The Essentials: Lorna Jane

It can be tough to find the motivation to exercise. We know - we have SO been there! For us at swiish, exercise means more than ticking a walk or a yoga class off the to-do list. It’s part of a holistic approach to wellbeing. Eating healthily (but not denying ourselves that piece of chocolate if we really want it!), getting quality sleep, and strengthening our bodies through exercise. We live busy lives so we don’t always get it right 100% of the time, but it’s what we strive for, because we know how good it feels to be healthy. I realised this more than ever last year when I was sick. I want to live my best life.

At the award winning Australian activewear label, Lorna Jane, they want to inspire you to live your best life too. Their philosophy is MOVE NOURISH BELIEVEMove Your Body, Nourish From The Inside Out, Believe Anything Is Possible.

Lorna Jane offers fab activewear gear – from singlets, t-shirts, hoodies, shorts, tights and so much more – to all of the accessories you need for your workout like gym bags, exercise mats and even socks! The fabrics used in the Lorna Jane activewear are hi-tech, specially designed to support and flatter as well as keep you cool and dry during your workout.

But what we love most about Lorna Jane is that when you pop online to the website you can do more than just shop. With recipes, inspiration boards, articles, workout plans and even a discussion forum to connect in with other people, Lorna Jane is like a little community with your own cheer squad to get you going on your exercise journey and help you stay on the road to good health and fitness. We love it!

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