Woman of Style: Olivia Palermo

She hit our fashion radar back during her days on reality show The City, and since then Olivia Palermo’s incredible sense of style has never disappointed.

What’s so fabulous about Miss P is that although she could no doubt afford to dress in head to toe designer labels, she chooses to mix things up with affordable high street labels. You’ll regularly catch her in Topshop, Zara and UK label River Island. Whether it’s mixing clashing prints or opting for clean, minimalist lines, elongating her petite frame in heels or keeping it casual in flats, Olivia gets it right every time.

You know what else I love about Olivia’s style? It’s simple. If you look closely at the pieces she wears they’re usually basics, things most of us would own. But what she does is she pairs the pieces together in unexpected ways and she’s yet to meet an embellished accessory she doesn’t like.  So it becomes all about how she puts it together as opposed to one ridiculously expensive piece none of us could afford.

(note: this obviously excludes her Hermes Birkin bag!)

Here are our 10 favourite looks that put the Oh! in Oliva.


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