Winter Workout Motivation

With temperatures dropping, it can be so tough to keep from hitting the snooze button in the morning. But there are a few ways that you can stay motivated to keep up your workout routine (aside from picturing yourself stepping into a bikini in just a few months from now... which we reckon is pretty effective too!)...

Here are the swiish team's tips that will have you motivated to get up and get active, even during the coldest winter day:

Workout Jars

Getting bored of your workout routines? Workout jars will have you excited for exercise every day!

What you’ll need: What to do
    • 2 jars
    • Strips of paper
    • Pen
  1. Set up the two jars side by side. Label one with ‘WORKOUTS TO DO’ and the other with ‘WORKOUTS FINISHED’.
  2. On your strips of paper write out a workout or exercise idea on each one. 
  3. Every day pick out a strip of paper from the ‘WORKOUTS TO DO’ jar and complete that workout.
  4. Place the completed strip of paper in the ‘WORKOUTS FINISHED’ jar.

Watching the ‘WORKOUTS FINISHED’ jar fill up will keep you motivated to keep going and keep your workouts fresh! 

Buy some new gear

Nothing motivates me to work out like springing for some new sneakers, or exercise gear. At swiish we love pieces from Lorna Jane, Stylerunner and Lululemon

Money jar

A money jar is a simple idea; set a goal date and tip yourself with a monetary reward every time you complete a workout. By the time you reach your finish date, you’ll have a present waiting for you - who doesn't love that?! 

Find a Friend

We know you know this already - but it's so true! Teaming up with your pals to knock out an early morning workout session together, will definitely help you to stick to it. Find a friend who is as passionate as you and get training. You will learn from each other, push each other and find ways together to enjoy and get the most out of training.

Stay Indoors

If the thought of going outside in winter is unbearable, then stay indoors and get yourself a fun workout DVD or check out the endless list of free workouts online. We love BlogilatesTV and the inspiring duo at Tone It Up, all free and in the comfort of your home, no room for excuses!

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