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Let’s face it, paperwork, odd-jobs and errands are not everyone’s favourite string of words. When it comes to lounging on the sofa with a good movie versus scheduling an overdue dentist appointment, we know which one we’d pick…

While procrastination is fun in the short-term, everything eventually piles up, and all of a sudden you’re tripping over a to-do list that’s also growing legs and a tail. 

Life admin expert and Professor of Law at Columbia University, Elizabethe Emens, calls our inability to tackle our to-dos ‘errand paralysis’. (That’s right, we’re diagnosed now). 

According to Emens, adults of today’s age are spreading themselves thin when it comes to mental labour. Between work, emails, apps, meetings, soccer training, the gym, dinner and school, our brains are drained, with no energy left for the smaller tasks.

So how can we stay on top and stay motivated?

Believe it or not, there are ways to quell the panic and anxiety of life admin, to come out on top. Here are our tips and tricks on getting organised - don’t worry they don’t involve a spreadsheet!


The very worst thing you can do when starting a daily to-do list is write-out every single little job you can think of/have been wanting to get around to for the last three months.

While it might be satisfying to identify all the little things that are on your mind - this list isn’t your ‘to-do’ list, it’s your ‘life list’ - and something that can be saved for a later date. 

Before starting your to-do list for the day or week, accept that not everything is going to get done. Unfortunately, we are not robots and cannot pump out 6 errands in a heartbeat, so start small. 

Know that life happens, things go wrong and things go right. Approaching your to-do list with this in mind will clear your headspace, and get you prepared for if or when life gets in the way.


This one might seem like it speaks for itself, but trust us, there is an art to prioritising properly. Knowing what is a ‘must’ and what is a ‘maybe’ can not only cut down the size of your list, but also keep you more task-focussed.

Prioritising well will mean considering:

  1. Deadline - Is there a time you need this done by?

  2. Context - Where will you be today? What is physically possible to get done?

  3. Time available - Consider also, how much time you want to spend on the task.

Once you’ve assessed your to-dos according to these points, consider the value of getting these jobs done, and the risk if you’re not able to get them done. If the risk of not getting a certain job done is too high, re-shuffle your priorities.

Hot-tip: We suggest putting a star next to any priority tasks and keeping them at the top of your list.

Anything that doesn’t make the priority list for the week can be added to a ‘Someday, Maybe’ list or ‘Life’ list - for jobs you will eventually get round to, and don’t want to forget about.


The natural follow-up to prioritising your to-dos is categorising. We’re talking sorting the work to-dos from the home to-dos. 

To free-up brain space, compartmentalising your tasks is important to de-clutter the work-load.

For some, this can be as simple as having a separate list for ‘Work’ and ‘Home’, or even ‘Today’ and ‘Tonight’. The simpler the better.

Hot-tip: Be specific with what task you’re assigning yourself. For example, broad statements like ‘Clean the house’ should be broken-down into detail, such as ‘vacuuming the living room’ or ‘cleaning the bathroom’ and so on. 



‘Out of sight’ can really mean ‘out of mind’ when it comes to jobs we don’t want to do. Trust us, we know all about it...

If you’re a notepad and pen to-do lister, that might hit closer to home. It is oh-so easy to pack away your notebook and forget the very long list of jobs tucked inside.

Our solution? Make use of digital calendars and reminder apps. Whether it’s through an e-calendar, or just on Reminders on your phone, the convenience of setting a date and time about an important to-do can keep things from slipping your mind.


Especially when you have completed some serious drudge-work, it’s important to follow up with a bit of a reward.

This is our kind of set-up!

Whether that’s a mini-pamper sesh, like drawing a long bath and donning a sheet mask, or cooking your favourite meal for dinner. Factor in these rewards, not just as motivation, but as a thank you to yourself. You did the (dreaded) job and that’s awesome!


Finally, the worst thing is holding onto a to-do list that’s incomplete. You didn’t get everything done? No bother. Toss this list and start afresh, tomorrow is a new day.

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<![CDATA[BASIL SEEDS: THE NEW SUPERFOOD]]> http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/basil-seeds-the-new-skin-superfood http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/basil-seeds-the-new-skin-superfood Mon, 11 Nov 2019 00:00:00 GMT

We all know flax seeds, hemp seeds, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, but what about basil seeds?

The new superseed on the market, you’d be surprised to learn that basil seeds have been used for centuries in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for various ailments.

Rich in protein, fiber, calcium and omega 3, these seeds are health benefits galore, and also (spoiler alert) are quite the #beauty aid…

While researchers continue to test the health effects of these seeds, there are studies that show improved effects for skin, hair, stabilising blood sugars and improving cholesterol.

Sold? Nearly sold? Here’s a rundown of this new superseed and why you need it:


Basil seeds come from Thai basil (the usual basil we cook with), and are quite easy to find. You need not look further than your local health food store or Asian supermarket when trying to get your hands on these bad boys.

Basil seeds are a little larger than chia seeds, and, like chia are gelatinous when soaked in water.  However, unlike chia, these seeds cannot be eaten raw, as they become too difficult to digest.

Soak two tablespoons of basil seeds in 1 cup of coconut milk, cover and leave to soak overnight in the fridge. Top your basil seed pudding with a good drizzle of honey, nuts and dried fruit. Yum! You can also add basil seeds to your smoothies, in your water bottle or on top of your cereal, yoghurt or salad for an extra protein and fiber boost.

Be aware, if you’re struggling to spot them in the aisle, basil seeds also go by the Indian name, ‘Sabja’.


So why are they so good for your skin?

Well, basil seeds are packed with antioxidants, vitamin K and iron which all promote healthy skin, and also healthy hair. Antioxidants are particularly  important here, for their ability to protect the skin against damaging free radicals. 

What are free radicals?

Free radicals are molecules in the environment which target cells and cause aging and illness. Air pollutants, chemicals and cigarette smoke are all free radicals that cling to the collagen in your skin and break it down.

This is where basil seeds come into play. 

Antioxidants and flavonoids in these seeds help to improve immunity and health of the skin, as well as stimulate the growth of new cells. Flavonoids also play a major role in reducing collagen degradation and delaying skin aging.

What else can they do for skin?

Because of their cell-growing properties, basil seeds can help in treating various skin infections, including eczema and psoriasis. Mixing one teaspoon of basil seeds with coconut oil and applying directly to the affected area can help to reduce inflammation and irritation.


With twice the fiber, iron, potassium and calcium of chia seeds, basil seeds are nutrient-dense, and are even considered an aid for weight loss.

High in fiber, including the soluble fiber pectin, basil seeds will make you fuller for longer, and control cholesterol and blood sugar levels. This reduces cravings and insulin spikes throughout the day. 

There is also the presence of Omega-3 fatty acids, which help to boost a fat-burning metabolism within the body.

On top of this, basil seeds are great for digestive health. They contain volatile oils which naturally detox your body and gastrointestinal tract, to reduce bloating and constipation, keeping you (ahem) regular... 

So, the main takeaway? Basil seeds are packed with all kinds of nutrients and benefits, and their capacity to improve skin health is high. If you’re a fan of the chewy texture, go ahead and add these to your breakfasts and drinks, you’ll reap the rewards!

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Sleep, sleep, sleep. There isn’t a single one of us that doesn’t need more of it!

Picture this… You’re laying down in a comfy bed ready for some shuteye, but of course, what does your mind decide to do? Reassess every single life decision you’ve ever made. Twice. 

These 7 tips are the key to a well adjusted nights rest, the best part is - they’re easily adapted into your evening routine - no hassle necessary. 

1. Keep it cool

As part of your natural sleep mechanisms, a cooling process occurs to lower the core temperature of your body. According to the National Sleep Foundation, sleeping in a room that’s between 16-17ºc best facilitates the natural sleep rhythms in the body. 

SWIISH Tip: Leave the window open or a gentle fan on. You don’t need to make it as cold as the arctic - just slightly on the cooler side, that’s all!

2. Olfactory and memory

Your olfactory is the area of the brain responsible for processing smell. Of all your senses, smell holds the closest link to memory with women actually having many times the olfactory of men! 

Utilising specific essential oils before bed allows your body to associate these with rest. Our SWIISH favourite essential oil to roll on each night is the UNWIND Essential Oil Blend, as it contains a mix of lavender, chamomile, and jojoba, all helping to calm the parasympathetic nervous system for sleep. As well as this, giving your pillow a quick spray with our UNWIND Lavender Sleep & Pillow Spray continues this state of relaxation throughout the night… Talk about rest and rejuvenation.

3. Lights out!

Whilst wearing a sleep mask at night is never a bad idea, there are actually photoreceptors over your entire body that respond to light meaning that head to toe darkness is imperative. 


 Due to light increasing cortisol in the body, ensuring that you sleep in a dark room will best accommodate a deep slumber. On the other hand, exposure to sunlight of a morning will ensure the hormones that regulate your sleep cycle (melatonin and cortisol) rise and fall effectively. 


4. Melatonin 

Speaking of sleep hormones… melatonin is the driving force behind your natural ability to sleep, inhibited by exposure to blue lights. With screens and devices in every corner of your home, you can thank nature for some mighty food sources that contain and produce melatonin. 

The problem is that most of us don’t really feel like eating handfuls of cherries right before bed - let alone cacao, bananas, and all the other melatonin rich superfoods out there. 

To minimise the fuss, we designed our SLEEP Superfood Powder using all the powerhouse ingredients for sleep to increase melatonin before bed. All you have to do is mix two spoons in a warm cup of milk 20-30 minutes before bed… then voila! It’s night-night for you (without the groggy wake-up feeling of sleep medication).


5. Detox powder

Drinking water is necessary, right? Of course! In fact, you yourself are made up of over 60% of it.

What isn’t necessary is the constant exposure to fluoride that accompanies this, due to the water supply having this mineral added to it to prevent tooth decay. The issue is that constant exposure to fluoride causes a build-up in the body, with much of this accumulating in the pineal gland (the area of your brain that produces melatonin).

Taken in perfect conjunction with our SLEEP Superfood Powder, our DETOX Tamarind Superfood Powder contains 100% tamarind which has been shown to enhance fluoride excretion from the body as seen in this study. Also containing high amounts of magnesium (our second favourite sleep enhancer), tamarind powder can best work its melatonin increasing effects when taken weekly on consecutive days.

6. Legs up and breathe 

While an hour-long yoga class may not be everybody’s cup of tea, breath control and particular movements are extremely effective for promoting sleep. 

The best pose (that you may not even need to leave your bed for!) simply involves lifting your legs up against a wall. This promotes blood flow back to the heart, without gravity adding stress to this process as it does when standing. 

Whilst chilling here for 5 minutes with your legs up, incorporating the 4-7-8 breathing technique developed by Dr Andrew Weil has been shown to relax the body into a “rest and digest” parasympathetic state - necessary for deep sleep! 

How to do the 4-7-8 breathing technique: 

  1. Breathe in through your nose slowly for 4 seconds

  2. Hold your breath for 7 seconds.

  3. Exhale out of your mouth for 8 seconds.

  4. Repeat for around 4 breathing cycles.

7. Circadian rhythm & timing  

Timing is everything - in life and in bed! 

Acting as your “internal body clock”, some of you may have heard of the term circadian rhythm before, including the controlling effect this has on sleep. For your body to optimise one of its processes it needs to know when to produce all the hormones and neurotransmitters necessary - and sleep is a prime example! 

If you are going to bed at 1 am one night and 9 pm the next, your body is never able to get into a regular cycle. To allow for a deep and restful slumber, the body works best when it is waking up and falling around the same time every day. 

SWIISH Tip: We suggest challenging yourself to just 1 week of waking up and going to bed at the same time every day. This will allow your circadian rhythm to get into a good routine and who knows - you might just figure out a sleeping schedule that is the perfect match for you!

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Healthy and fit has a look. You know the one. The “I woke-up at 6am, went for a 5k run, am energised and have my life together” look. Yeah...we want it.

But saying you want something is only the first step to getting it, and this could not be more true when it comes to fitness.

Starting a healthy exercise routine normally involves a bit of an upheaval of your life....

It’s about maintaining healthy habits, and staying focussed on your goals.

And we admit, this is hard to do without some guidance, which is why we’ve collated our top tips to help you get in shape and stay in shape:


Think of your fitness goals as a plan. This might seem self-explanatory, but it helps to visualise your fitness as something long-term that you’re working towards.

The same way you might approach planning an overseas trip - months in advance, with practicality at the front of your mind, you should also approach your workout goals and workout plan.

Brian Tracy, renowned motivational speaker and author says that writing down your plan makes it seem real, and makes you more committed to the task.

This is because the physical act of recording your process is something that depends on your own initiative - doing so makes you feel accountable for your efforts and progress.

We also see this as a great reason to source a cute new notebook...after all, nothing says ‘new you’ like opening to a fresh page.




The second key step to staying in shape is maintaining motivation

We’ve all fallen victim to the first week buzz and the second week not-so buzzed.

While the week before you were rising before your alarm and bouncing your way to the gym, come the second week, you’re feeling a little less bouncy and a little more eager to stay in bed.

Motivation is unfortunately short-lived for most of us, mainly because we don’t realise we actively need to seek it out. 

We don’t know about you, but the first thing we think of in the morning isn’t exactly a perfectly attributable inspirational Pinterest quote

But, that is what Pinterest is for! Saving some of your favourite quotes on your phone is a simple, easy way to keep motivation close-by when you’re feeling less than interested to workout.

Other things that may drive your will to exercise is finding a buddy, preparing a workout playlist (we like to crank Beyonce, Whitney Houston, and Guns N Roses at full blast), or purchasing a few things for your gym bag...

For your pre-workout or post-workout caffeine hit:



Cute make-up bags to keep all your bits and pieces together:



LOVE YOUR WORKOUTS (as much as you can…)

OK, so it might be a bit much to ask you to love your workouts, but at least like them? (Maybe even like, like them…)

After all, if your alarm’s set for 6am and you’ve got a hectic day ahead of you, you want to be getting out of bed to do something you enjoy. 

And just like a good pair of jeans, you don’t know until you try. We suggest you trial a whole number of things to see what sticks and what makes you glow.

Whether it be a pilates class, HIIT, a swim or an at-home workout video, choose something that makes you feel good, regardless of what other people are doing.


They say a healthy lifestyle is 80% diet and 20% exercise. Which means yes, we do need to check-in on what we’re putting on our plate.

This doesn’t mean however, that we need to open up the diet book and take our bodies through a crash-course of liquid meals, detox teas, intermittent fasting and carb-less recipes.

It’s been said before and we are 100% saying it again, a healthy diet is all about balance.

As The Dieticians Association of Australia outlines, detoxes and cutting out foods should only be reserved for when you think they’re causing a medical problem.

The best way to approach diet is by filling your plate with a number of nutritious foods, including carbs, proteins, greens and fruits, to build healthy habits and limit unhealthy ones.


When you’re focussed, focussed, focussed on getting through #life, it can feel a bit like you’re not seeing any results in the fitness department…

That’s why it’s so important to review your efforts so far and give yourself a bit of a pat on the back! You’ve stuck to it and chances are, you’re starting to feel it!

Whether it be in your headspace, energy levels or physical stamina, these are achievements to be celebrated, so take some time to do so.

Give yourself a bit of a pamper, take yourself out for your favourite meal or set the night aside for a movie on the sofa, you deserve it!

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<![CDATA[THE NEW SWIISH DETOX]]> http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/the-new-swiish-detox http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/the-new-swiish-detox Mon, 04 Nov 2019 00:00:00 GMT

Your health is your wealth which as you know, is something we stand by at SWIISH. To be the happiest version of yourself, taking care of your insides is a necessity. 

Homeostasis in the body is the fancy term for keeping everything in balance. A state of equilibrium is a state of health, so when bodily processes over-regulate or under-regulated -  health issues arise!

Natural detoxification processes (such as those in the liver) help rid the body of harmful toxins that contribute to states of dis-ease including fatigue, inflammation, oxidative stress, and poor sleep. Now in the go-go-go world that we’ve created, toxin build-up is at an all-time high and the fact of the matter is that our bodies just can’t cope!

Facilitating different detoxification processes is now of much interest to the medical and wellness fields, particularly with the use of superfoods. At SWIISH, our main mission is to help you achieve optimal health, and so for the last year or so we’ve been working on creating a new addition to the SWIISH WELLNESS family. We’re SO excited to announce the launch of our brand new DETOX Tamarind Superfood Powder

Aimed at helping you cleanse, detox, and eliminate - this powerhouse blend is packed with vitamins, minerals, and the no.1 prized ingredient… TAMARIND.

Wondering what tamarind is? Let us give you the 411…

Welcoming the new kid on the block, tamarind is the latest superfood to make it to the health hall of fame. 

Part of the legume family, this bean-like plant contains a few large seeds inside that are a little sticky to touch. The pod itself doesn’t actually open on its own, but when extracted for use the beans are dried and produce a sweet but tarty flavour. 

In traditional medicine, tamarind has been used as a remedy in fevers, wound healing, blood sugar stabilisation, and digestion. 

So how does tamarind detoxify the body? 

You know how everyone (including us) is always harping on about melatonin and its sleep-inducing effects… well, the pineal gland in your brain is responsible for releasing this important hormone. Triggered by darkness, the release of melatonin is what the pineal gland is best known for, even being named the third-eye of the body for its light-responsive behaviour. Beyond this, however, the pineal gland plays a major role in the following: 

  • Blood pressure 

  • Thyroid function 

  • Hormone production (particularly female sex and reproductive hormones!)

  • Mood stabilisation 

  • Cardiovascular health

If anything were to hinder the pineal gland, you can start to paint the picture in your head of all the affected processes!

Fluoride is a mineral that is added to our water supply (here in Australia) to prevent tooth decay. The issue is only 50% of this is excreted through the kidneys, with the rest accumulating in other areas of the body, including the pineal gland!

With water being a necessity, it’s safe to say that not drinking water is not a viable option to help fluoride clearance…

Enter please; TAMARIND POWDER! 

Why do I need the DETOX Tamarind Superfood Powder?

Our new DETOX Tamarind Superfood Powder helps eliminate excess fluoride from the body, as well as provide anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antihistaminic properties. The benefits of using this all-natural ingredient include that it:

  • Supports melatonin production by fluoride clearance

  • Helps fight allergies, infections, and wounds

  • Supports energy through blood sugar stabilisation

  • Facilitates digestion and metabolism 

  • Aids weight loss through its high fibre, no fat content

  • Is packed with other vital minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium and zinc

The quick facts: 

How often should I take DETOX?

Ideally, twice a week, ideally on consecutive days to best support detoxification. 

How much DETOX do I take? 

Mix 1 teaspoon of DETOX Powder into 1 cup (250 ml) of cold water, then stir and enjoy. Alternatively, you can add it juices or smoothies - it’s just up to your personal preference! 

What does it taste like?

Our DETOX powder has a sweet but tangy taste from the tamarind powder… so don’t worry - unlike other detox drinks - we promise you’re not going to have to block your nose while sipping it!

How do you suggest taking DETOX?

Due to its incredible effects on the pineal gland and melatonin production, we highly recommend taking DETOX with our SLEEP superfood powder for what could be called the ultimate sleep combo… and really, who doesn’tneed better sleep these days!!

We can’t wait for you all to try this product and would absolutely love to hear back with how you enjoy it! To get your hands on our favourite new superfood…

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<![CDATA[THE 10 HABITS OF HAPPY WOMEN]]> http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/the-10-habits-of-happy-women http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/the-10-habits-of-happy-women Sun, 03 Nov 2019 00:00:00 GMT

Human curiosity calls us to desire the chase, and one thing we’re all chasing is happiness. 

While it might seem like some people just have it, we can assure you, finding happiness in your life doesn’t just happen. It requires focus and priority.

And although we’re women in-charge of our own lives and destinies, we’re also women with a mountain of obligations that distract and preoccupy us.

So how can we make the shift to keep our happiness at the forefront? Here are 10 habits that will get you that one step closer:

1. Sleep, eat and move healthy

These three things are a given, and when done in tandem their benefits are endless. There is an abundance of research to prove that a healthy amount of sleep, diet and exercise keeps the mind clear and functional, maintains internal bodily processes and improves mood ten-fold. The hardest part is making it happen.

If you’re struggling to factor it all in, it might be time to reevaluate your priorities. Give prime position to your 8 hours, a rich and nutritious diet and 20 minutes of exercise everyday. You’ll feel the benefits. 

2. Nurture your friendships

Relationships are central to our lives and have an impact on so much - our frame of mind, visions of success, values and of course, happiness.

Cultivating positive friendships and making an effort to cherish friends and loved ones will immerse you in a life of optimism and positivity. Seek people who will support you, your dreams and desires, and support them too.


3. Be Flexible

We can all fall victim to micro-managing our lives to the millisecond. While it might feel efficient to block your time up so meticulously, this not only preoccupies you with work, work, work, but also leaves little room for fun

Re-work your schedule, keep your weekends as free as possible and be open to spontaneous trips and dates. It’ll give you more time for yourself, what you love and who you love.

4. Disconnect

We have something you definitely need to hear: Slow it down and unplug.

Technology is ruling our lives these days, and we’re facing a thinning capacity to draw away from the screen. This often leads to feeling overwhelmed, as we’re overloaded with notifications, buzzes, emails and more.

Push yourself to switch-off and take a breather, whether it be a few hours before bed, at breakfast or in the afternoon. 


5. Express gratitude

Taking the time to be thankful seems like a simple thing. But it involves a major shift in focus. Jotting down thoughts of gratitude will shine a light on the little things in your life and the big things. The benefits flow from there, including increased zest for life and optimism.

Grab a journal, make a folder in notes or put aside some time to meditate and acknowledge the many things that have kept you #sane and truckin’ on.


6. Embrace learning, embrace growth

A mindset grounded in learning and growth is one prepared for failure and also one prepared to overcome it.

Stanford Psychologist Carol Dweck says shifting from a ‘fixed’ mindset - one that takes your character and abilities as unable to be changed, to a ‘growth-focussed’ mindset can have major effects on self-esteem. Focussing on growth and seeing the value in failure will encourage you to embrace challenge. It’ll also equip you with necessary resilience when times get tough.


7. Invest in your Life

It’s easy to get caught up on money - how much you have, how much other people have and how much you want. But in the end, money doesn’t bring you treasured memories and moments.

Place your emphasis on time, how you spend it and who you spend it with.


8. Help others

Making time for others is a rewards cycle. Putting the needs of others before yourself can recenter your thoughts and put your problems into perspective. Whether it be checking-in with a friend, volunteering or donating to a good cause, be available to those who need you.


9. Prioritise your happiness

As women of today, we’re busy people, which is why putting your happiness centre-stage might seem self-indulgent, or just impossible. But making decisions according to your happiness is not only important, but also a form of self-care. Allowing yourself a break from work, errands and other worries will restore your energy and keep you focussed.

Don’t forget to factor-in dreams and desires. Acknowledge what you want and your ambitions and strive for them!


10. Persevere

In all instances, whether life is up, down or entirely inside-out perseverance is key. Your ability to keep your eyes on the end-goal and your passions will keep you grounded, and your stress-levels in check.

Take comfort in the knowledge that life is a marathon, eventually all good things will come.

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<![CDATA[BEAUTY SIMPLIFIED]]> http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/beauty-simplified http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/beauty-simplified Sat, 02 Nov 2019 00:00:00 GMT

Night-time routines can be tricky because they’re not quite timed to a T like mornings are. 

When you’ve finally finished, you’re home,, made some dinner, and sorted the kids/dogs/your partner; all you want is chocolate, Netflix, and BED… and an hour-long beauty routine just won’t cut it.

Although the default is to just skip your beauty routine entirely, as you might have guessed, this is a big beauty no-no. 

We’ve narrowed down a 5-step night-time beauty routine that works under the KISS principle… keep it simple, stupid. Say goodbye to endless serums, 1001 face creams, and shelves filled with scrubs you don’t even use. It’s time to take beauty back to basics.


Ever tried to wipe an entire face of make-up off with toner and cotton pads? Time-consuming, isn’t it.

Although the wires seem to have crossed at some point, beauty experts suggest cleansing first, BEFORE any toner or micellar water (not after as most think).

Opt for a quality cleanser that’s packed with antioxidants and skin-nurturing vitamins such as A, B, C, and E. Our little tip: same as the rule for reading food packets, if you’re overwhelmed by cleanser options just check the back - LESS is BEST when it comes to ingredients. 


Using a toner after you’ve cleansed shows all the nitty-gritty areas you may have missed (not to mention, it uses wayyyy less cotton pads than wiping an entire face of make-up off with!!). 

Not only removing dirt, oil, and make-up - toner is said to restore skin pH, reduce breakouts, even skin tone, and minimise pore size. 


As much as we love a good face cream - just remember it’s the skin's job to keep things out of the body. Piling on countless oils and serums seems to be the new black of skincare, but is it necessarily helping? 

In short, no, not really - you’ve got to be smart about how you apply. Cut it down to just one or two each night and as a general rule of thumb always start with the lightest product first; serums, creams, then oils. 


All cellular restoration takes place at night which is why beauty experts claim that sleep and good nutrition are imperative.

Nourishing your body with sleep nutrients is pivotal - particularly with melatonin production being so disrupted by screens and bright lights. Say goodbye to the bathroom mirror and instead sip your way to beauty sleep with our SLEEP Superfood Powder taking you into a well-rested, deep slumber. 


Oil pulling has become an industry favourite, praised for its oral health and teeth whitening abilities. While your finishing off the rest of your evening chores, simply pop a teaspoon of coconut in your mouth and swish it around for 10-15 minutes. 

Once you're done just spit it out (preferably into a bin) and finish off with your usual teeth brushing and flossing regime. Pearly whites have never been so simple!

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<![CDATA[ON-TREND: HOW TO WEAR PASTELS THIS SPRING]]> http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/on-trend-how-to-wear-pastels-this-spring http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/on-trend-how-to-wear-pastels-this-spring Fri, 01 Nov 2019 00:00:00 GMT

Like strawberries and cream, pastels and Spring are destined for each other. Soft, delicate tones thrive in this season and add a bit of feminine flair for those sunny afternoons.

But wearing pastels is a whole other story. We’ve tackled the baby pinks, tangerines and canary yellows to find you the most on-trend additions to your wardrobe:


Try pastel shades with your favourite sneakers, opt for all-out blends, or a pair with subtle baby blue highlights

Adidas | Originals Continental 80 Sneakers | $130.00

Chuck Taylor |  ALL STAR LIFT - BUTTER YELLOW | $70.00

Feeling fancy? Why not try lighter shades with heels for the ultimate statement…

Dazie | YARIDA HEELS | $59.99


How to style:


Skirts and dresses in every pastel of the rainbow are here, from pleats to florals to block colours. Slip on and go with some cute sandals and a linen top for an effortless feminine look



We are big fans of this spanish-inspired mermaid number


SWIISH | Sweet Serenity Pink Skirt | $59.95

If we ever had a wish it would be for more pleats this Spring...and more midi skirts

How to style:


Suits with softer silhouettes are all the rage, so why not add pastel tones into the mix? What’s more, with Spring rounding the corner, we’re expecting short and skirt suit varieties to make a much anticipated appearance. 

TopShop | BUCKLE BLAZER | $46.78

Missguided | CO-ORD TWEED SKIRT | $50.00

Tweed is the timeless fabric of spring and is needed in your wardrobe...


This dusty pink ensemble is beautiful together, or worn separately

How to style:


Unfortunately Spring is not Summer, meaning there’s still a need to cover those shoulders when the wind blows...but it’s also the perfect moment to whip out some baby blues and pinks to lighten up your look.


American Vintage | VIKIVILLE JUMPER | $119.97

Pastel corals are sublime, and this knit is evidence

How to style:


Get fancy with your purses, we say! Draw some attention with soft hues and intricate designs.

M.N.G | MINI COCO BAG | $54.95

This yellow purse is cute, cute, cute. Grab and go for a pop of colour on the weekend.

Witchery | CARA WOOD BEADED TOTE | $49.95

Beaded bags are IN, and we are loving this geometric (and roomy) one from Witchery.

From St Xavier | TRISHA BOX CLUTCH | $159.95

How to style:

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<![CDATA[ZESTY ORANGE COCONUT BALLS]]> http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/zesty-orange-coconut-balls http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/zesty-orange-coconut-balls Tue, 29 Oct 2019 00:00:00 GMT


  • 155g (1 cup) cashew nuts (raw or salted and roasted - either is fine) 
  • 90g (1 cup) desiccated coconut, plus extra for coating 
  • Zest of 1 orange, plus extra for coating 
  • 1/2 orange, juiced (reserve the other 1/2 orange)
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract or vanilla bean paste 
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons maple syrup 
  • 3 teaspoons GLOW Marine Hydrolysed Collagen Powder


  1. Line a tray with baking paper.

  2. Place all ingredients in a food processor and blitz until you have a sticky mixture. If the mixture is too dry, juice the reserved orange and, adding a little at a time, pulse again until you get the sticky mixture needed.

  3. Shape the mixture into balls. Place the extra desiccated coconut and orange zest in a shallow bowl, add the balls and roll around, coating well. Place on prepared tray and transfer to the fridge to set for an hour. These balls are best enjoyed at room temperature. Store in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 4 days.

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<![CDATA[Detox 101]]> http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/detox-101 http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/detox-101 Wed, 23 Oct 2019 00:00:00 GMT

So you’ve cleaned out your wardrobe, re-organised your kitchen, and even culled through all those beauty products you hadn’t used since 2007… So what’s next? 

After months of cold weather, minimal movement, and meals that give your insides a hug - most of us are guilty of a little over indulgence throughout the Winter. 

So we figured, that being Spring, it was the perfect time to turn our attention to the one home that really does hold a lifetime of clutter… our bodies

1. PURIFY - Tea time anyone?

The liver is the body’s detoxification HQ, so what better way to kick start a Spring clean out than optimising the two liver detoxification phases? Let’s quickly breakdown the nitty gritty…

Phase 1: The initial liver detoxification phase is responsible for making metabolites (broken down substances) more reactive. Oxygen is added to the molecules and toxins, meaning they can actually cause oxidative damage to the body if not passed through to phase 2 efficiently. 

Phase 2: This next phase is where those toxic, reactive constituents have water molecules added to them, so they are now harmless to the body ready for elimination!

Certain herbs have been well indicated in supporting these pathways, as they modulate phase 1 and speed up phase 2. Three of our SWIISH favourites include: 

  • Milk thistle tea

  • Dandelion root tea

  • Artichoke leaf tea

2. CLEANSE - Is H20-verated?

Before your scroll past after reading yet another “drink more water” suggestion… just pause for  one quick second!! 

Weird request, but can you just pinch the top of your hand (on the fleshy part) for a moment… How quickly did your skin bounce back in place when you released? If it took longer than 1 second, that’s a strong indication that you may be dehydrated! In fact, approximately 75% of adults are actually dehydrated. Insane but true.

For every 1kg of body weight you need 33mL of water, minimum. Time to check how much you should be having!

Infusing your water with a handful of herbs, fruits, and vegetables takes your detoxification to the next level. Depending on what your body needs, the following are our favourite water infusions:

  1. Alkalisewith cucumber & celery water  

  2. Detoxifywith grapefruit and mint water

  3. Refresh with orange and lemon water

3. DIGEST - Breathe in, breathe out

We always talk about bitter foods for enhancing all those digestive enzymes, but believe it or not simply breathing is just as effective.

The most inflammatory thing we do to the body every day is eat. To make matters worse, we now eat while our body is stressed and on the go - and of course in “fight or flight mode” what’s the last thing on your body’s mind? Digestion

Diaphragmatic breathing is sort of a fancy term for deep breathing, explained (if you’ve ever been to a yoga class) as a breath that expands the belly without the chest rising. Studies have proven that taking just 5 deep belly breaths right before you eat switches the body into the “rest and digest” parasympathetic nervous system, meaning that you can metabolise all the nutrients from that colourful salad you’re eating! 

4. DETOX - The New SWIISH Tamarind Superfood Powder

As the newest member of our SWIISH wellness range, the DETOX Tamarind Superfood Powderdoes exactly what the name suggests… detoxifies

There is a little part of your brain known as the pineal gland, responsible for releasing melatonin (the sleep hormone). In Australia, fluoride is a mineral added to our water supply to prevent tooth decay. The problem is that excess fluoride in the body can accumulate in the pineal gland, hindering melatonin production!

Tamarind is part of the legume family and helps enhance fluoride clearance. Cleansing and detoxifying the pineal gland will have a beneficial effect on: 

- Sleep (particularly in conjunction with SLEEP Superfood Powder)
- Energy and thyroid function 
- Hormone production (particularly female sex and reproductive hormones!)
- Mood stabilisation 

- Blood pressure 

How do you take DETOX?

Twice a week on consecutive days, mix 1 teaspoon of DETOX Powder into 1 cup (250 ml) of cold water, then stir and enjoy. Alternatively, you can add it juices or smoothies - it’s just up to your personal preference! 

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<![CDATA[BOHO STYLE]]> http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/boho-style http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/boho-style Tue, 22 Oct 2019 00:00:00 GMT

Boho-chic is having its modern revival this Spring and Summer season and we are big fans.

Drawing on boho icons like Stevie Nicks and Talitha Getty, this trend for 2019 is free-spirited and completely feminine.

Tiered skirts, peasant tops, flowing shawls and bell sleeves, what’s not to love about this timeless trend?

And with gorgeous lightweight fabrics, colours and floaty designs, this is the only way to tackle warmer temperatures in both comfort and style.

Adorn yourself in some of our beautiful boho-inspired pieces and get ready to bask in the sun!


A vision in blue! And purple! We have fallen in love with the Cali Dreaming Boho Dress for its bold embrace of colour. Follow our lead and save this dress for a vibrant night out or colourful picnic.

Style with: FREE TO DREAM BOHO CLUTCH | $39.95

Follow our lead and pair this frock with our Free to Dream Boho Clutch. Its beautiful woven design will add subtle texture to your look.



On warmer days when you just want to breathe, this top is a staple. Pair with jeans, a flowy midi skirt or airy linen pants for the weekend. 


Style with: WORDS OF LOVE PINK PANT | $69.95

For a fresh take on the white blouse and jeans combo, style with our Words of Love Pink Pant. We love their subtle frayed hem, sending an effortlessly put-together vibe. 


Who doesn’t want to glide down the street in a floaty pleated skirt? This piece is so easy to style, just add any black top, denim jacket and go!


For that truly bohemian, natural look, wear with our Havana Dreaming Round Tote. We love its round, woven designs - unlike any bag you own and so fresh for Spring!


The sweetest dress with black booties and a bold lip, this is a boho must-have! Don’t miss this frock’s ruffle hem, it’ll have you twirling all night long.

For added gypsy flair, wear a boot with your boho pieces. Try suede ankle boots, cowboy boots or anything with tassels!

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<![CDATA[One-Pot Mexican Fiesta]]> http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/one-pot-mexican-fiesta http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/one-pot-mexican-fiesta Tue, 22 Oct 2019 00:00:00 GMT

Serves: 4


  • 2 tablespoons extra virgin oil
  • 1small red onion, finely diced
  • 4 garlic cloves, crushed
  • 2 capsicums, diced
  • 1 x 400g tin black beans, drained and rinsed
  • 375ml vegetable stock
  • 750g tinned whole peeled tomatoes
  • 300g frozen corn kernels
  • 200g black and white quinoa, rinsed
  • 1 tablespoon smoked paprika, plus extra, to serve
  • 1 teaspoon ground cumin
  • 1 lime, juiced
  • 50g coriander leaves
  • Pink salt and freshly ground black pepper
  • Greek-style yoghurt, to serve


  1. Heat the oil in a large saucepan over medium heat. Add the onion and cook for 2-3 minutes until softened. Stir in the garlic and capsicum, and cook for 2 minutes until fragrant.

  2. Add the black beans, stock, tomatoes, corn, quinoa, paprika and cumin to the pan. Cover the lid, turn the heat down to low and cook for 25-30 minutes until cooked through, the liquid has reduced fully and the quinoa is fluffy. Stir in the lime juice and coriander, and season with salt and pepper. If desired, add a few dollops of Greek-style yoghurt and an extra sprinkle of smoked paprika.

Watch Sally and Maha cook this recipe on Sunrise!

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<![CDATA[COOK & WIN!]]> http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/cook-to-win http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/cook-to-win Mon, 21 Oct 2019 00:00:00 GMT

Hi everyone! We just wanted to say thank you so much for all of the messages and excitement about our new cookbook, SUPER EASY! We are thrilled to see so many of our SWIISH tribe already making and loving the recipes! So, in celebration we’re running a fun competition, where you could win a SWIISH Wellness pack valued at $250!! Talk about kick-starting your Summer wellness regime! 

How to enter: 

  1. Make any recipe from our SUPER EASY cookbook 

  2. Snap a photo or video of your delicious meal and post it to Instagram

  3. Tag @swiishbysallyo on the Instagram post and use the hashtag #SWIISH. (Important note: your account must be set to public for us to see!)

Bonus entries: For every recipe you cook and share, you’ll receive another entry in the draw. There is no limit to the number of times you can enter, so happy cooking!

Recipe from SUPER EASY, Hoisin-glazed Chicken With Greens

The Prize:

The competition closes on the 31st of October 2019, so get in fast if you want to be in the running to receive the ultimate wellness pack!! The winner will be drawn in the first week of November 2019, so stay tuned to find out who it is.

To get your hands on SUPER EASY all you have to do is shop below and you’ll receive a signed copy from us. Otherwise, you can find it at all good department stores and bookshops.



Cook any dish from SUPER EASY, tag @swiishbysallyo on Instagram and use the #SWIISH. Each meal cooked and tagged will count as an entry. Multiple entries are valid. Instagram account must be set to public for us to see your entry. Competition closes 31 October 2019. Winner will be drawn in the first week of November. Winner will receive a SWIISH Wellness pack valued at $250, consisting of 1 x 450g SUPERGREEN Superfood Powder, 1 x GLOW Hot Chocolate Collagen Powder, 1 x DETOX Tamarind Superfood Powder, 1 x Ultimate Refresher Tongue Scraper.

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<![CDATA[SPRING SHOE GUIDE]]> http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/spring-shoe-guide http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/spring-shoe-guide Mon, 21 Oct 2019 00:00:00 GMT

Shoes are all the emphasis this Spring and we are LOVING IT. 

Boot season is over and the winter chill is dying down, which means it’s time for a shoe-swap. We’re calling you to polish those toes and make way for strappy sandals and bold colours.

We’ve got footwear options that are anything but boring, and they’re sure to get you through the balmier days and nights we know you’re hanging out for.


What’s not to love about the strappy, square-toe shoe trend?

Coming in a plethora of heels and flats, these shoes accentuate feminine style with their fine straps, paired perfectly with your summer midi skirts and dresses.


These delicate thin straps compliment slip-dresses beautifully and are the perfect choice for a ‘jeans and heels’ night.

ATMOS&HERE: Jen Leather Heels $109.99

LISA SAYS GAH | Sprung Flat $95.99


Going all Michelangelo this Spring, sculptured heels are adding all kinds fashion luxe.

From mini pyramids to larger spheres, go bold with your look. Our styling tip is to let the heels do the talking, you don’t need to overpower them with heavy accessories or dramatic handbags. 


Pair these with a simple white Spring dress for the perfect day to night look.

MATIKO Circa Slingback Pumps $94.50



An ode to thongs and flip-flops, this trend has your big-toe stepping into the spotlight, and we’re all for it. 


NAKEDVICE | The Ashton Mule $159.95


Giving you the feel of a heel with height, “flatforms” are your go-to shoe hack for comfort and style this Spring. Otherwise called platforms, these open-toed beauties are perfect for brunching with girlfriends on the weekend. 


DAZIE | Band Flatforms $49.99



Snappy, fun, and confident - the slingback heel is next on trend. Perfect for work or an evening out, these heels are timeless and comfy.Try dreamy nude and blush-pink varieties, or bold colours to take your work attire to the next level.


DOROTHY PERKINS  | Esmarelda Courts $45.00



For your everyday, woven flats are this seasons comfort go-to. Airy and light these are the perfect slip-on and pair beautifully with linen. 

Gorgeous interwoven detailing will have you feeling Parisian chic all day long.


SPURR | Jenna Woven Mules $49.99

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<![CDATA[THROW AND GO DRESSES]]> http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/dresses-to-throw-on-and-go http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/dresses-to-throw-on-and-go Sun, 20 Oct 2019 00:00:00 GMT

When you’re strapped for time, making stylish choices and choosing tasteful accessories is not always a top priority. 

For those days when you barely have time to brush your teeth, we bring you a guide to our favourite ‘throw and go’ dresses.

Relaxed fits and beautiful designs will make the fashion choices for you, all you need to do is grab your shoes and you’re out the door.


Strike a pose in our beautiful La Fayette DreamingFloral Dress. Feminine and sophisticated, this dress is perfect for any outdoor soiree. Soft pleating details and a flowing frame will compliment all figures, and pairs well with simple black or tan heels.


The perfect dress to throw into your ‘smart casual’, safe-for-the-workplace rotation. This dress is classic, with a subtle ruffle hem for a bit of flair. Just slip on with your favourite pointed-toe heels and get ready to strut your stuff.


Did someone say ‘effortlessly divine’? Our Made For MeDress in red is your answer. This dress is made for those unpredictable weekends, where you need to go from doing life admin to lunch with the family in quick succession.. Style  and comfort will be taken to new heights when paired with slides or sandals.


For last-minute beach outings, picnics or shopping dates, this spotty number is your go-to. Airy and light, this dress is perfect over cossies, or for long drives, especially when the heat starts to pick-up.


We love spotty dresses so much we’re offering two! The Blissful RhythmDress is fashion on the go, with an easy to wear smock dress shape. The polka dot pattern is an ode to 60s style that will have you feeling chic and timeless.

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<![CDATA[2019 SPRING PANTRY OVERHAUL]]> http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/the-2019-spring-pantry-overhaul http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/the-2019-spring-pantry-overhaul Sat, 19 Oct 2019 00:00:00 GMT

Cleaning is a vital part of Spring, and we don’t need Marie Kondo to tell us.

Not only does the pantry clean-out get you starting the Spring/Summer season out right, but it will get you re-acquainted with some of those bits and pieces at the back of the shelf that you might not have seen in a while…


The phrase “a cluttered house is a cluttered mind” doesn’t exist for no reason. 

Clutter and mess (and the smells that come with it) are known factors that can heighten stress levels and feelings of anxiety. Psychologist, Dr Johnathan Fader says this is because they act as ‘extraneous stimuli’ which overwhelm our senses, on top of the work, family and life-related stresses we’re already dealing with. 

Ultimately, organising your pantry is not just hygienic, but mentally healthy for you. In fact, it’s been found that physical housework can cut stress levels by 20%. While pulling out the mop and bucket won’t eliminate all your woes, it can have significant impacts on mood, happiness and productivity.

On top of this, a well-organised pantry is more economical, saving you time and money. Tidying up means you know what’s in and what’s not, meaning there’s less chance of doubling up on items, or spending time you don’t have looking for ingredients that you can’t find.


When it’s time to get cracking, we say start with the empty out and wipe-down

Rid all shelves of any out of date, moth or weevil infiltrated items before getting in there with the rubber gloves.

Handy tip: Save a few dollars by making a note of any out-of-date items, it’s likely these ingredients you won’t need to buy again.


Once all the cabinets are clean and shelves are spick and span, you can begin organising items according to groups, labelling and assigning to shelves.

Here are our favourite organisational tips:

1. Place like items together. 

Sort oils with vinegars, pastas with rice, cans with cans

2. Ditch packaging for clear containers.

Packaging takes up space, and leaves you more likely to shove items in a corner where they risk being forgotten about. Emptying rice, sugar, flour and nuts into air-tight clear containers will mean everything is seen and used. These stackable air-tight containers from Peter’s of Kensington will solve all your pantry storage woes (and for a good price).

3. Use baskets, drawer dividers and jars.

Baskets, dividers, jars or even extra shelves can keep your pantry functional and easy to clean. The odd lazy-susan can do wonders for accessing items that get pushed to the back of the shelf.

4. Labelling

Either make your own labels (some cardboard and a Sharpie will never do you wrong) or purchase a labeller. Stick to simple and necessary labels for things like rice and flour containers or snack baskets.

We’re a fan of these chalkboard labels to keep your pantry organised and chic. A pro is that you can rub-out any label you make, making these outrageously convenient. To get the look, try these

These clear drawers from Kmart are perfect for easy-access storage - not to mention they’re only $8!


It’s clean, now how to keep it that way...

Our number one tip is to tidy up more often than not. We’re not saying you need to be constantly rearranging the spreads and jars, but it is true that waiting for the seasonal deep-clean every year will mean tidying up the pantry will become a bigger job than it needs to be.

The 10-minute once-over

The key to this trick is working smarter not harder. If you’ve just popped a chicken in the oven, or you’re waiting for some cookies to cool, this is your chance to do a quick, 10-minute check-up on the pantry - for what’s running low, what’s out of place and what needs a wipe.

Doing this a few times in the week will keep you on top of things, meaning less stress and less mess.

Handy tip: Keep a pen and paper nearby to jot-down shopping items as you go. Make a point of always checking up on essentials, like rice, pasta, sauces, beans and spreads.

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<![CDATA[WELLNESS MADE EASY]]> http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/wellness-made-easier-and-cheaper http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/wellness-made-easier-and-cheaper Fri, 18 Oct 2019 00:00:00 GMT

First up, we’re high five-ing you through the screen to congratulate just how amazing you’re doing. Health isn’t easy and between work, family, and well… life - it’s a miracle you even have time to breathe!

To take off some of the load, our SWIISH wellness powders do the hard work for you. Packed with nutrients for glowing skin, optimal vitality, and sound sleep - we’ve got your wellbeing covered… except for when you run out of powder. So to help you out, we’re introducing our new wellness subscriptions!!

Previously offered just for SUPERGREEN, our subscriptions put health on autopilot - and they were absolutely LOVED by you. 

To help you to stay on top of your health, we’ve now made it so you can choose from a range of wellness products on your subscription, all at 10% off + free shipping (whaatttttt??!!). 

These products include:

How do the powder subscriptions work? 

When you jump online to choose one of our powders, you have the option to subscribe and be sent a powder every 1, 2, or 3 months - depending on what works for you. 

You will then automatically receive a powder every 1, 2, or 3 months… goodbye waiting times, goodbye shipping costs, helloooo to wellness. 

Was that free delivery you mentioned?

SURE WAS! We told you we want to simplify your health. Every delivery is on us - no problems. 

Can I skip, change, or modify my subscription?

Yes, of course! This is the best part. So regardless of what product you ordered initially, you can modify your delivery as needed. For example, perhaps you subscribed for GLOW Hot Chocolate, but you find that you’re just not getting through it quick enough - don’t worry, you can change your order so that you receive a different powder instead (woohoo!).

You can also skip a delivery (perfect if say you are going on holidays), but don’t worry this won’t cancel your subscription. All you have to do is select how many months you want to skip, just note that this can be up to 6 months at a time. 

Can I change my payment method? 

Yep! You can do this at any time - all you have to do is log onto your SWIISH account and click on the following: Manage Subscriptions > Billing Information > Update Card.

What happens if I need to cancel?

No worries cancelling is simple, all you have to do is email hello@swiish.com.au - just a one-off cancellation fee of $20 is incurred. 

So take the stress out of ordering and make your wellbeing effortless, knowing you can cater a subscription to your personal needs. 

You focus on your day-to-day and we’ll sort your health… after all, you can’t be expected to do it all on your own!!

To get your subscription now, shop below!




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<![CDATA[EFFORTLESS SPRING STYLE]]> http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/effortless-spring-style http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/effortless-spring-style Sun, 13 Oct 2019 00:00:00 GMT

Spring has sprung and with it comes new trends, style and updates for your wardrobe. From flirty floral dresses to tailored blazers this season is all about making a STATEMENT. We’re channeling bright colours, bold patterns and all the accessories.

Our selection of Spring essentials has you covered for every occasion:


The office is the perfect place to bust out a few bold patterns. After all, it’s not always ‘all work and no play’. 


The Know My Heart Dress will have you making a statement while also getting down to business, the perfect addition to your work wardrobe.



This is a go-to for breezy Spring days, pair with pumps and black slacks, or jeans for the more casual work places.

How to wear:


Sleek and simple, The New Classic offers some feminine flair when it comes to dressing #workappropriate. Pair with our Mercer Earrings for a delicate touch.

Style with: THE MERCER EARRINGS | $39.95


Weekends in Spring are jam-packed. For day trips to the beach, afternoons in the park and coffee dates with the girls, flowy dresses are here for you:


Get fun and flirty in our Magnetic Love dress, perfect for bright Spring days with sneakers or your fav open-toed heels. 


Our Boho Vibes dress is dreamy (and knows it!). Slip-on some patterned slides or chunky sandals for a subtle, but on-trend edge.

Style with: SOHO NYC DENIM JACKET | $49.95

Feeling the cold? Grab denim, always. The perfect no-fuss jacket for those breezier days and nights.



For busy days where everything is go, go, go, we call on wardrobe classics that are light and COMFY.

COSY UP CARDI | $79.95

The button-up cardi and jean combo is a big trend this season, and the perfect effortless and casual wardrobe stapl


These pants are flowy, lightweight and leopard print. What more could you want?


Tackling a day to night look can be tricky. These pieces will have you looking stylish and ready for those all-day outings:


This jumpsuit has us absolutely Living for the Weekend. Fun and uber comfy, it’s an easy dress-up or dress-down number that’ll have heads turning. 


For a bold addition, try our Manhattan Romance earrings.


Everyone needs a flirty floral dress to get them through dinner and work drinks. Here’s yours:

How to wear:


Embrace a pop of colour with the Tango in Toulouse skirt. Pair with a simple v-neck shirt for a casual day-look, or black knit for the night (and don’t resist a twirl).

Style with: RHYTHM CITY CROSS BODY | $59.95

This simple black cross-body is the perfect bag to sling over your shoulder, and goes with everything!


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<![CDATA[BARGAIN BUYS FOR YOUR HOME]]> http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/bargain-buys-to-freshen-up-your-living-space http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/bargain-buys-to-freshen-up-your-living-space Sat, 12 Oct 2019 00:00:00 GMT

Giving the living room a refresh is what Spring is made for, especially when the house is looking a little tired come the end of Winter.

But a complete paint job and new sofa situation isn’t always easy to make time for. Not to mention that matching a home decor look straight out of Vogue is not the cheapest option...

We’ve got a bunch of simple buys and tips and tricks that will spruce-up your space in no time, without breaking the bank.


The coffee table in any living space is a main point of attraction. It’s the landing ground for drinks and nibblies and the main place for gathering, lounging around or entertaining. 

Seize the chance to make a stylish display out of your coffee table, while keeping it as functional as possible. Grab your most beautiful hardcover books and pile them up, add interesting ceramics or a vase of flowers for a touch of nature. 

Hot tip: When arranging displays we suggest the rule of 3. Arrange vases, ceramics or other ornaments in groups of 3 on any bare space, each of slightly varying shape, size and colour.

Looking for subtle decor to spice-up a bare table? Here are our picks:

VILJESTARK Vase | $1.29 | IKEA

This glass vase is classic, and yes, it’s less than $2.

SNOFSA Clock | $14.99 | IKEA

The cutest little brass table clock, that’s totally silent and unobtrusive.

SOMMAR 2019 Vases | $6.99 | IKEA

Achieve the ‘rule of 3’ with this set of beautiful vases, add flowers or keep them as they are.


This one might seem like a bit of a cliché, but nature really does do wonders when it comes to freshening up a space. Macramé wall hangings are our plant decor of choice, for their intricate knotted designs and monotone colours that will suit any room.


HANGING PLANT IN POT | $9.00 | Kmart

Get the look all-in one for under $10 at Kmart.

MACRAME HANGER | $5.00 | Kmart

Got your own plant to display? Pop it in a macrame hanger to achieve that bohemian vibe in any room. This beaded one from Ikea is also a favourite of ours.

For a real statement in your home, try these beautiful hanging plants from Spotlight. (They’re admittedly a little more expensive than our Kmart choices, but still under $40).


HANGING FERN BOWL | $45  | Spotlight

Fake (flowers) it ‘til you make it

Filling your home with flowers is a bohemian dream. However the not so dreamy end to that tale is the fallen petals and dead flower buds that turn up after just a few days…

A cheeky swap of some live lillies for very convincing fakes means you can enjoy more flowers with less mess. Try bouquets, potted flowers or leafy plants.

Hot-tip: Spotlight are home to some beautiful flower and plant arrangements, with some super cute succulents as well.



Changing up your pillow arrangements is the perfect way to revive any sofa or armchair. Play around with different colours, shapes and textures to make a statement in your lounge room, as well as add some extra comfort.

Hot tip: Match accent pillows (with bright colours or busy patterns) with other pieces in your space to bring the room together.

Some of our favourite finds:


EVA FAUX FUR CUSHION | $12.00 | Kmart


FRINGE CUSHION | $8.00 | Kmart

Hot tip: IKEA stocks a broad range of uber cheap display cushions, like this one:



Sometimes it’s the smallest of changes that make a real difference...including scents and smells. There’s nothing quite like walking into a room that just smells good. 

Try simple, natural scents that will fill a room, but not overpower it. We love a diffuser paired with some of our very own essential oils.

Kmart sells diffusers for just $20:

AROMA DIFFUSER | $20.00 | Kmart

AROMA DIFFUSER | $20.00 | Kmart

If you’re into mood-lighting, this one has 7 different colour options...

Try out some of our ultra-soothing essential oils:



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The hair gods have called and they’re asking you to let down your hair and make the chop.

The time for the shaggy bob has come, and it’s got layers and waves galore.

While it’s definitely an act of #bravery to don a shorter look, the beauty of this romantic-style bob is its versatility and the fact that it suits every hair type.

Hence why It-girls from Paris to New York are trading in their long locks for more movement and less refinery.


NYC hair stylist Devin Toth says when it comes to achieving that effortless, wind-tousled wave, it’s all in the cut.

Layers, a short length and some serious bangs will add volume and texture that is easy to work with. To keep it lasting all day, add a touch of mousse or hairspray and go.

From there you have endless options to consider. Side swept or bold curtain bangs? Long or short layers? Any good hairdresser will be able to model this style to suit your hair type and texture. We suggest collecting some inspo on your phone to get a better idea of what might suit your hair and face shape.

For those blessed with curls, we say embrace ‘em.

Thin, straight hair will suit light bangs and a subtle wave (easily achieved with a curling iron, or braided overnight).

Add subtle highlights to your hair to give your bob a more ‘undone’ look, the bonus is this will also up the volume and texture levels.

And for when hair is misbehaving, accessories are your saviour:

With the major return of butterfly clips, sleek pins and bold hair bands, you’re bound to find some that will resolve any bad hair day.

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