If you had told us a few years ago that we would put together our favourite, go-to, most delicious recipes - breakfast, lunch, dinner, salads, sides and dessert - into a book, we might not have believed you. But hey, then again, ten years ago we didn't think baby spinach and kale would be in our future, until, you know... Super Green Smoothies came along!  The truth is, we wrote our new book, The Good Life, just for you.

Why? Well, after we published Super Green Smoothies, firstly as an e-book in late 2014 and then in paperback last April, you flooded us with feedback. You sent us emails, you wrote on our social media, you even stopped us on the street to tell us how AMAZING you were feeling after adopting a green smoothie lifestyle. But there was one question in particular that you kept on asking us both hundreds and hundreds of times over - "what do you eat for the rest of the day?".

You wanted to know what we have for breakfast if we aren't having smoothies, you wanted to know what we whip up for dinner if we are in a rush, you asked us whether we ever indulge in decadent desserts, or if we follow a strict eating regime and deny ourselves carbs or chocolate, what we make when we are spending time with friends and family but are also juggling work and other commitments. You told us you love the SWIISH Kitchen recipes we have on the site, but put simply - you wanted even more.

So, over the course of many months, we whittled down a VERY long list of the recipes that we love to cook and eat (what can we say? we love cooking and we love eating... it's in our DNA thanks to our amazing mama) and that's what you will find in The Good Life - 160 of our favourites. These are the ones that make us feel good on the inside and on the outside. What do we mean by that? Well, we live by our LEAN.FAB.FAST philosophy - most of the time (around 80%), we eat clean, LEAN wholefoods that are packed with nutrition. We want want it to be healthy, but we want it to taste absolutely delicious as well. The rest of the time (around 20%), we are happy to indulge in something a little FAB, treats and splurges, because life is too short not to enjoy chocolate mug cake, or guiltfree honeycomb, or Mum's chocolate tart (trust us on that one!). And our FAST recipes are just that - short on time, but not on flavour.  At the end of the day, The Good Life is about being balanced - listening to what your body needs and eating plenty of lean proteins, leafy greens and superfoods but enjoying yourself at the same time. These recipes are those that have helped us, and will help you to get lean, feel great and look amazing.

So... in a nutshell, we'd love for you to join us in living The Good Life! You can find out more or order the book by clicking below.

We are super proud of this book and so excited for you to try the recipes. We'd love for you to tag us in your Instagram snaps @swiishbysallyo and #thegoodlife.

Yours in happiness & health,

Love Sal & Maha xx

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