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Style and the French are synonymous with each other. Their joie de vivre approach to life is something desired by so many the world over, and that I try to emulate in my own life. I find myself constantly inspired by the nation that favours simple pleasures, classic style, and well... even the croissants, tous les jours (AKA everyday).

As well as how they live, dress and even grocery shop, I’m obsessed with how French women accessorise their outfits. They go by the less is more mantra and with my favourite Michel Herbelin watches, I’m able to do the same.

To me, watches have always been the simplest of accessories, yet are able to make the biggest impact to an outfit. There's something about a beautiful watch that takes an outfit from 'ok' to 'oh wow!'.

The Michel Herbelin Newport Connect Watch is an accessory that I never leave the house without. Its classic French design means that it goes with any of my outfits, no matter the occasion. From industry dinners to running around at the park with the kids, my Newport Connect Watch is the most stylish and versatile accessory, and because it ticks all the boxes, I don’t need to wear any other pieces of jewellery.

I love wearing Michel Herbelin watches because the style and design are unbeatable. I’ve got myself a gorgeous collection of these watches for all types of occasions, seasons and events.

This spring however, I’ve been rotating two of my favourites - the Newport Connect watch and the City watch in silver - for their French design flair and their reliable, Swiss technology.

Below, I’ve styled three outfits to show you how the Michel Herbelin Newport Connect Watch fits seamlessly into my life and the different outfits that I wear regularly.

I literally can’t get through the day without wearing a watch and I honestly feel naked without it. What’s even better is that my Newport Connect Watch keeps me on schedule and up to date with emails and meeting times, thanks to the Swiss-technology alert function. For everyday wear, I wear my Michel Herbelin watch with a pair of denim jeans, a cute blouse and a pair of black pumps.


In my line of work, I’m lucky enough to attend lots of different events including premieres, black-tie dinners and media awards, and whilst I always try to mix up my outfit, the one item I constantly wear is one of my Michel Herbelin watches.

As a mum, I love the Newport Connect Watch because it alerts me to when I get a call or text. This has been particularly important, especially when I’m at an event where I don’t want to be constantly on my phone checking to see if the girls are okay. Gotta love that Swiss technology!

Aside from my Newport Connect Watch, I also adore the contemporary design of the City watch. If I feel like mixing things up, this one is perfect as it’s so sleek and chic. Similar to the Newport Connect Watch, I love to pair it with a simple black dress and a pair of killer heels.

Here I am snapping a quick photo at SWIISH HQ for an upcoming lookbook, before I head out to an event.


With two little ones and a busy career, I’m constantly on the move and running around after the girls. Even when I’m wearing my favourite activewear, I love adding a stylish finishing touch with my Michel Herbelin watch.

It’s like having a personal trainer on me 24/7 because it even keeps track of how many steps I’ve taken. For the ultimate sporty luxe look, I wear my Newport Connect watch with grey luxe track pants, a graphic tee and a pair of sneakers.

As you can see, there are so many different ways of incorporating your Michel Herbelin watches into your lifestyle and it’s so easy to understand why the family-operated watchmakers have been in business for 60 years!

Combining French style with Swiss technology is the real winner for me, which makes my Newport Connect and City watches my favourite go-to accessories.

For more, check out my video below:

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For as long as we can remember, fajitas have been the ultimate party-starter food.  Fun, fresh and easy – they’re always a hit amongst family and friends.  Even the fussiest kid won’t say no to a fajita!  

Traditionally, fajitas are a Mexican dish.  But over the years, fabulous creations have started popping up all over the globe.  And while we can’t take credit for the fish fajita craze – this particular recipe was created in our very own kitchen.

With tender fish fillets, garlic, lime, chilli and coriander – this recipe combines both traditional and unique flavours.  Way tastier than your average taco, these Fab Fish Fajitas have a fresh and spicy flavour that’s so suitable for Spring.  We love whipping them up at outdoor parties, for Sunday lunch or even as a last minute Monday night meal.  

That’s what we love about this recipe – it looks like Mexican fiesta style food but because it’s so quick and easy, you can eat it any night of the week!  And as an added bonus, it’s also lean and filled with ingredients that will get your metabolism firing.  

We can’t wait for you to give these a go and let us know what you think!  Oh and if you like this one, you'll find heeeeeaps more lean, healthy, delicious, quick and easy recipes in our cookbook, THE GOOD LIFE, which you can pick up now from our online store right here.   

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<![CDATA[YES WAY ROSÉ!]]> http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/yes-way-rose http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/yes-way-rose Sat, 23 Sept 2017 00:00:00 GMT

After a long week, there’s nothing more enjoyable than a glass of wine with a home cooked meal. To us, it’s the ultimate comfort, particularly at the end of a jam-packed week!

What we love even more is enjoying that glass of wine from a boutique winery. We’ve recently discovered Winery Lane, the Air B&B of the wine world, and it’s changed the way you can buy and drink wine. It’s a serious game changer!

Two mates, Cam and Steve, created Winery Lane over a couple of glasses of wine (naturally) because they wanted to highlight the world-class local, independent and boutique wineries on our doorstep. And as huge supporters of small businesses so we thrilled that we can now support Australian winemakers through Winery Lane’s virtual cellar door.

Because as much as many of us love a weekend in the Hunter or Barossa Valleys, finding the time to get out and explore those regions isn't always easy. Here’s where Winery Lane comes in.

The team curates the very best collection of boutique wines from around the country on their website and then you can purchase the delicious drops directly from there. It’s pure genius and we’re just kicking ourselves that we didn’t think of this idea first!

We love that on Winery Lane you can pick up wines from the likes of Flametree and Stella Bella in the Margaret River, Greenstone Vineyards and Warramunda Estate in the Yarra Valley and Eden Road in Canberra. Personally, we can’t get enough of the Lethbridge Pinot Noir and the Liv Zak Rosé is also going down a treat now that the weather has started to warm up!

What’s so lovely about this website is that you can read all about the wineries and feel like you’re getting to know the winemakers, even if in reality, you’re at home on the lounge on a Friday night. Through their videos, you’re able to get a behind-the-scenes look at the vineyard and cellar door so you feel like you’re right there talking to the team; it’s brilliant!

What’s even better is that you automatically save 20% when you purchase six or more of the same bottle, which let’s be honest, is pretty easy to do with such a fabulous selection! One of the best (and easiest) presents we give to our friends and family is one of their famous six packs, like the Yarra Valley selection, where you’re able to get different varieties. It’s the perfect present for the wine lovers (AKA all of us) out there!

Winey Lane is all about bringing winemakers and wine lovers together - if you want to check out Winery Lane for yourself, simply head to their website for all the details.

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<![CDATA[OUR NEW BOOK]]> http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/super-green-simple-and-lean http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/super-green-simple-and-lean Fri, 22 Sept 2017 00:00:00 GMT

It's here, it's here, it's here! Can you tell we're excited?! Ha ha! Yep, our brand new book has just landed and we cannot wait to share it with you! 

It's called SUPER GREEN, SIMPLE AND LEAN  and in it, we share 140 of our favourite and all-new smoothies, salads, snacks and bowl recipes. All the recipes stay true to our ethos that healthy eating can be fast, easy and best of all, delicious! 

We're giving you a sneak peek below ahead of the book's official release on Wednesday - and the great news is that you can preorder yours now through Booktopia for just $24.95 - and as a bonus, when you do, you'll receive a free copy* of our other recipe book, The Good Life!  

We know that SUPER GREEN, SIMPLE AND LEAN is guaranteed to become your new best friend in the kitchen. If you have followed our healthy lifestyle journey through our books, or on SWIISH.com, you’ll know we believe in making life in the kitchen as easy and enjoyable as possible. There’s no point in buying a million different ingredients, most of which you’ll never use again, or following recipes that take hours of precious time.

We love to share all we know about how to make healthy, tasty food in a way that’s SUPER GREEN, SIMPLE AND LEAN. Simple to prepare, simple to cook and filled with superfoods that make you look and feel super too! Everything in this book is what you have come to know and, we hope, love from us: food that’s super-low in kilojoules (calories) and super-high on taste.

We’ve divided this book into four sections.

First up is smoothies! Believe it or not, smoothies have come a long way since our first book, Super Green Smoothies.

We’ve discovered a whole raft of new superfoods and add-ons that will take your smoothie game to the next level and help you to feel better than ever! 

Next up, salads! We grew up in a house where Mum made us a salad every night to go with our dinner. We never went a night without it.

These salads recipes are our hands-down favourites, but these days they’re more than just sides – they’re "monster salads" which you can happily enjoy as meals. They’re super lean and super-green and super-delicious.

Bowls are the next big thing. Trust us on this. Greens, grains, proteins and legumes, all decoratively arranged (definitely Instagram worthy) and full of nourishment.

It’s all about mixing and matching flavours and maximising nutrition. Bowls give you the best of everything, and we know you’ll love them!

Here you'll find a bunch of our favourite snacks: most raw, a few cooked and all a cinch to make.

Whether you’re having friends over, or keeping the family full between meals, these are great tasting and low cal. They include a whole heap of superfoods that you’ll love and find yourself using more and more each day.

We truly believe that being healthy and cooking nutritious food can be a joy. As always, we hope you’re inspired to live your best, healthiest life.
If you’d like to pre-order your copy of SUPER GREEN, SIMPLE AND LEAN, you can head to Booktopia to get your mitts on it, otherwise, you can pick it up from all good bookstores from Wednesday 27 September.

We can't wait to hear what you think of it.

Yours in health and happiness always,

Love Sal & Maha xx




* terms & conditions can be found on the Booktopia website

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<![CDATA[FREE SHIP FRIDAY]]> http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/free-ship-friday-2 http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/free-ship-friday-2 Fri, 22 Sept 2017 00:00:00 GMT

Woo hoo! Time for FREE SHIP FRIDAY! Why? Because we love you guys! We're giving you FREE SHIPPING* on all orders of fashion, accessories, beauty, homewares, Super Green Superfood Powder and more. Just use the code FREESHIPFRIDAY at the checkout.
But you'll need to HURRY - this offer ends at 11:59pm FRIDAY AEST on 22nd September , 2017.

Head to our online store right here.

Below are just a few of the fab goodies you can get your hands on, including some newly restocked items...

* Free Standard Shipping, Aus-wide

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<![CDATA[WEEKENDER WEAR]]> http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/weekender-wear http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/weekender-wear Thu, 21 Sept 2017 00:00:00 GMT

With the October long weekend just around the corner for so many of us across the country, we’re getting excited to put down the laptop, turn off our phones (ok fine - put them on silent for a few hours!) and truly recharge for three blissful days with family and friends.

If you don't have the luxury of an extra day off, can we take this opportunity to encourage you to get out of town for the weekend anyway? It's Spring, and it's the perfect time for a mini-break to tide you over until Christmas (yep, we're officially only a few months out from Christmas... how did that happen?).

Packing for a weekend away is tricky because we don’t necessarily want to take our largest suitcase but we still want to wear different outfits everyday (which, as all women know, takes up a lot of room!). If we’re flying, we always try to pack everything into a carry-on so we can get in and out of the airport super quickly.

As seasoned flyers, we’ve got some pretty good tips (if we do say so ourselves) on how and what to pack for a short sojourn. And if you can't get away at all next weekend, we think you should bookmark this page so you can refer back to it for your next getaway.

The whole idea about packing for a quick vacay is to pack a capsule collection with pieces that can be worn with lots of different things.

This is what we’ll be packing for our getaway next weekend. It’s going to be a pretty relaxed few days (except for one dinner reservation) so our packing reflects cosy, comfortable and casual.








Oh, and we never leave the house without our favourite travel companion - our SWIISH DELIISH Super Green Superfood Powder! When we’re travelling so much and eating treat meals more than usual, we rely on our powder to keep our bodies functioning at their best. Whilst we loveeee going out for pizza and pasta, knowing that we’ve already fuelled our bodies with over 40 super powered ingredients makes us feel so much better about eating that extra slice of pepperoni pizza (our fave)!

That’s pretty much it! We can fit all of that into a carry-on, which makes it so easy to transport, regardless of whether we’re flying or driving.

Are you going anywhere exciting next weekend? Do you have any top tips about packing that you’d like to share?

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<![CDATA[LET THERE BE WHITE]]> http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/let-there-be-white http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/let-there-be-white Wed, 20 Sept 2017 00:00:00 GMT

A Little White Dress (LWD) is as essential to warmer weather as sunscreen and ice blocks. It’s something that we can’t live without and just like a Little Black Dress, we wear it with anywhere and everywhere.

We can’t think of anything chicer than wearing a gorgeous white dress with leather tie-up sandals to a weekend brunch on a sunny day or with heels to a summer cocktail soirée. Ahhhh, can you tell we love summer?!

Because the LWD is a staple in every woman’s wardrobe, we love seeing the modern update on it each year. This year, the LWD is all about fringing and lace. Both styles are incredibly versatile and can be styled to suit any occasion for work and play.  


Below, we’ve rounded up our favourite ways to wear the LWD.

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<![CDATA[SNUG IN SAPLING]]> http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/snug-in-sapling http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/snug-in-sapling Tue, 19 Sept 2017 00:00:00 GMT

We’re not going to lie, we are often insanely jealous of the clothes children get to wear.

If you come shopping with us, you’ll most likely hear us exclaim “why doesn’t this come in our size?”. Seriously, someone needs to create a children’s clothing line for adults. We would be in that shop quick sticks!

One such label that has this effect on us is Sapling Child, an Australian based company that specialises in 100% organic babywear. These clothes are soooo heavenly, whimsical, comfortable and eco-friendly. We can see why Jaime King and Jessica Alba are such huge fans!

One of our favourite Aussie ladies, Kate Waterhouse, has also collaborated with Sapling Child for her very own collection. Let us tell you that the pieces are exquisite. With a Twinkle Twinkle theme, you will wish that the onesies came in your size!

One of our favourite pieces from the Sapling collection has to be the Heart Pants – they come in a range of colours and they’ve got the sweetest little heart motifs on the bum that are just the cutest thing you’ve ever seen.

With prices under $50, the quality and style is unbeatable. You can stock up on Sapling Child here or at your nearest David Jones.


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<![CDATA[AN APPLE A DAY]]> http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/an-apple-a-day http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/an-apple-a-day Tue, 19 Sept 2017 00:00:00 GMT

Besides smoothies (of course!), apple cider vinegar is one of our tried and tested favourite health tonics.We’ve been drinking apple cider vinegar for a while now but now that spring has finally sprung, we’ve decided to up the ante in time for summer.

Because we know so many of you want to do the same, we wanted to remind you of the powerhouse benefits of this simple ingredient.

The amount of health and beauty benefits apple cider vinegar has, both internal and external, is incredible. If you don’t drink it already, you will be by the time you finish reading this post! In its raw form, apple cider vinegar not only helps to alkalise your system, but also promotes healthy digestion, cellular cleansing and the growth of healthy bacteria.

Megan Fox is said to drink this daily to assist with weight loss... and with her figure... well, it's no surprise that others want to follow suit.

Plus, apple cider vinegar is a beauty superpower too. You can use it as toner, it helps relieve acne and irritation, you can rinse your hair with it after your regular wash for mega-watt shine (plus it helps get rid of dandruff), use it to remove nail polish stains on your nails, relieves sunburnt skin, helps heal bruises quicker.... and the list goes on!

One thing you can't do is boil apple cider vinegar. You’ll want to use it raw and unfiltered so it’s unpasteurised and retains its original enzymes.

Basically the rule of thumb is, the “uglier” the apple cider vinegar the better. You want it brown and murky as the clear and pretty stuff has been through more filtration processes and has removed the “mother” – the brown strands that rest at the bottom. This is a good bacteria that your body will love you for consuming. You can use it as a dressing over salads, in detox drinks or mix into your favourite recipes for a superfood.

Try out this easy detox drink using apple cider vinegar. We use the below recipe for a tasty alternative (plus, we can never say no to anything with cinnamon in it!).

Recipe from bembu.com

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<![CDATA[SPRING INTO SHOE STYLE]]> http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/spring-into-shoe-style http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/spring-into-shoe-style Mon, 18 Sept 2017 00:00:00 GMT

“Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes can change your life” is a sentiment that we wholeheartedly agree with here at SWIISH HQ.

Although our credit cards might have other ideas, we love a new pair of shoes for the potential they bring, and just like Cinderella; we swear a good pair of shoes can change your life! One of our favourite things to do when a new season rolls around is to dissect the trends that are on their way in – and shoe trends are one of our faves!

We’ve rounded up our favourite trends of the season so expect to see more kitten heels, dainty flats, bows, pearl details and platforms.


Gucci loafers have taken the fashion world by storm this year and although the cost of them is out of our budget, the loafers have set a precedent for what’s in style this spring. Straight from the streets of New York, we’re seeing floral embroidery, gingham, leather and (faux) fur-lined loafers everywhere. One pair of each, we say!



Kitten heels are back, y’all! Originally, we didn’t know how we felt about this style making a comeback but now we’re 100% on board after we remembered the benefits of these beauties. You still get an added dose of height without compromising on style, and they're super comfy.



Another huge trend this spring is pearl detailing. Whether it’s on a pair of heels, slides or loafers, the pearls have our hearts (and our wallets!). We adore this super feminine trend that looks good on anyone.



Big last year, ankle wrap flats are here for another round this spring. They're a particularly great trans-seasonal pair of shoes because they draw the eye down, making you appear taller and leaner. Woo hoo! Expect to see a lot more of this style in the months ahead!


They say what goes around comes around and truthfully this takes us back to our Spice Girl obsession of the 90s. Take things to new heights (literally) with a platform sneaker, sandal or brogue. Like a kitten heel, platforms provide height, comfort and style all rolled into one.

What's your favourite of the Spring shoe trends? Any other styles you're loving and obsessing over? Let us know in the comments below. 

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<![CDATA[MUM’S CHOCOLATE TART]]> http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/mums-chocolate-tart-2 http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/mums-chocolate-tart-2 Sun, 17 Sept 2017 00:00:00 GMT

Here at SWIISH, we’re all about that 80/20 balance. Which means as much as we love our green smoothies and superfood salads, we’re always down for a little dessert. We mean, what would life be like without a slice of pie or a slither cake now and again? Not the good life, that’s for sure!

When we need to impress our guests with a decadent dessert (especially as we head into the warmer months), Mum’s Chocolate Tart with Sea Salt Flakes is our ultimate go-to. Our mum made this recipe for us when we were growing up, albeit without the salt flakes: that’s our addition! This was her favourite Saturday night dinner party recipe. We love it because it’s quick to make, and always delivers a ‘wow’. We’ve not only added the salt flakes but we’ve also come up with a clean version of the original recipe for an optional healthier spin on this delicious treat.  

With a rich chocolate centre and a crumbly shortcrust shell, this tart has never once let us down. And if you choose to use a pre-made pastry tart shell, it can take under 15 minutes to make! Then all you have to do is leave it to set and whip it out when it’s ready to eat. Topped with cream and a sprinkle of salt flakes, this dessert always hits the spot.   

Oh and by the way, if you love the look of this one, you’ll find more delicious dessert recipes, along with a ton of other healthy, quick and easy meals in our cookbook, The Good Life, which you can pick up now from our online store right here.

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<![CDATA[EYE SPY]]> http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/eye-spy http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/eye-spy Sat, 16 Sept 2017 00:00:00 GMT

How does an eyelift without any surgery sound? Pretty good, right?

We get a lot of questions from SWIISH readers about ways to treat the skin around the eyes. It's no wonder though - this skin is some of our most delicate, and it also is the area that so many of you feel begins to show signs of ageing. Across the SWIISH team, it's one of our biggest areas of skin concern too.

Recently, we tried out the non-surgical eyelift at Results Laser Clinic (yep, they don’t just do laser treatment!). This 15 minute treatment is designed to help lift, tighten and brighten the skin around our eyes.

How does it work? Well, this treatment uses something called Pollogen’s Trilopo Radio Frequency technology, to heat the skin from within, causing our collagen to contract, and therefore tighting the skin. The result? Improved skin tone and texture. New collagen is produced as well, which provides the skin with the ability to reduce wrinkles and aid facial tightening and lifting.

We love that this treatment has minimal downtime, plus those fine lines and wrinkles are reduced. We always walk out feeling so fresh and bright.

Our friends at Results Laser Clinic are seriously the best and whether we’re there for an oxygen facial, microdermabrasion, laser or an eyelift, we always leave feeling and looking like a million bucks.                                         

If you’d like more info on Results Laser Clinic and their treatments, simply head to their website or give them a buzz. The staff are always super friendly and happy to help. 

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<![CDATA[CHECK MATE]]> http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/check-mate-2 http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/check-mate-2 Fri, 15 Sept 2017 00:00:00 GMT

Along with stripes (duh!), one of our favourite prints to wear is gingham and lucky for us, it’s having a major fashion moment right now.

From shoes (yes, really!) to bags and everything in between, gingham has gone straight from the streets of Milan Fashion Week to our wardrobes, and we couldn’t be happier.

However, with gingham and checks it’s easy to look like you belong at a rodeo, so to save yourself looking like you should be riding a horse, we’ve rounded up four ways in which you can wear the print of the season in style.

Wearing any print is all about balance so you really can’t go wrong with a gingham top. Wear with a pair of denim jeans and heels or sandals for the perfect springtime look.


Dress to impress with a little gingham number and you’ll look like you belong on Rodeo Drive, and not at a rodeo! For the ultimate trans-seasonal look, wear yours with a pair of over the knee boots.


If you’re not sure whether you can pull off the gingham trend (you totally can, by the way!), start slowly with a pair of gingham shoes. There’s something to be said about a simple outfit with a pair of statement shoes. It’s effortlessly chic.


Similarly to a pair of shoes, a gingham bag is an easy way to adopt this trend without committing to an entire outfit. The best thing about gingham is that it’s usually in black or navy so it will go with any outfit you wear. Versatility is key!


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<![CDATA[WANT SUPER ENERGY?]]> http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/want-super-energy http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/want-super-energy Thu, 14 Sept 2017 00:00:00 GMT

You should all know by now how endless our love is for SWIISH DELIISH Super Green Superfood Powder, but did you know that you can do more with it than just drink it in water or in a smoothie?

One of our favourite ways to use it is in these nutritious Superfood Energy Balls. They have a delicious tangy lime taste and are ultra satisfying, which is perfect especially when the 3pm snack cravings hit. The best bit is that you're getting an extra boost of energy and helping your gut health thanks to all those veggies, superfoods, fruit and pre and probiotics.

We like to make up a big batch every Sunday to eat at the office during the week.

So here you go - our Superfood Energy Balls; we hope you enjoy!

As always, if you do make these Superfood Energy Balls or anything else from either of our books (The Good Life and Super Green Smoothies), we’d love to know! You can tag us on Instagram at the following:
@swiishbysallyo  |  @sallyobermeder   |  @maha_koraiem.

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<![CDATA[THREE OF THE BEST]]> http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/three-of-the-best http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/three-of-the-best Wed, 13 Sept 2017 00:00:00 GMT

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, we bet you’ve all had one of those mornings where you stand in front of your wardrobe with your hands on your hips trying to think of something to wear.

It doesn’t matter how many dresses or tops you have in your arsenal, it’s inevitable that some days are harder than others in the getting dressed department.

Most of you seem to be in this exact predicament quite regularly because one of the most popular questions we get asked at SWIISH HQ is “What should I wear when I have nothing to wear?”. Well, today is your lucky day because we’re sharing our fool-proof style secrets that guarantee we never have a bad wardrobe day again. And now, you won’t either with these three tried and tested outfits that solve any wardrobe dilemmas you may have.  

Blazers are a universally flattering piece of clothing and literally look good with anything. Of course, blazers are suited to the corporate world and wearing one to your nine to five is not only work-wear appropriate but, it’s also incredibly stylish. Throw on a blazer with denim jeans, a white tee and a pair of black pumps for a casual work wear look or the perfect outfit for date night. We honestly can’t express our love enough for the humble blazer and we even love to wear ours with denim cut off shorts and sneakers in summer. All hail the blazer!

Like a blazer, a dress is such an easy and versatile outfit. With only one piece of clothing, you’re able to create a whole look and mood. The versatility of a great dress also means you can style it up with heels and a blazer for day, and sneakers and a denim jacket for play. It doesn’t get much easier than that!


In our humble opinion, a white collared shirt is one of the most underrated items of clothing in a woman’s closet.

Whilst some may think they’re boring, we think white collared shirts are the gateway to endless outfit options. They’re one of the only pieces of clothing that you can have for years and years without it ever going out of style. For work, wear it with crisp, tailored pants and gorgeous heels, or for the weekend, wear your white collared shirt with the sleeves rolled up with denim jeans, loafers and a pair of statement earrings.

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<![CDATA[STEAL HER INTERIOR STYLE]]> http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/steal-her-interior-style http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/steal-her-interior-style Tue, 12 Sept 2017 00:00:00 GMT

We all covet celeb style - whether it's fashion or beauty, or in this case at home... but at SWIISH, we're all about ways of doing it affordably.

As an actress, director, mother and all-round awesome woman, Lucy Liu’s style is incredibly enviable. Her red carpet looks are always drool-worthy and as soon as we saw she released photos from her home - specifically of Lucy's two-year-old son Rockwell’s playroom, we knew we were in for a treat. In one word, it’s gorgeous!

The whole room is a stylish yet incredibly functional space that mixes grey and blue tones, textures and materials. We know he's only two years old but to say we are just a bit jealous of Rockwell is an understatement hahaha!

So as we were saying, a celebrity home comes with a celebrity budget. Sigh. For those of us who aren’t lucky (or talented) enough to be a Hollywood actress (welcome to the club!), but want to mimic Liu’s immaculate playroom, you have come to the right place. We have rounded up the best budget pieces to steal her style.

You really wouldn’t know you don’t have a celebrity budget with these fabulous and thrifty finds!

Do you love Lucy and Rockwell’s style as much as us? Any top tips for keeping a playroom this clean?!

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Now that the weather is finally warming up, we’re so excited to be heating things up in the exercise department as well. Throughout winter, it’s so easy to get into an exercise rut but with the flowers blooming, the sun staying out longer and the temperature rising, we can’t help but feel encouraged to try some new fun, boredom-busting workouts that actually work.

Oh em gee, this is one of our favourite workouts! It’s a 1980s-inspired aerobics class to the beats of Michael Jackson, Madonna and Prince. 60 minutes of Retrosweat will have you dripping in sweat and in fits of laughter with buns of steel and a core to die for.

Say goodbye to neutral spaces, calming essential oils, classical music and soft voices and say hello to Silent Disco Yoga, the yoga craze that is taking the world by storm. Hailing from Hong Kong and then the USA, silent disco yoga is an epic yoga journey like no other. Combine your usual Vinyasa yoga session led by yogi-extraordinaire, Kate Kendall, with Silent Sounds headphones and tunes by DJ James Mack and you’ve got yourself 90 minutes of fun and pure bliss.

How does a trip to Barcelona sound on a Tuesday evening? That’s what you get when you take a Scenic Cycle class. Using virtual reality, every Scenic Cycle class takes you through the streets of a different city. Think the concrete jungle of NYC, the coastal roads of Hawaii and the mountains of Queenstown. With the latest pop songs pumping, you’ll forget that you’re doing one of the toughest (and most rewarding) workouts. Your body will thank you as soon as you get off your bike from Barcelona.

Take your yoga session to new heights, literally, with aerial yoga. This revolutionary way of yoga practice is a fusion technique combining traditional yoga poses, pilates, dance and aerial arts, all whilst hanging inside a hammock. We don’t think we’ve ever felt so relaxed and energised after doing a class.

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Makeup can be a tricky thing to master.

Lucky for us, brands are now catching on that most of us need a helping hand when it comes to knowing how to flawlessly apply our makeup. When you think about it, it is actually just like painting an artwork. Except, the canvas is your face and the paint is your eye shadow, your bronzer and your foundation.

Charlotte Tilbury is one such brand that is making life a whole lot easier with their Colour-Coded Eye Shadows. These products are genius! There are eight different palettes you can choose from depending on your skin tone or the look you want to go for, and then within each palette, are four different colours for the different stages of applying your eye shadow.

Our favourite palettes are The Uptown Girl, The Dolce Vita and The Rebel. All three palettes give off the most gorgeous, glowy and dewy look in an easy to use application ritual:

These are the steps to get the perfect eye:

  1. Prime
  2. Enhance
  3. Pop
  4. Smoke

The best thing about these palettes is that you don’t even necessarily have to use all four shades if you don’t want to. If you’re just going for a casual daytime look, using one or two of the colours will be perfect. Easy!

As well as the Colour-Coded Eye Shadows, we also adore the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstars On The Go Palette. Whenever we use this product, we totally feel like Blake Lively on a red carpet (or as close to Blake Lively as we'll ever feel!). In two easy steps, we can achieve a fresh, youthful look with the cream-duo for metallic eyes, dewy lips and plump cheeks. You get three looks in one!

OK... now that we've got palettes sorted, there's one last thing we need to cover - and it's one of our all time favourite Charlotte Tilbury products.

It’s called Beach Stick and we have the Es Verda shade. It’s an easy twist-up colour-balm that gives you the most stunning summer glow. We have been using it all winter and you wouldn’t even know that we’ve been in Sydney for the past three months. With its cheeky pop of colour, it looks like we’ve been sunning ourselves on a Croatian beach like the rest of the nation (if only!).

It’s quite literally, summer glow in a stick! We love this one also because it’s so easy to apply. We just apply straight to the skin and blend with our fingers. Amazing!

To find out more or to shop head to the Charlotte Tilbury website. Have you used any Charlotte Tilbury products before? We'd love to know your favourites.

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It’s no secret that we love to eat and the rest of the SWIISH team are no different, so last week, to reward everyone for a stellar month, we all hotfooted it to Da Mario in Rosebery. If you haven’t heard of Da Mario, you need to add this phenomenal Italian eatery to your restaurant bucket list ASAP.

Set in a chic, industrialised space, Da Mario is home to the freshest and most authentic Italian food you can imagine. We’re not lying when we say that we tried 90% of the menu – from starters, pizza, pasta and then onto dessert, every meal was sublime.

The light-filled yet intimate space is the perfect spot for pizzas that are made to the discipline of the “Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana”, which means that the pizzas are made to the same stringent specifications as the pizzas in Naples (where pizzas originated from).

So basically, the pizzas at Da Mario have been approved by the Pizza Gods, which is no mean feat considering there are only a handful of these restaurants in Australia! We have to admit that we wholeheartedly agree with the Pizza Gods because the pizzas at Da Mario taste like a little slice of heaven: minimal toppings, the base of your pizza dreams and the best mozzarella you’ve ever tasted mmmm.

The pasta and desserts aren’t too shabby either and considering we ordered one of everything, we can speak from experience. We’re talking semifreddo, tiramisu, affogato, panna cotta and gelato.

You know we don’t recommend anything unless we 110% love it, and without a doubt, we 150% loved Da Mario in Rosebery. Even your Italian nonna would be impressed. Buon appetito!

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With only one week left until Blackmore’s Sydney Running Festival, it’s time to gear up and get race ready! We are so excited to be supporting the Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA) who are one of the main charity partners of this run.
This year alone, 48 Australians will be diagnosed with breast cancer every single day, so let’s all rally together to reduce this number and to increase the support for our loved ones affected by this horrible disease.

The BCNA do such a tremendous job ensuring that Australians affected by breast cancer receive the very best support, information, treatment and care possible.
The final week before any big event can be an exciting and daunting time. It’s a true balancing act trying to prepare for the big day without going overboard. The last thing you want to do is to burn out before you even run your race!
This year, there are a few different races you can participate in and if you haven’t signed up yet, don’t worry! You can still sign up here until the 16th September! It’s a staggering statistic but 17,000 women and 144 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year so if you’re racing in any of the Blackmore’s events, why don’t you get a group together and fundraise to support the BCNA and all of those affected by breast cancer?

For everyone who is running, walking, skipping or hopping in one of the races, we have rounded up our top tips for getting ready in the last week prior to the race!

Keep the new culinary creations you want to try out for a post-run celebration because now is not the time to be eating anything new. Stick to food you know your gut loves. Sports nutritionist, James Collins, suggests runners should try to get into the habit of eating 5-6 smaller meals earlier in the week before a race, to train the body for the carb loading over the 2-3 days pre-race. For an extra dose of energy, probiotics, prebiotics and superfood, you might want to add a teaspoon of SWIISH DELIISH Super Green Superfood Powder to your daily meal plan.

Don’t you hate it when you’re stressed to the max and then someone tells you to relax, which then makes you even more stressed?! Hahaha, it happens to us quite a bit and we definitely don’t want to be those people who tell you to relax, but there is something to be said about trying to chill out before a big event. Fingers crossed you’ve put in the hard yards already, so this week is all about going for a few short runs to keep your body loose and ready to go.

This one is pretty self-explanatory but it’s time to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! We find carrying a drink bottle with us everyday encourages us to drink more H2O. You can find our favourite stylish drink bottles that actually do the job here.

With all the hype of doing a run, it can be easy to forget the simplest of things, like taking everything you need. At the start of the week, have a running checklist of things you need to take or wear, like your registration form, headphones, protein bars, bib and water bottle. This will also ensure there are no hiccups on the morning of the race!

The week before a big event is not the best time to binge watch a new television series. We love a good TV show as much as the next person, but the week before a race should be dedicated to getting the maximum amount of shuteye you can.

It’s not too late to sign up for any of the races next Sunday 17th September. Grab a group of girlfriends, your family or your work colleagues together and participate in any of the events on the day (there’s a 3.5km, a 10km and a half and full marathon available). Reward yourself with brunch afterwards and a pat on the back for doing something so incredibly worthwhile. You can sign up here

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