As you guys may know, at, we are all about that ‘lean, fab, fast’ philosophy.  Especially when it comes to food.  So if someone told me they knew about a healthy, delicious raw food snack that could be made within minutes, my response would probably be, “heck yes!!”

At least that’s how it went down when I found out about RawMix, a “make-at-home” raw food mix completely free from processed sugars and all those nasty, barely pronounceable ingredients.  

These gorgeous glass jars are layered with heart-healthy, protein packed ingredients like pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, dates, nuts, quinoa, cacao, coconut and goji berries. YUM!  To make the treats, all you have to do is tip the ingredients from the jar into a food processor, add the specified ‘wet ingredient’ (such as coconut oil or lemon juice), then whizz away.

I love the creative freedom you get with what to make of these mixes too.  The girls at SWIISH have been making them into little bliss balls, but you could totally do cookies or slices as well.  Although it doesn’t really matter when they’re always at the bottom of our bellies in about two seconds flat.  Ha ha!

Another major plus?  The leftover jars make for awesome smoothie containers.  Score!  

RawMix can be ordered direct from  They even do free delivery to the Sydney Metro region for orders of 3 or more jars, so hop to it! 

(Tip: they make really cute stocking fillers too!)


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