The Monday To Friday Diet

Let’s face it, in one way or another we have all tried to shred off a few kilos with a killer diet that usually doesn’t last. I know that in the past, I have tried them all. Atkins? Yep. Zone? Yep. Raw Food? Yep. Lemon juice with chilli pepper? Yep. Nowadays, I’m always up for healthy, lasting ways to make me feel fit and fab, and hopefully give me both Michelle Obama’s arms and Miranda Kerr’s legs.

At swiish, we often hear from women who tell us how numerous times after seeing a great weight loss story on TV, they are filled with a sudden burst of motivation to go to the gym and eat salad all day. This feeling usually dies down by the time their late afternoon chocolate craving hits, and before they know it, the diet is forgotten.

Well, what we love about dietitian Susie Burrell’s book The Monday to Friday Diet is that it’s an easy to follow guide to get back in shape and most importantly, to keep the weight off. Burrell places an emphasis on the fact that all people are different and live around different schedules, which she claims in most cases, as the main reason why aspiring dieters lose strength and fall back into old eating habits.

Unlike other diet programs or books, ‘The Monday to Friday Diet’ has different plans and structures which cater for all different women and men including: the stay at home mum, the 9-5 mum, the shift working mum, the pregnant mum and many more.

With a set structure that considers and counters time, energy and other daily factors, Burrell’s guide aims to implement new habits and changes in the weekly lifestyle to ensure that the ‘dieter’ keeps control and continues to stay strong. So it’s safe to say, that you may just be able to have that cheeky afternoon piece of chocolate after all – or perhaps you might even find that after a while those cravings will disappear as a result of new snack ideas and patterns.

One of the most dangerous factors that can crush both one’s progress and motivation is eating out within social groups. We don’t want to feel like we cannot socialise because we are on a ‘diet’; the book depicts better food groups, combinations, favourable ingredients and dishes that we should order when dining out – to help prevent feeling guilty of course.

With all this being said, ultimately it is up to the individual in terms of how far they are willing to go to achieve their goals. This guide that Burrell offers is a strong source of both realistic structure and motivational hope. Whether you need that last push or you’re ready to start from scratch, the Monday To Friday diet can only help increase your health and hopefully your happiness.

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