There’s no doubt that the off-the-shoulder trend was a huge hit this year.  In fact, we’d go so far to say it was the biggest fashion trend of 2016.  You know we’re not exaggerating!

The truth is, we’ll always love the off-the-shoulder look.  But now that 2017 is right around the corner, we’re also looking for cool new ways to wear the trend.  And apparently we’re not the only ones because as of this season, a new shoulder-bearing trend has been swarming the streets…

That’s right!  Say hello to the ‘one-shoulder’ look – a cool new take on the off-the-shoulder trend that models, celebs and fashionistas all around the globe can’t get enough of.  Yep, whether it’s a one-sleeved shirt, a drop shoulder dress or an arm-baring tee, one-shoulder styles are the fashion world’s newest obsession.

If you’re anything like us, then you can’t wait to try this trend for yourself.  Here are some of our top ways to wear the look…

Nothing looks classier than a one-shoulder top paired with straight leg or palazzo style pants.  Stick to matching neutral shades for a chic, understated look or go for contrasting colours to truly make an impact.

A striped mens-style shirt has long been a favourite in the fashion world.  Now that this cool new trend is on the rise, one-shoulder shirts are taking centre stage.  We love the look of these shirts paired with cropped jeans or pants and mules.

Of all the one-shoulder styles we’ve seen, this denim version seems to be the most popular.  We love the look of the double-frayed hem and the loose silhouette.  Paired with a midi skirt or pants, this top will earn you some serious style credentials.  

Keen to try the trend but can’t commit to the buy?  No problem!  Create a cool, laid-back look by undoing a few buttons on your shirt and pulling one sleeve down to reveal your shoulder.  You can also use a wide-necked or off-the-shoulder top to pull off this look.  


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