Anything the French do or say, we take note and copy immediately. Anyone else?

Their c’est la vie approach to life has us saying oui oui to everything they suggest. From how to dress to how to shop, they’re a nation that knows what they’re talking about. So when we got the scoop on how they do the groceries, we immediately put down our pain au chocolat and café au lait and picked up a pen to make notes. Perhaps these tips on how the French do the groceries is their secret to living such magnifique lives.

The French are known to love fresh, unprocessed and local food. They eat and shop like this by regularly visiting the markets and buying locally from farmers. Marché d’Aligre is one of the oldest and best fresh markets in Paris where locals flock to, six days a week to get the best of the best produce.


When their budget allows, the French always buy quality over quantity. This usually turns out to be food that is more ethically grown and sourced as well, which is better for everyone. Quality food usually has less preservatives and artificial flavours so they’re doing their bodies a favour by eating only the best.


The French shop daily and with intent, so rather than doing a big shop every fortnight, the French way is to go the grocery store daily and purchase only what they need for the next day or two. Whilst this may seem like it's too time consuming, the reasom is that it reduces waste and cost. They're not stocking up on goods that don't get eaten and then tossed away. It's mindful shopping and eating.


In essence, the French way of grocery shopping – and living – is all about savouring and being in the moment. With everything they do, from walking down the street to having their morning coffee, the French do it with purpose and meaning, and we think that we should all take a leaf out of their book and do the same thing. So we challenge you, next time you’re having your morning coffee or cooking a weeknight dinner, why don’t you put your phone away and be present in that moment. We promise you’ll enjoy it so much more! Oui oui!


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