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Spending quality time with Annabelle is my absolute favourite thing to do. I adore watching her laugh, learn and grow; it’s the best part of being a parent and it’s great when you get to share learning experiences with your child.

Annabelle’s not even two yet, but she’s constantly amazing me with how quickly she picks things up. So when I discovered Zimmi, we had so much fun with it. It’s a really clever way of combining a little innovative technology (because kids are so tech-savvy these days) with the fun of playing with a real life toy.

So what are Zimmiz exactly, you ask? Well, in a nutshell, Zimmi is an App that turns your phone into a fun little alien friend that interacts with you.

Annabelle loves playing with her little alien pet; he laughed when she tickled him, sang songs with her and even got a little grumpy if she poked him too much (which happened pretty often – she is still learning what ‘gentle’ means!).

Then the Zimmi plush just turns the fun app into a loveable soft toy, you just pop your phone into a fabric pocket. It means there’s something to cuddle and your phone is a little more protected too. Ultimately, I’m such a fan of this toy because it’s an innovative way of playing, Annabelle has a lot of fun with it but I feel like she’s learning as well.

The Zimmiz plush toys are available from toy stores and online from PlanetZimmi. The Zimmiz iPhone and iPad app are available from the App store, free of charge.

swiish readers, we have a fab giveaway for you! If you want to win yourself one of these fab Zimmiz, then simply leave a comment below and tell us in 25 words or less:

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