We've got news. Big news. As we type this, Maha and I are putting the finishing touches on our next book. Woo hoo! We are so excited! You might have seen a few Instagram stories and snaps, and a few Facebook posts from us over the last few weeks as we haven't been able to contain our excitement over the delicious, healthy, lean, quick and easy (and did we mention delicious?!) recipes that we have been creating.

Personally, I can't stop making and eating my Rainbow Superfood Salad with Caramelised Veggies and Pearl Cous Cous - hey it's all in the name of "recipe testing", right?! And Maha has been busy high fiving herself over a green smoothie that tastes like a Sticky Date Pudding - without the calories!!

So it's the same content that you have come to know (and hopefully love) from us - low on calories, high on taste, super satisfying food. So if you've loved your Super Green Smoothies and the lean, fab, fast recipes from The Good Life, or even if you’re looking to kick start a healthy lifestyle, then this next book will be right up your alley.

But - we need your help. We're undecided about what to call it. Some of us in our SWIISH team, think that SKINNY + SIMPLE sums it up - SKINNY meals that are SIMPLE to make and quick to put on the table.

Others don't like the word SKINNY. In recent times, it's come to have negative connotations, especially as young girls feel the pressure on body image. That's certainly not the intent of the word in this case - nor is it, or has it ever been, what we are about here at SWIISH. For us, SKINNY refers to the meals, in the same way that SIMPLE refers to the meals - and neither refers to people.

Some of us like the word LEAN, while others want SUPERFOODS (which we use a lot of in our recipes) to be the focus.

So as you can see, we have some decisions to make and we would love your input.

Much like our first two recipe books, this book will be filled with lean, healthy, delicious, quick and easy recipes.  We want to share with you all our findings and creations where we have incorporated the newest superfoods and health discoveries.

Here are just a few snaps from our test kitchen:

Right - so back to the title.

Below, we’ve listed six potential options. What we love for you to do is to share with us your thoughts on which one you feel resonates with you the most. Choose the one that stands out to you, the one that sounds the most fitting and the one that makes you think of easy, healthy, delicious food.  Then, in the comments section below, tell us which one you picked and why. 

As a thank you for commenting, you'll all go into the draw to win a $500 gift hamper from SWIISH. We will draw the prize on Friday 25 November, 2016.  

The potential titles are: