It’s the most wonderful time of the year… and we've got you covered when it comes to the best gifts.

Presents for kids are probably our favourite to buy because the joy that Christmas brings to children is simply indescribable. Their little faces and expressions when they’re opening a present is absolutely priceless and with Christmas just around the corner, we’ve been thinking and researching a lot about what to get the little loves in our lives.

Enter: Shibajuku Dolls and Mokurus. These are the latest kids toys that are taking the world by storm and rightly so.

Created by Melbourne-based Maddy Hunter, Shibajuku Dolls are inspired by Japan and a love of Harajuku fashion. The dolls have glass eyes, are free of over-the-top make-up, which as parents will appreciate is soooo refreshing! They are designed to be as sweet as they are cool, and come complete with accessories to be shared with their owner.

If you’re around kids regularly, you will know that they love to fidget with absolutely anything, which is why the aptly named fidget spinner was such a big deal in schools across the country.

Mokurus are the newest fidgets spinners that kids are going to be obsessed with. They flip, roll and bounce and can be used between multiple people. Whilst the kids will love them we apologise in advance to teachers and parents because Mokurus are going to be everywhere!

Shibajuku Dolls and Mokurus are available from Kmart and at $20.00 and $6.00 respectively, they’re not toys that you’re going to have to re-mortgage your house over. Gotta love that!
Get your Shibajuku Doll here and your Mokuru here.


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