Supermarket Superfoods

We all aim to consume healthier foods and it starts from the source – where we purchase them. As much as we love our superfoods here at swiish, they can be pricey and difficult to source.

Now, I know it can be hard to pick up the right foods from the supermarket to fill up a healthy shopping trolley, especially when there are so many (unhealthy!) options. But once you know what products and types of foods are good for you, it’s just a matter of finding the right shopping aisle.

Rocket is a major superfood that can be found in your local supermarket all year round. Its rich green colour means it is one of the healthier lettuce choices. It’s also high in calcium, iron, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin K. Rocket is awesome to use in salads - it works especially well with pumpkin, pine nuts and feta cheese.
Greek Yogurt
Compared to regular yoghurt, Greek yoghurt is lower in carbohydrates and richer in protein. There is so much you can do with Greek yoghurt and knowing it’s good for you is just a plus! It is not only tasty, but it’s also a healthy snack that the kids will love. Try adding honey and berries for a sweet treat.
Are you after food that will satisfy your hunger and keep you feeling full for longer? Meet chickpeas. They are extremely high in fiber and help your digestive system. Better yet, there are so many ways to incorporate them into your everyday meals - add them to salads or make them into dips and burger patties. You can buy dried chickpeas and cook them yourself at home or you can get tinned chickpeas if you’re short on time.
Rice Malt Syrup
Rice Malt Syrup is made from 100% brown rice and when broken down contains soluble complex carbohydrates, maltose and a small amount of glucose making it a great choice for when you want something sweet without the guilt. Rice Malt Syrup also contains loads of B vitamins which are needed for energy production. It’s also relatively low in calories but as with all sweet treats, make sure to consume this in moderation. 
Organic Chicken Breast
It is no wonder chicken meat is the most popular meat consumed by Australians. It tastes great, you can use it for all types of different dishes and most importantly, it’s good for you. Chicken (in particular, chicken breast) offers a great amount of protein for your daily diet and is super rich in all the B vitamins. It also provides a leveled release of nutrients into your body, so you can always count on chicken. 
Butternut Pumpkin
  With no saturated fat or cholesterol, and low in sodium and calories, butternut pumpkin is the superfood of vegetables. Super delicious and filled to the brim with Vitamin A and Vitamin C, it will boost your immune system, give you more energy and keep your heart pumping healthily.  
Sweet Potato
Eating sweet potatoes are a quick and easy way to add some much needed nutrients to your diet, plus they are absolutely delicious. Loaded with complex carbohydrates, fiber and vitamin A, this nutritious veggie will help to keep your eyesight strong and boosts your immune system.
Refried Beans
The word fried immediately conjures up ideas of oily, super fatty goods, but refried beans are actually surprisingly healthy for you. High in fibre, iron, potassium and vitamin C, refried beans boost your immune system and energy levels, improves blood circulation and lowers your cholesterol.
Brown Rice
Change your white rice for brown rice for a superfood switch with loads of benefits. Brown rice has higher levels of nutrients such as magnesium, manganese, zinc and fibre, which helps to lower your cholesterol and decrease the risk of heart disease. Brown rice is also the only grain with Vitamin E, which is an amazing antioxidant. Make the switch now.
This protein packed superfood contains omega-3 acids that promote brain health and development, improve circulation and boost the immune system. Low in fat and calories, tuna will help you feel fuller for longer, fueling your metabolism and helping your body to burn fat. It’s the perfect healthy choice for the body AND mind.

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