Surf's Up

Yep it's another new fitness technique, but it is super cool and majorly addictive (especially when you can burn anywhere between 400-900 calories per session... now we're talking!).

Introducing Surfset, an exercise using a surfboard structure to manipulate the movements, muscles used and the strenuous work out endured as if you are actually surfing in the ocean. Except you're doing it at the gym... no surfing lessons required.

This machine shakes it up - literally. It uses a shaking movement on a modified surfboard to get you using all different muscles combining cardio and resistance training techniques. The concept was inspired by the body of a surfer - typically long, lean, muscly and fit, but without bulk. By bringint this whole idea together, the movements used in a session have also been influenced by more conventional workouts like yoga, high intensity interval and resistance training.

A surfset workout focuses on strengthening your core area, as well as increasing muscle and removing fat across the whole body. Where you will find most of the improvements after trying this out is in your level of balance, agility, core strength, power and stability.

So what does the Surfset machine do that other exercise machines dont'? The main idea of this form of exercise is to shock both the body and mind with unique techniques that they're not used to. By doing this, the body learns to adapt, work hard and in essence burn calories and increase muscle tone.

Let's face it - this isn't a replacement for learning to surf. But it is a fun way to mix up your workout routine and build yourself a leaner, fitter body - and that sounds good to us!

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