Here's something we never thought we'd say... we LOVE to sweat. 

Hahaha! Bear with us while we explain. Think about when you've done a killer workout and absolutely busted your backside. There's something about sweating that tells us that we're doing something amazing for our bodies. We're getting rid of toxins, we're releasing endorphins, we're helping our body to function at its best. Sweating can also assist with weight loss.

Sweat helps to heal wounds and abrasions, it regulates our internal body temperature; and helps to prevent colds (we're looking at you, winter).

But exercise isn't the only way to get your sweat on (we can hear the cheering now!). One of our favourite ways to eliminate toxins out of our system besides exercising is by hitting up our favourite infrared sauna for a sweat session. We head to Nimbus & Co. in Sydney's Bondi. It's run by two of the loveliest people, Su and Neil, who noticed an absence of infrared saunas in Sydney so decided to open the ultimate sweat space.

If you’ve never heard of infrared saunas, listen up, because you will never look back once you hear how beneficial they can be for your health! Infrared saunas penetrate deep within your body at a cellular level, while traditional saunas, that you’re probably used to, only heat the air around you.

Because of this, infrared saunas can eliminate 20% of toxins from your body, compared to the 3% of a traditional sauna. Sounds pretty good, right? If you’re worried about feeling claustrophobic in an infrared sauna, you don’t need to because they use a dry heat instead of a humid heat (which traditional saunas use) so the air always feels clean and pure.

There are so many health benefits of visiting an infrared sauna like Nimbus & Co. but one of our favourites is how relaxing they are. Like us, you probably lead an incredibly busy life, so for us, going to Nimbus & Co. is the perfect place to take some time out for ourselves to relax. A session lasts for around 45 minutes, so Sal likes to spend her time in the sauna catching up on some quick zzzz’s (no surprises there), whereas Maha prefers to catch up on her favourite Netflix shows (YES, you can watch Netflix in the sauna!!!).

Nimbus & Co. is seriously so good and the fit out is absolutely stunning – we always feel like we’re in a luxury homewares store, rather than a sauna. Even their Instagram feed is gorgeous!

When can we move in?

To book a Nimbus & Co. sweat session or to find out more about how fabulous infrared saunas are, just head to their website.


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