The Skinny Celeb Workout

We all know how important it is to exercise regularly, but some days it’s hard to fit gym time in. That’s why we’re sharing some of the best fat-burning exercises around that you can do at home. Oh yeah – and they come with a celebrity stamp of approval.

Summer’s coming, so start burning, swiish readers! The swiish team jumped right on board this fitness wagon and have already started working out with these 5 moves.

Michelle Bridges’ “Turkish Get-Up”
When you’re done with this exercise you’ll feel it all over your arms, legs and chest muscles, and you’ll probably be left puffing a bit too! It’s a great mini-workout, particularly if you’re time poor.


How-to: Turkish Get-Up
1. Start by lying face-up on the floor, holding a dumbbell straight up above your head.
2. Now begin to get yourself up off the floor without allowing the dumbbell to move from above your head.
3. Get all the way up to standing and then lower yourself back down to the start without allowing the dumbbell to drop.

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Jillian Michaels’ “Squat Jacks”
Beware - this one really burns your thighs and leaves your abs and core aching. Surely that means it’s good for you?!


How-to: Squat Jacks
1. Stand with feet together, hands at sides of head, and squat.
2. Still staying low in a squat, jump feet wide. Return to the starting squat position with feet together again; repeat for 30 seconds.

*source here

Lauren Conrad’s fave: Forearm Plank & Leg Lift”

swiish Woman Of Style Lauren Conrad believes that enjoying exercising is the key to maintaining health in the long run.

Lauren says on her blog: “If you’re getting tired and bored with your workout, switch it up or try something new. There are so many fun and original options out there.”

The Forearm Plank and Leg Lift is a good all-rounder. It works the shoulders, triceps, abs, hamstrings and glutes. Lauren’s named it as one of her favourites for shaping up fast!

How-to “Forearm Plank & Leg Lift”:
1. Start in a plank position
2. Bend your elbows so that you have your forearms on the floor and your hands clasped in fists. Make sure your core is firm.
3. Raise one leg at a time a few centimetres off the floor, keeping the leg straight.
4. Hold for 5 seconds (or longer if you can)
5. Alternate legs, returning to plank in between leg lifts.
6. Repeat as desired!

The “Tone It Up” Girls’: Skinny Dips
These fit ladies from California aim their blog at trying to help girls achieve a bikini body that they’re proud of. They say it’s not about being skinny; it’s about health and happiness.

One of their favourites is the “Skinny Dip” – a great fat burner that works the abs, core, front of the thighs and it seriously gives your triceps a workout!


How-to: Skinny Dips
1. Put your body in a table-top position, facing upwards. Your hands should be under your shoulders and your ankles under your knees.
2. Raise one leg high in the air.
3. Dip your elbows so you’re lowering your body and then straighten them, work those arms!
4. Repeat ten times, completing ten dips.
5. Switch legs so the other leg is lifted and do it all over again!

Jennifer Aniston’s Fave: Boat Pose to V-Ups
Jennifer Aniston is 44 years old and is still credited with one of the best bodies in Hollywood. She has long said, “Yoga calms me down. It’s a therapy session, a workout, and meditation all at the same time!”

However we’ve tried out this ‘Boat Pose to V-Ups’ and we’ll be honest – it’s not all that relaxing! Trust us when we say that it’s one tough little workout! We can definitely see how Jennifer got her flat abs doing this one.


How-to: Boat Pose to V-Ups
1. Come into boat pose. (Boat pose is where you balance on your sit bones and extend your arms straight in front of you. Raise your legs so that your knees are at your head level and your knees and ankles are parallel to the ground).
2. Extend your toes slowly until your legs are straight.
3. Slowly lower your head and toes to the ground, in effect widening your V, simultaneously extending your arms above your head.
4. Use your abs to raise your head and toes again, tightening your V.
5. Return to boat pose.
6. If you’ve got the strength for it – repeat 10 times!

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