This Week's Snap Wrap

 My partner in crime, Sarah Stinson In the studio with the one and only Dawn Fraser! 

 My other partner in crime, Kylie Gillies... WHO Magazine Sexiest People party

I never have bad hair days... I have good hat days. My 'ouchie' from Dancing. 

 But WHO is the sexiest? Jordan. No, wait.. Zak.. oh - who am I kidding - it's a tie. The gorgeous Dannii & Nat

Royalty In my natural state - laughing.

 Yes, that is THE Naomi Campbell, with Nic Trunfio & Cheyenne Tozzi Hanging out on set with acting legend John Wood 

My arms aren't long enough to hug everyone Bright green skirt from Sheike. Bring on summer! 

 Laughs on set with with Kris Smith Getting pouty with makeup guru Craig Beaglehole

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