you think and how you would style the MOVE range. 

For more fab pieces, check out the Katies website or head in store today.


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