Swiish - Editorial Policy

There are so, so, so many things you can buy, but a good write up on swiish is not one of them.

Yes our editorial policy is totally clean, so that means that no one, not even Hugh Jackman with his charming smile and debonair ways, could persuade us to write a good review. Now if that’s not strength of character I don’t what is!

Every place, product, service or treatment we feature has been personally hand selected by us. And like a good girlfriend we would never recommend something we didn’t fully believe in.

That said occasionally we will feature items from our partners. These posts are paid-for by an advertiser but written by me or one of the swiish team.Of course we only partner up with organisations who we adore and who produce products and services we are passionate about. Just like Cinderella who got her ball gown from the Fairy Godmother … I mean she would have bought that gown if she had the money anyway!

We hope you continue love swiish as much as we do … and if you do please be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and anything else those crazy smart IT folk invent.