The Low Pony

In summer I embraced wavy locks, but right now I am loving a low sleek pony.

It gives a sharp style edge to Autumn/Winter fashion. It's pretty much the easiest style to master for a sophisticated look.

swiish tips to getting the perfect low pony:

  • The low-pony calls for clean, washed hair, as you want it to look sleek not greasy.
  • Time to get those straighteners back out! This style demands smooth straight hair to give it that ultra-modern look.
  • Choose your part wisely. Whichever way your hair parts naturally is normally the way to go. This will help get rid of any bumps.
  • Hairspray will be your saviour with this style, but try and use it sparingly (you don’t want to look like your hair is plastered to your head).
  • Use a toothbrush to smooth any fly-aways. A comb may give you lumps so using a toothbrush with a bit of hairspray on it will help your hair behave.

Perfect the look with the help of these products... 

IV Straightener Styler – GHD, $194.12                                                     
Hold Me Forever Ultra Strong Hairspray – Sunsilk, $6.49
Styling Treatment Mist Smooth Straight – Pantene, $9.99
None of Your Frizzness Conditioner - Herbal Essences, $6.29

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