If you’re stuck for Christmas present ideas for your parents or your in-laws, listen up because we have the best idea and we guarantee that your mother-in-law is going to love it!

If you have children or if you’re an aunty, an uncle, a godparent, a friend, a nanny, or just anyone who is in the vicinity of a child on a regular basis, you will know that they produce LOTS of artworks. From finger paintings to drawings of stick figure families, kids create more artwork than a collection in The Louvre.

If any of you are like our mum or you know someone who is, you keep every single artwork. Every. Single. One. They all get compiled in a box and put away in storage but if you ever need to find an artwork from when we were six, you can bet your bottom dollar that our mum still has it.

So when we discovered Jimmy Halfpenny, we were over the moon! Jimmy Halfpenny lets you keep all of your child’s artwork but in the most gorgeous and space-saving way by turning the artworks into customised books.

We sent Annabelle’s artworks to the lovely Kate with a photo and a book title and a few weeks later ‘My Little Cookie’ arrived in the post. It’s such a beautiful and thoughtful idea and something that we’ll treasure forever. It’s also nice to have Annabelle’s artwork on the bookshelf, rather than in a storage container in the garage!

If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift to give to your parents or that person in your family who is notoriously hard to buy for, then a Jimmy Halfpenny customised art book is the way to go!

For more info, or to create your own - head to Jimmy Halfpenny, right here.


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