As you have probably noticed, we love being across the best in beauty and skincare. Especially when these products include ingredients that have actually been proven to help reduce the tell-tale signs of ageing. This is exactly why we’ve chosen Skin Therapy’s Age Perfecting Treatments as today's hot topic.

The fact is, we all age. And as much as we'd love to slow that down by strressing less, getting more sleep and oh, I don't know, wishing the wrinkles and fine lines away (ha!), it just won't happen! So that's when we turn to the experts. Skin Therapy's Age Perfecting Treratments are powerful products that contain two of the most talked about skincare ingredients on the market – Bee Venom and Dragons Blood.  Celebs like Kate Middleton, Victoria Beckham, Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie and Elle MacPherson have all reportedly used these ingredients in their own beauty routines. That’s about all the skinspiration we need! 

The three Skin Therapy products we tested were the Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Serum, the Bee Venom Protective SPF15 Daily Moisturiser and the Bee Venom Rejuvenating Night Créme.  What we love about these is they combine superstar ingredients like Dragon’s blood extract and New Zealand Bee Venom with other scientific advancements to create unique formulas.  

We were also pretty impressed that we could pick up all three of these from our local Coles at just $30 each.  There’s nothing better than picking up products that are convenient to find and affordable at the same time. 

After just a few weeks of using these products, we really noticed the difference. The sculpting serum definitely had an immediate ‘lifting’ effect – making skin look and feel fuller and plumper. We also found the moisturiser to be particularly effective.  It really smooths out the skin and gives you that radiant, youthful complexion we are always obsessing over.

The Rejuvenating Night Crème is probably our fave though.  We think it’s brilliant how this formula can actually trigger skin to start releasing collagen, while at the same time promoting skin cell renewal.  It really helps to smooth out all those fine lines and leaves your skin feeling SO soft and hydrated.

Jump on the Coles website or head to your local store to pick up these powerful anti-ageing products for yourself. Want a little more info?  Head to the Skin Therapy website.


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