For all the women out there who wear sneakers to work and switch them to heels when they arrive at the office, we get it! Why wouldn’t you want to walk to the train station, or do the morning drop off in comfort? The only issue is when you finally get to the office, it’s goodbye comfy town as you wedge on the more ‘professional’ pair of cold, hard heels that say ‘I mean business!’ (aka business with some serious blisters…). But seriously - why should you have to trade in comfort for style? (hint: you don't have to!)

If it's sneakers, they can still look super cool. If it's heels, they can still be super comfy. There's no need to opt for one instead of the other. That’s why when it comes time for our annual (cough, cough…weekly) shoe-shopping spree, we make it our mission to find shoes that are functional, comfy and stylish all at the same time.  We want it all!  

We’ve shopped online at Paul Carroll before, so we already knew that these guys are aaaalll about comfort and fit.  They’ve become a regular go-to when we need a shoe for a nice occasion, but that occasion also requires us to stand for 6+ hours. Haha!

Naturally, this was the first place we searched when we needed a few new additions for Spring. Their stylish-but-comfy options are endless. We knew we’d find a few have-to-have styles but we really weren’t expecting to fall in love with so many pairs from the latest Spring/Summer collection.

I think the reason we were even more impressed with Paul Carroll’s range this season was because they’ve clearly incorporated both classic and contemporary styles.  You’ve got your leather sandals and simple sneakers, alongside two-tone metallic heels and peep toe wedges.  Not to mention the exciting selection of slides, mules and slip-ons, which are set to be a huuuge trend for Spring.

After some tough decision-making, we finally managed to whittle down our shopping cart to our two favourite styles – one casual pair, and the other a little dressier. 

The casual ones we chose were the ARA - TORONTO sneakers.  We just couldn’t go past the metallic silver colour mixed with a super soft blush pink – so cute!  Ultimately though, it came down to the comfort-factor.  Which, by the way, was out of this world. If you’re going to continue being a shoe switcher on your way to work, you at least need to get a pair of these for your commute! They're gorgeous!  

The next pair we picked up were the SILVER LINING - RACHEL heels. We stuck with a classic tan/black colour so they’d go with all our outfits.  Again, super comfy.  They fit perfectly, didn’t squish our toes and even after hours on foot, there was no calf pain. And with a simple, elegant style, this is exactly the type of shoe we’d wear over and over again.  What a great find!

To get your hands on these gorgeous shoes, and heaps more, then head to the Paul Carroll website. We can't wait to hear about your happy dance in your new comfy shoes!   

This post is a sponsored collaboration between Paul Carroll and SWIISH