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There have been many times I’ve been away on holidays and used a supposed lack of knowledge about the exchange rate as a way of justifying fashion purchases – “I’m sure £50 is pretty close to $50! What a bargain!” Sadly those days are no more, with travel apps like XE Currency around. Good news though, that’s not the only fantastic travel app around these days.

Here are our favourites that can help you before your holidays and while you’re there:


If you want to take the stress out of planning a holiday, use this app. When you receive emails confirming flights, hotel bookings, car hire etc simply forward them to the app that will then arrange everything into an itinerary that you can refer to. WorldMate can even give you maps and directions to help you get to your itinerary items. iTunes, Free.


This app will turn your photos into postcards and post them out for you. You can use your pics from your phone, Instagram, Facebook or other photography apps. Just add your text to your photo and Touchnote will do the rest, sending it out to your recipients wherever they are in the world. iTunes, app is free, postage is $1.49 per postcard. 

Google Translate

Translate words and phrases between over sixty languages. In 17 languages you can also translate by speaking the text instead of typing. This app is great when you’re in a restaurant with a foreign menu and no idea if you’re about to eat escamoles (a Mexican dish of poisonous ant eggs). iTunes, free

Seat Guru

Not only can you find low airfares and book a flight using this app, but you can also look at the seat maps for any flight, so that you can pick the best seats – we’re talking over 700 seat maps for nearly 100 different airlines. No sitting next to the bathrooms for us! You can also check the status of your flight and sign up for alerts, so that you or your loved ones will be notified of any delays or cancellations. iTunes, free.

Happy Holidays!!

Do you have a favourite app that you use when travelling? Let us know which ones you think are best!

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