Big claims and big promises are standard in the beauty industry. But every now and then a product comes along and it, well it knocks your socks off. Because it delivers on its BIG promise. That’s Santé by ENJO. 

The promise is that these discs can remove all your makeup as well as dirt and impurities with just water. Are you feeling doubtful? You’re not alone. Given that we’ve become conditioned to think we need a makeup remover, a cleaning oil, a face wash and a massive handful of cotton balls/makeup wipes, makes it hard to imagine we’ve been doing it wrong all these years. And that all we actually needed was – water!

So back to the question – does it work? The answer is a resounding and unequivocal YES. The discs take everything off and leave your skin feeling cleansed, without the chemicals and irritants of soaps and creams. And Sante also helps maintain the natural balance of your skin’s oils. The amazing part is that you’re not only saving money (great), your skin in the long run (even greater) but also the environment (the greatest of all). 

To see Sante by ENJO in action – watch here: 

The Makeup Remover Set by ENJO is a set of 7 discs, one for each day of the week, and then you just pop them in the washing machine at the end of the week. The set even comes with a laundry bag for easy use. 

If you want to go the extra mile with your self-care regime and ensure you’re giving your skin the TLC it needs, you can purchase the ENJO Exfoliators. Perfect for that once-a-week deep cleansing experience to stimulate the skin for a glowing complexion.

Keen to do you, your skin and your planet some goodness and make the Makeup Remover Set by ENJO part of your beauty routine? Find them here.


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