Move over, balyage. That's right - tortoiseshell is where this year's biggest hair trend is at. And with celebs and beauty icons across the globe rocking this glamorous look, you know it's one to embrace.

Tortoiseshell hair is inspired by the same lovely, rich, earthy colours you’d find on the shell of... well, of a tortoise... ! Think golden locks and caramel curls, dabbled with hints of honey and dipped in a whole lotta shine!

The best way to nail this trend is to go for a slightly richer and darker version of your own hair. Then add in some golden or honey highlights around your face and ends.

If you’re thinking of jumping on the tortoiseshell train, make sure you know what you’re asking for! Some hairdressers might take the idea of ‘tortoiseshell’ in a scary direction…

The colouring method is called ecaille, and the reason it looks so amazing is because its focus is on the colour rather than technique. 

If you’re blonde, ask your stylist to darken your base colour a bit and to add some chestnut or brown pieces. Then ask for some vibrant highlights to frame the face, and a few softer ones through the rest of your hair. 

If you’re a brunette, ask for a richer version of your current colour. Then go for some lighter highlights around your face and ends. The best option is to bring a few photos with you of the style you want – visuals are always helpful! 

Need some examples for your hairdresser? Here’s a little hair-spiration:


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