I’ve always been amazed at how expensive workout gear can be.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of working out in style - it makes me feel way more motivated when it's as much about fashion as it is about fitness - but $90 for a tank top? That's not what we at team SWIISH consider bang for buck. Plus - let's be honest, I’d rather spend that much on something isn’t about to get all sweaty…

I've been a big fan of Coles Mix Apparel for some time now. They have a knack for designing quality clothing that's stylish and affordable. We've sung their praises before on SWIISH many times. Which is exactly why I was pretty excited when I found out that they have launched a whole new range of fashionable workout wear, designed using their best-selling styles from the Mix departments. And wait until you hear the best bit - almost all of it is under $10. WOO HOO!

Whilst I've shopped online for Mix Apparel before, I picked up the new activewear range at my local Coles which I loved - there's nothing like grabbing the groceries plus just a little something for yourself haha! Double win!

I stocked up on a whole bunch of items, around 10 in total - tees, leggings, tanks - all of which came in at under $100 total.  Considering one pair of leggings from a regular label could set you back around $110, I’d say I scored a pretty good bargain!

The thing I love most is that they clearly haven't sacrificed quality for value.  All the pieces have been super comfortable, durable and so easy to wear.

My favourite outfit from the range is probably the ‘inspire’ tee paired with the black leggings.  I love the pop of colour you get from the blue stripe down the side of the leggings.  The whole thing is so me.

And if I'm honest - I haven't ALWAYS worked out when I've worn these pieces. Because - well... activewear! Surely coffee with the girls and running errands still counts as being active?

My favourite thing about this range is that it encourages you to get fit, while at the same time helping you save money.  You can knock off two years resolutions at once! 

The Mix activewear collection is available at 740 Coles stores throughout January.  Head to your local store to get your hands on some of this amazing range while it’s still available!