Ever had one of those days where you’re SO tired but you only have a short period of time to take a break? If you’re like us, you might have a spare 30 minutes tucked up your sleeve but you can never decide whether to have a quick nap or drink a cup of coffee. 

Now you don’t have to decide between the two with experts proving that the best way to boost your energy levels is to have a coffee and then take a nap. Yes, that’s right, you can have the best of both worlds! Whilst it seems like a complete oxymoron to have a coffee before sleeping, there’s scientific evidence that this method is an incredibly effective way to nap.

But how can coffee before napping help? The reason it works so well is because it takes approximately 20 minutes for the body to respond to caffeine. Upon consumption, caffeine passes to your small intestine and gets absorbed into the bloodstream. It then kick starts your brain chemistry by blocking a chemical called Adenosine, which is known for causing drowsiness. Adenosine makes you feel sleepy and tired but when you have coffee, the opposite happens and gives you a jolt of energy and focus. This whole process takes about 20 minutes so by the time you’ve had your power nap, your earlier coffee is in full swing, ready to keep you awake and alert.

  1. Have a cup of coffee. Whilst other forms of caffeine do work (tea or soft drink), coffee is most effective because it has the highest caffeine content and that’s what you want (and need). You want to drink the coffee relatively quickly to give yourself enough time to sleep. We’d recommend a strong coffee like an espresso that gives you that much-needed caffeine hit without the volume of liquid. 

  2. Time to nap! Set your alarm for 20 minutes. It’s vital to keep your nap to 20 minutes because once you pass that mark, you’re much more likely to fall into a deep, deep sleep, which isn’t what you want. 

  3. Don’t worry if you can’t fall asleep straight away or if sleeping doesn’t come easily to you. Even being half-asleep or in a meditative state is beneficial. The most important thing to remember is to let your mind and body relax. 

  4. Wake up after 20 minutes and feel refreshed and ready to go!


What do you think? Do you think you’ll be having a caffeine nap anytime soon? We have a sneaky suspicion we will be, haha!

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