When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, many of us tend to take an “all or nothing” approach.  You know what we’re talking about… you tell yourself things like, “I’m never going to eat Nutella EVER again” or, “I’m going to go the gym every single day” or our personal favourite (slash the most-failed promise in history)…“I’m giving up carbs for good.”  Ha ha!

Sure, these resolutions are all well and good…  until you find yourself three donuts deep at an office birthday party thinking, “It’s okay… I’ll start Monday.”  Or you order the salad, only to end up inhaling a side of fries.  Don’t worry, we’ve all been there!

The reality is, even if we start off with the best intentions, all-or-nothing diets rarely do the trick.  Here at SWIISH, we know that it’s actually the small changes that can make the biggest difference.  This is exactly why we have adopted a smoothie-a-day philosophy.  We tend to have ours first thing in the morning, as it’s quick, easy and delicious and has sooo many benefits.  A smoothie is the perfect way to up your veggie intake, cut calories and get massive boost of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants at the same time. 

To really amp it up to the next level, we’ve also been adding our favourite fibre supplement, Metamucil*, into the mix.  Metamucil is made with 100% natural psyllium, a super-fibre with many health benefits, like helping you feel lighter and more active.  This means that on top of all the usual smoothie benefits (such as nourishing your body with essential nutrients)we also get the right amount of fibre, which helps to cleanse the body from the inside.  With so many delicious flavours, there’s a Metamucil supplement to match every smoothie we make.  For us, it’s been an easy way to incorporate more psyillium husk into our diet. 

We often refer to this smoothie + Metamucil concoction as our ‘daily glass of super’, since it leaves us feeling light, active and bouncing with energy.  We try to have one every morning so that we’re always at the top of our game.  With so many different digestive benefits, we’ve found that Metamucil always helps to keeps our tummies feeling comfortable and happy all day long.  So if ever we’re feel tired, sluggish or weighed down, it’s a winner.

Below, we’ve listed three of our favourite smoothie recipes – one with brekkie, one to go with lunch and another as a pre-sleep snack.  Each smoothie has a different flavour, along with it’s own set of unique benefits.  Smoothie ingredients can be found at your local supermarket or fruit and veggie shop; and we usually pick up Metamucilat Priceline or Chemist Warehouse.  Give these recipes a go and of course, let us know what you think! For new users, start with one dose of Metamucil per day and gradually increase to three doses per day as necessary. Enjoy Metamucil with adequate liquid. If mixture thickens, add more water and stir.