Want to kickstart your way to weight loss, increased energy and good health? Sign up for our Super Green Smoothies 30 Day Challenge!

You know by now how much Maha and I love our Super Green Smoothies. For each of us, a daily green smoothie has resulted in weight loss, increased energy, better skin, heathier hair and nails and a general feeling of good health and wellness.

But it's not just us. From all of your emails, Instagram snaps, Twitter posts and Facebook comments, you are loving our green smoothie recipes too. So many of you have written in to tell us how quickly you've noticed a change for the better - whether it's an increase in your energy; kicking sugar cravings to the kerb; weight loss; or simply that it's become a daily ritual that you're enjoying with your families, friends or co-workers, who are loving green smoothies as much as you (and us!).

This makes us so incredibly excited!

Many of you have asked us - what's next? You want to make sure this becomes a lifestyle change, a permanent habit.  A few of you have told us you're just not sure about spinach and kale. You know the benefits but you're scared to try the smoothies even though we promise you that they taste AMAZING (seriously, they do!).

Well - welcome to the Super Green Smoothies 30 Day Challenge.

How does it work? It’s simple - we challenge you to join us in drinking at least one Super Green Smoothie each day for a month.

Each week, you’ll receive your shopping list, 7 fresh and delicious green smoothie recipes, plus plenty more, incluing our tips and tricks as well as special celebrity green smoothie recipes (and trust us - they are gooood!).

You're not alone in this, a huge number of dedicated and eager people have already signed up for the challenge! Go team SGS!! And it goes without saying that Maha and I will be doing the challenge with you and cheering for you the whole way. We genuinely want to see you succeed so we'll be helping everyone along with live Facebook chats, how-to videos and more.

Plus - everyone who signs up to the challenge will receive an exclusive NEVER GIVE UP tumbler, valued at $19.95, absolutely free. AND you’ll go in the draw to win one of two health and beauty gift packs, valued at over $250 each! Woo hoo!

Keen to get green? ENTER THE SUPER GREEN SMOOTHIES 30 DAY CHALLENGE HERE!  But be quick!  The challenge kicks off on 1st June!