Ahhh coffee and tea, two of our favourite drinks! A coffee in the morning and cup of tea in the afternoon is usually how we roll but this new hybrid version of the two is taking the world by storm for its taste and health benefits, which means we love it for any time of the day!

Cascara is deemed to be the new superfood of 2017 and after doing our research, we can’t disagree.

You’re probably wondering how a drink can be a tea and a coffee so let us explain…
Cascara means husk or peel in Spanish and is the dried skin of the coffee cherry (the outside layer of the actual coffee bean). Usually this part of the coffee plant would be thrown away or used for compost but it’s only recently been figured out that these skins have a life of their own. Not quite tea and not quite coffee, cascara is rich in flavanols, a type of antioxidant that works wonders on the cardiovascular and nervous systems. It’s high in fibre, low in caffeine and is sooo delicious.

To drink it, we have been preparing it just like tea so we pop it in a teapot or plunger and brew it for a few minutes. Surprisingly, it doesn’t taste like coffee at all as it’s got a fruity, sweet and woody taste. It’s so easy to soak up the health benefits when it’s so yum!
You can get your hands on Cascara by heading to the Campos website. 


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