Summer Movie Marathon

Summer is for relaxing, dreaming of the beach and reminiscing about your youth.  Here’s our tribute to summer, with 5 of the best movies guaranteed to take you on a trip down memory lane.

Dirty Dancing

Admit it – you have probably watched Dirty Dancing at least 50 times. So have we! The tension between Baby and Johnny, the embarrassing moment where Baby carries a watermelon (dying!) and the climactic final scenes, together with that infamous line - “Nobody puts Baby in a corner!” – still makes this one of our favourite movies of all time, and still makes us swoon over the late, great Patrick Swayze.

Stand By Me

This beautiful story of the friendship between four boys, who go on an adventure in search of a body of a missing local teenager, pulls at our heartstrings, makes us laugh and makes us yearn for our adolescence. Nothing says ‘80s movie’ like Corey Feldman who stars in this, but the passing of his co-star, the late River Phoenix makes this film even more poignant.

The Endless Summer

This classic doco from the late 60s is the story of two surfers who decide to follow summer around the world, in search of the perfect wave – Hawaii, Africa, Australia and Tahiti amongst other exotic locales.  Jealous? Who us? If quitting your job and doing the same isn’t an option, then download the soundtrack for a bit of surf-rock nostalgia to see you through the summer.

The Long Hot Summer

A smoldering Paul Newman with some of his best acting and his muscles on display? Yes please! The chemistry between Newman and Joanne Woodward is electric, in this classic film set in the late 50s. Newman plays Ben Quick, a drifter who finds his way to a Mississippi town, cozying up to the Varner’s, the town’s richest family.

Point Break

Okay, okay. So it’s clear we have a love affair with the late Patrick Swayze. Not only that, but Keanu Reeves makes being an undercover FBI agent look like the best job in the world as he chases bank-robbing hippie rebel surfers. We loved this movie the first time and 20 years on, nothing has diminished. Action, suspense, a romance, a bromance and hot surfers - it doesn’t get cooler than this.





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