Ageing Generation Handbook

When my gorgeous friend, Josie Gagliano found out her son had autism, one line in a book was all she needed to know that everything was going to be okay. Now caring for a mother with dementia, among other health problems, Josie has written this handbook to give others that hope and guidance.

An accomplished journalist with four blogs, mother to twins Rafael and Estella, a carer for her mother and on top of all that now an established author with her first book, we think Josie is one hell of a woman! Not only does she give Australians some brilliant guidance in dealing with an ageing population, she also shows her incredible empathy through her own experiences as a carer.

With a comprehensive guide of services and communities around Australia, this handbook is a must for anyone that is providing care for an older parent or partner. If you want to make sure that you deliver the best care, while also taking care of your own health, make sure you buy your copy here for only $31.95. We love you Josie!!

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