Hey SWIISH Tribe and welcome to Week 1 of your 30 DAY SLEEP SOLUTION… We can’t wait to start this with you. 

With each week focusing on a new element, we wanted to start by laying the foundation. Each week we will add to it, but we wanted to acknowledge that we’re starting slowly and easily. 

We have more info and expert advice to come, but with all that’s happening in the world, we don’t want to overload you all at once. 

This week we focus on the importance of establishing a night routine that works and supports you so you can rest, recharge and get some deep sleep.


As this week is all about establishing your night-time routine for a quality slumber, below we’ve written up some simple, fuss-free steps for you to build your own routine around.

Step 1: Set Your Sleep Hour

To kick-off, experts suggest you to focus on one thing in particular; timing. When you go to bed at the same time each night, you set your body into a good circadian rhythm. Try to pick a time that you want to be in bed by each night this week, then establish the rest of your routine around this. 

Tip: Be realistic with your bed-time. This isn't the time to set an unrealistic goal that will only make you more stressed. We’re after less stress!

Step 2: Brain Dump

Did you know that on average humans take in around 105,000 words a day? Yep, 105 THOUSAND!! Now that really is information overload. 

With a large majority of this adding to your to-do list, you may find your mind ticking late into the evening to decompress it all, thus keeping you awake. 

Many studies have proven that a “brain dump” before bed can be a powerful tool in shifting some of that anxiety and stress keeping you up. In fact, this recent 2018 study in the Journal of Experimental Psychology took it one step further. They compared which is more effective for inducing sleep; writing a to-do list or writing a completed list (similar to journaling).

What did they find? That those who spent 5 minutes writing out their to-do list before bed fell asleep significantly faster than the others! So, at this next step of your sleep routine we want you to grab a pen and paper, and spend just 5 minutes writing out your to-do list. Not only will you spend less energy stressing about tomorrow, but you’ll be able to calm the mind before bed and fall asleep much easier. 

Step 3: PJ Masks 

No not the cartoon PJ Masks. We mean PJ’s and face masks! 

With so much time spent at home, it can be easy to skip your usual self-care beauty routine and just go straight back to bed in those PJ’s you’ve been wearing... all day. So hold it there SWIISH Sleeper -  this is where you break that cycle. No matter what you’ve done that day, after dinner and your Netflix wind down -  hop up, jump in the shower and do your nightly self-care beauty routine. It doesn't have to be complicated or long. Just a little TLC towards yourself at the end of the day.  We love a beautiful face oil or even a quick sheet mask can make you feel so good. Then change into fresh PJ’s! This will help instil that work-life balance… and your sleep will be the first to thank you.

Step 4: Make It Moody

Now, it’s time to set the mood lighting. All those bright overhead lights you’ve got on - it’s time to switch them off! Lamps and candles are all you should see from here on out.

If you’re not someone that typically worries about dim lighting in the evening, set a time this week (roughly an hour before you want to be in bed) where all bright lights are switched off. Notice how much calmer you feel. We promise by weeks end you’ll be converted over to the dark side… literally. 

Step 5: Drink The Day Away

The no.1 slumber support out there is our sleep hormone, melatonin. With stress and blue light from devices known to suppress this in the body, supporting the natural production of melatonin is vital for sleep. So, here we enter our favourite (and most delicious) step in the sleep routine; making our SLEEP Superfood Powder. Why? SLEEP uses a specific blend of all-natural ingredients to support melatonin production in your body… pretty much making it your very own recipe to sleep

How to make it: 

Add 1-2 scoops of SLEEP to a cup of warm milk and stir to enjoy 30 minutes before bed.

Step 6: All About The Aroma  

With your warm cup of SLEEP in hand, this is where the final step of self-care comes in. Devices off, because we promise you’ve heard enough from the media for the day (plus the blue light will keep you awake for longer). It’s time to separate your sleep environment from the outside world.

Find your pulse-points and use an essential oil roller (we love our UNWIND Essential Oil Blend) to rub into your temples, inner elbows, and behind the ears. Blends with lavender and other relaxing scents will calm the mind and nervous system preparing you for sleep. 

Did you know? Smell is the sense linked closest to memory, which is why associating sleep with a certain scent can help your body get into the routine of when to wind-down each night.

Sweet dreams SWIISH Sleeper...

Feeling oh-so-sleepy? That’s because you’re all ready for bed SWIISH lady! The foundations of this routine take you through the steps you need to enter a soothing, meditative state. All that’s left now is your silk sleep mask - once you’ve slipped that on, it’s night-night for you...

We hope you enjoy this first week of the 30 Day Sleep Solution as much as we do! Just follow each step as best you can, then by the end of the week you’ll have a better understanding of what makes you sleep like a baby. Then next week we have plenty more expert tips and recommendations coming your way, all centred around mental wellbeing and calming the mind before bed - so stay tuned!

As always, if you’d like to get in contact and let us know how you’re enjoying the sleep solution, feel free to find us below.