At SWIISH, we have a pretty strong interest in all things health, and at times, this means delving into a little bit of science. Every now and again we find ourselves absorbed in information that’s way too important not to share. That’s how we felt about today’s topic – cord blood. Not only because it’s a lifesaving medical discovery but because it’s something you can be a part of right now.

If you haven’t heard of it, here’s a bit of a breakdown. Cord blood is made up of a mixture of cells that remain in the umbilical cord following birth. These cells provide an incredibly rich source of stem cells that can be used in the treatment of a range of blood disorders and immune system conditions such as Leukaemia, Anaemia, & various autoimmune diseases, not only for the child but also potentially for compatible family members. In other words, this stuff is worth hanging on to!

The stem cells derived from your baby’s cord blood are particularly worth saving because they are biologically younger and have unique qualities. Collecting and banking cord blood cells ensures that they can be preserved for future use. While these stem cells are mainly used in the treatment of children, adults also benefit from stem cell therapy following chemotherapy treatment if enough cord blood was collected at birth.

So basically instead of just wasting these precious cells after birth, parents are now being given the choice to collect and save cord blood and umbilical tissue. Unfortunately though, while banking and re-infusing cord blood stem cells is now a fairly routine medical practice, not enough people are aware of how they can get involved.

That’s where Cryosite comes in. Cryosite are Australia’s first and most credible cord blood and tissue bank – and for good reason. Their service offers the ability to store baby’s stem cells, taken from the cord blood and tissue, securely for up to 25 years. On top of this they’re also the only Australian cord blood bank with the capability (and integrity) to test the viability of baby’s cord tissue stem cells so you know if it’s worth storing.

So if you guys are anything like us, you’ll hopefully see this post a kick-start to getting more need-to-know information about the importance of cord blood storage. If you’re a mama-to-be, know someone who’s expecting or are interested in finding out more, we highly recommend jumping on to the cryosite website and downloading their information pack today. Because in our opinion, the potentially life-saving benefits are too great to ignore.

* We have teamed up with Cryosite on this post, however all opinions expressed are my own. I would not recommend a product or service that I didn’t believe in and thoroughly believe in the important work Cryosite are doing.