We all have those days where we don’t feel so crash hot about our bodies. And we all have those body parts that we are not so happy with, no matter how many hours we clock in at the gym, or how many leafy greens we shovel in.

Instead of hiding at home in your trackies with a block of chocolate, there is a way we can sneakily style those areas slim!

By following a few golden fashion rules, you'll always look terrific, even if you are not feeling at your most confident.

Get to know your body

Understanding your body shape is the most important rule when it comes to dressing yourself slim. By finding out your body shape (and working out that may of us are a different shape on the top vs on the bottom) you can learn what styles suit you and which ones to avoid. Tailoring styles to your body type is the best way to highlight your best figure.

Define your waist

Highlighting your natural waist shape by adding a belt instantly gives you a feminine hourglass shape. Even if you are wearing baggy clothing, highlighting your waist instantly makes you look slimmer. This also works with high waisted pants, shorts and skirts.

Have a solid foundation

Investing in good quality and properly fitted bras & shapewear can eliminate those unwanted lumps and bumps. Bridget Jones definitely had it right with her giant granny panties, but now you can get much sexier ones so you look good under your clothes too! 

The power of vertical lines

Vertical lines are the perfect slim trick to narrow and elongate your body, as the draw the eye up and down your body. This also works for v-neck styles too, instantly slimming the body.  

Don’t hide away

Most people think that by hiding away their problem areas under an all over baggy look or by wearing tighter clothing they will look slimmer. Loose and ill-fitting clothing can actually make you look bigger than you really are and tight clothing can accentuate bulges. A good trick is to wear opposites, so if you are wearing a tight top wear loose pants, and vice versa. Wear pieces that are not too tight or too loose, but just drape beautifully around the body. 

Know your strengths & weaknesses

Wearing a bold print or colour on your best feature shows it off and makes any troublesome areas less obvious. If you’ve got legs for days wear some amazing printed skinny jeans. Got a toned tummy? Show it off with a bold crop top. Draw the eye to your best feature. 

Darken it up

Darker colours create a more slimming effect, but that doesn’t mean you need to be dressed in all black. Colors such as charcoal gray, chocolate brown, navy blue and forest green can slim problem areas and elongate the body. 


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