This week, we are giving away 5 copies of Rescu Me!, the fabulous new book from Bahar Etminan. Chock full of advice for a more fabulous life, team SWIISH have been loving it. And now you can win your very own copy.

But first, let's meet the amazing lady herself. Bahar is what you’d call an ‘ideas woman’, which is probably one of the reasons she’s had so much success. She’s been the CEO of cosmetics industry powerhouse Brandmakers, the general manager of luxury importer BMI, the youngest ever general manager at Bobbi Brown and Origins Australia and of course, the CEO and Editor of

Now Bahar has one more profession to add to her already impressive list… author!  With advice from the best experts in health, relationships and wellbeing, finances and career, fashion and beauty, ‘Rescu Me!’ aims to help you reinvent your life and look.   

This week, we caught up with Bahar to find out more about her book as well as the secrets of her success.

You’ve been running your successful lifestyle site ‘Rescu’ for about 10 years now.  What made you decide to finally write a book?  

I always have a list of things I’d like to accomplish and I add them to my goal list. The idea of a book has been on my radar for about 5 years because I always thought the expert advice we publish on the site would translate beautifully into a keep sake, permanent book for women to go to when they are considering an upgrade to their life.

In what ways do you hope ‘Rescu Me!’ will help your readers transform their lives?

I think the message that any day is New Year’s Day will resonate with a lot of Australian women. I believe that we are not broken and don’t need to be fixed. I think at a certain stage, and this has nothing to do with age, more a stage of understanding what matters in our lives, most of us just need to take a step back from being on auto pilot and dial up the fabulous in a few areas of our lives to regain our sparkle. Rescu Me! is designed to be a guide packed with researched, clear and expert advice to transform the major pillars that make life fabulous.

What is the best piece of career advice you’ve ever received?

John McGrath once told me that if you are good enough you are old enough. He’s right. I’ve hired young people who are so intelligent, hard working and capable and had experienced employees who just don’t get it. It has nothing to do with age. It’s about turning up as the best version of yourself and polishing up where you are lacking. A good mentor and a commitment to continuous self-education also helps.

We’ve all heard of the detox diet, but can you tell us more about the ‘wardrobe detox’? 

This was a revelation. Collette Werden is a master at this and challenged me to detox my wardrobe. I have things I love and keep for years. She helped me look at each item ruthlessly and to ditch everything that no longer fits, works with my lifestyle or flatters my figure. My body has definitely changed shape since having a baby and a few things no longer sat right. The cull and her expertise on setting up a functional wardrobe have given me 30 extra minutes a day and I’d call that winning!

In your book, you give such fabulous advice on health, wellbeing, relationships, careers, fashion and beauty.  Where do you get all your inspiration?  

The advice and inspiration comes from working with experts who have dedicated their lives to a single area. I don’t believe in seeking generalist advice to solve a specific concern so in RESCU Me! And on I work with specialists to deliver expert advice. I also have the pleasure to meet a lot of fabulous people in my job and I like to learn from them. Who inspires them? What are they reading? Watching? Eating? Wearing? Sally Obermeder is someone who inspires me. She’s a working woman in a high profile job, a mother of a child similar in age to mine, a happy marriage and she manages to look smoking hot. I think finding role models and people you admire helps the inspiration process. I stay away from putting people on pedestals though as I learned from Dr John Demartini, the Human Behaviour expert who’s featured in RESCU Me! and in the best selling book The Secret,  that whenever you look up at someone, you are looking down on yourself. I just like to observe and learn.

You really seem like you’re doing it all!  How have you balanced running your own site, writing books and being a mother all at the same time?

I don’t do it all at once! I learned five years ago that having it all is kind of a self defeating myth. You can have it all but not at the same time. I just try (not always successfully) to allocate time and attention to areas of my life in a structured way so that in a day/ week/ month and year, I have achieved all that is important to me. Dr Fred Grosse, my life and business coach has shared his ideal day planner with me for RESCU Me! it’s the best way to make sure all the areas of your life get attention and you achieve some semblance of balance rather than bumbling through life.

In your book you talk about having a relationship with yourself.  What does this mean and why is it so important?  

Becoming a mother and a wife (twice) was an eye opening experience on how sometimes we can lose site of our own needs, desires, goals and values. I have found that every time I don’t prioritise ‘me time’ and time to understand what matters to me, I am no good to anyone else. It’s the old thing of putting on the oxygen mask first then helping your child if the plane is crashing. You really need oxygen for yourself to think and be the best person you can be for others. 

What’s your best kooky or unusual beauty tip? 

My grandmother told me to take a teaspoon of olive oil every day for my skin and hair. She’s 86 and looks absolutely incredible for her age. I have been doing this since I was 16!


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