When it comes to makeup and skincare, we're all becoming more and more conscious of what harsh chemicals contained in some beauty products can do to our skin. So it's no wonder that beauty lovers everywhere are turning towards organic and chemical free products. It’s no longer all about blasting your face with harsh ingredients that burn and zap away imperfections.  Instead, it’s all about keeping your skin healthy, fresh, vibrant and protected. And what's not to embrace about that?    

You want to know our favourite part about this whole organic movement though?  It’s that natural beauty products can actually work better than many other expensive, chemical-packed creams. In the last few months, we’ve tried out some organic beauty products that have done way more for our complexion than other not-so-natural brands.

Now, we’re not saying that eeevery organic beauty brand has worked.  In fact, we’ve come across a few duds!  But one brand that has really stood out to us is Ocinium Pure Elements.  Within a week of using the products, my skin had a fresh, youthful glow and I definitely think it knocked a few wrinkles off my forehead.  

It is amazing to know that products made without any synthetic chemicals can make such a difference. But it's really no surprise as all of the products in the Ocinium range are filled with potent antioxidants and other active ingredients that have the power to reduce inflammation, increase circulation and facilitate collagen production.  Okay, now we understand why our skin looked so good!

We loved all of the products in the Ocinium range but if we had to narrow it down to our 2 top faves, it would have to be the Metamorphis Multi-Vitamin Cream and the Elemental Vitamin A + C + E Serum.

With special bio-active ingredients that repair collagen and elastin, the Multi Vitamin Cream is mainly designed to help anyone with stressed and depleted skin.  As self-confessed under-sleepers, this was so up our alley.  And after just a few days of using it, we reckon we looked waaaaay less sleep deprived! High fives all round.

Now, serum is something that in our opinion, not enough women use.  But unlike your typical moisturisers, the Vitamin A + C + E Serum serum has the power to go deeper into your skin and provide a high concentration of anti-inflammatory and immune-stimulating ingredients.  Aside from all the sciency stuff though, the serum also smells amazing and feels so good on your skin!

With the whole world already turning towards organic and plant-based food products, we’re certain that organic beauty is the next big thing!  So if you’re looking to get on board the movement and really treat your skin right this year, then we highly recommend trying out the Ocinium range.  Trust us, you will be amazed at how good your skin looks!  



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