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We think it’s safe to say that most people have a love hate relationship with exercise. We hate it because it’s usually an hour of hard work but we love it for the way it makes us feel and look.

When it’s 5am and our alarm goes off for our morning run or if we are in the thick of doing 50 sit ups, we always remember those post exercise endorphins and know that the early starts and gruelling exercises are all going to be worth it. 

Something that has made exercising easier and more accessible now than ever before is technology and the rise of fitness apps. There are countless out there that all do different things and work on different routines so we thought we would round up a few of our favourites!

Aaptiv is a fitness company that produces audio-based workouts created by certified personal trainers and a few of our SWIISH team members use it and swear it’s just like having your own personal trainer! Each workout is set to the perfect playlist to create an effective, music-driven experience. With over 2,500 workouts in the app and 50 new ones added weekly in a variety of categories (running, elliptical, race training, strength training, stretching) there’s a workout for every interest and fitness level. On-demand, audio-only workouts means no more distracting screens, expensive equipment, or cancellation fees for missed classes and it means that you can workout anytime, anywhere! Download it here.


Get off the couch and get running with the Couch to 5K training app! All you need to get the most out of this app is yourself because it’s a learn to run program for beginners. All you need to do is spend 20-30 minutes, three times a week, for nine weeks, and you’ll literally go from the couch to running 5 kilometres! Next stop: a half marathon! Download it here. 


This is one of the coolest fitness apps we’ve found because for every mile you walk, run, skip, hop or jump, it donates money to a charity of your choice (you can choose from over 40 charities). How cool is that! Charity Miles works like a pedometer, run-tracker, walking timer, cycling meter or running stopwatch. Just start and stop your workout to track your distance. Download it here. 


Nike’s Training Club is another app that is just like having a personal trainer in your pocket, except the person telling you to run or jump or do 20 push ups is Serena Williams, Ellie Goulding, Cristiano Ronaldo or Kevin Hart, just to name a few. And nope, we’re not joking! With Nike’s Training Club, there are over 160 free workouts in a variety of full-body challenges, from strength and endurance to mobility and yoga, featuring Nike’s world-class master trainers. The plans can adapt to what you and your body want – whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just getting started. Download it here. 


So this isn’t technically a fitness app but it’s just as good for our wellbeing as exercise! Relax Melodies is designed for you to get the best sleep possible but we also love using it as background noise for yoga, meditation or even when we need to get through a whole heap of work! It works by selecting sounds and melodies that you like and combining them to create a mix to relax to. There are 52 free sounds and melodies to create different atmospheres and there’s even a number of 5-day programs that you can utilise. Download it here. 

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Belinda Jeffrey aka ‘The Blonde Whisperer’ is a lot of things – she’s an entrepreneur, a business owner, a mentor, an ambassador… but when it comes to innovative hair colouring – this superstar stylist is in a league of her own. It’s no wonder celebrities like Megan Gale, Miranda Kerr, Baz Luhrmann, Russell Crowe and Erica Packer all rely on her for their colour and style.  

Belinda is renowned for her work in film, TV, advertising and fashion and her attention to detail has earned her a reputation as one of Australia’s most highly sought after colourists. It’s also the reason we’ve been going to see her for well over 12 years now at her Double Bay salon, La Boutique. The fact that she is one of the nicest, funniest, most down to earth people on the planet is just an added bonus!

While it took years of hard work and experience to get where she is today, part of her success can be attributed to passion.  “I absolutely love working with clients and being in the salon. For me there is no better feeling than creating a look for a client and having them walk out the door looking and feeling amazing.” says Belinda.

La Boutique recently underwent a makeover and the design and interiors are second to none. We certainly don’t feel like we’re in a hair salon, that’s for sure! It’s like we’ve instantly stepped into our Pinterest board for our dream home haha! With stunning parquetry floors, lush green velvet sofas and endless amounts of light, the space is reminiscent of the perfect Parisian apartment.

If you’re in Sydney and are looking for a new hair colourist or stylist, Belinda and the team at La Boutique will certainly look after you – and then some! There’s a reason we only get our hair done by the team at La Boutique and it’s because the whole experience from the minute we walk in the door is absolutely flawless.

Give Stacey, their gorgeous salon manager a call on 02 9362 4711 to book an appointment or head to their website here.


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From blush to bubble gum, pink is having a major moment in 2017 and we are 110% on board with it. 

No longer is pink reserved for little girls under the age of 10; stylists, editors, influencers and celebrities worldwide have been seen sporting this bright and bubbly hue and we simply can’t get enough.

From blondes to brunettes, this is a shade that looks good on everyone! 

See our style gallery below for the best ways to wear the It Colour of 2017. We pink you’re going to love it!


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You know when you come across a product that’s featured in the gift bags at The Emmy Awards; you know it’s going be good. 

Even better when it’s an Aussie-made product that could be the answer to fighting germs in households across the nation.

The product in question is Elyptol, a hand sanitiser that’s safe to use and can bring hospital grade cleanliness to your everyday life. For anyone who knows us, you will know we are obsessed with organisation and cleanliness so this product is a real game changer for us!

What we love about Elyptol is that it’s chemical free. What you might not know about other hand sanitiser products is that they are full of cheap and toxic chemicals that dry out your skin and cause resistance issues. With eucalyptus being a key ingredient in Elyptol, you know you’re getting the natural benefits of the plant and that heavenly smell! But how can something natural be hospital-grade and anti-microbial, you ask? Well, the alcohol in Elyptol is denatured using sugar cane and corn, which when absorbed into the skin, converts into acetone. Pretty clever, right?!

We’re obsessed with our hand sanitiser products, which are the perfect size to keep in our handbags, desk drawers, cars, school bags and nappy bags. Because they’re all natural, we also don’t mind using them regularly on the little ones.

Hotfoot it down to your local Chemist Warehouse if you want to get yourself one, or ten – we won’t judge haha!

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Unless you’ve been living under a very large rock for the past couple of years, you’ve probably realised that colouring and colouring books have made a huge comeback.

And it’s not just kids who are obsessed with creating works of art; adult colouring books are becoming more and more popular. As an era that relies heavily on digital devices, it’s refreshing to see a simple activity like colouring taking over our spare time. It’s therapeutic and incredibly relaxing, which is why we guess it’s so popular!

Research backs our theory up and shows that colouring is a proven way to de-stress, unwind and relax while improving focus, memory and general wellbeing.

The popularity of colouring books doesn’t look like it’s slowing down and we were thrilled when we found Kylie Johnson’s new colouring book, Mindfulness Colouring With Affirmations for Kids and Adults. It’s rare to find a colouring book that both kids and adults can enjoy (adults are usually the ones making the sacrifices to colour in another cartoon character!) but Kylie’s book lets you indulge in this habit together.

We love each page because not only does it have a gorgeous illustration to colour but it’s also got a positive affirmation to go with it, which brings about instant feelings of gratitude, positivity, love and connection.

If we have one recommendation this week, it would be to take an hour out of your day and to sit with your little ones to colour in Kylie’s book together. It’s seriously so relaxing and brings a peaceful state of mind to the usual hectic lives of parents and kids. Put on some of your favourite music and we promise your kids will love it as much as you!

To get your hands on Kylie’s book, click here!

P.S. We think it would make a fabulous stocking filler for Christmas!

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Dresses are like a second skin to us in summer; we can’t live without them.

They’re easy to style and can be accessorised in so many ways to make them perfect for any occasion.

There’s one dress, in particular, that we’ve fallen head over heels in love with and we cannot wait to wear it all summer long. The dress in question is an embroidered cotton boho dress that can easily go from beach to brunch in a flash and it’s a trend that we are 100% on board with. Wearing (and looking!) at these dresses instantly whisks us away to carefree days at small seaside towns where reading novels, listening to music, eating mangoes for breakfast, fish and chips for lunch and buckets of prawns for dinner is all in a day’s work.
If you love the embroidered cotton boho dress as much as us, you can get your hands on your own one here:



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Let's talk beauty.

We’re not sure about you but as soon as the Melbourne Cup has been and gone, we feel like it’s officially the festive season. Christmas plans are already underway, barbeques have been booked in to see family and friends and shopping days to get pressies have been scheduled. We’re positive we’re not alone when we say that the festive season is busy, busy, busy!

With the excitement of warmer weather, parties, delicious food, Santa and the New Year, it can be so easy focus your attention solely on other people and what needs to be done that you can forget about yourself. That’s why we’re getting in early with our beauty regime so our skin doesn’t suffer from the exhaustion that this time of year can bring.

The best way that we know to prep our skin for the party season is with our party beauty packs.

We love both of these packs – White Peach & Champagne and Champagne & Brown Sugar – because they feel like the ultimate indulgences without the hefty price tag. Both packs come with a Body Soak, Body Scrub and Body Butter, so it’s soooo simple to add them to your current beauty routine. Considering this time of year is so hectic, it’s such a relief to know that using these packs won’t take up valuable Christmas-prep time (i.e. buying presents for yourself hahaha)! Insert hands raising emoji here haha!

If you want to get yourself an early Christmas present (go on, you deserve it!) or if you want to buy the perfect gift for a family member or friend, you can buy the White Peach & Champagne Pamper Pack here and the Champagne & Brown Sugar Pamper Pack here.


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For a quick and simple dinner that is ready in a flash, uses simple ingredients and will completely WOW your guests, look no further than our Heat of the Night Chicken Bowl.

This was one of the first recipes we knew we HAD to include in our new cookbook, Super Green, Simple and Lean - it's been a firm favourite of ours for so long.

The flavours of this bowl really pack a punch and it's the perfect balance of protein and veggies so you’re getting a bowl full of nutrients that your body will love.

We'd love for you to whip this one up and let us know what you think! You can find more bowls, salads, snacks and smoothies in SIMPLE AND LEAN - right here.

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Black and white have always been our favourite colours to wear but this year we’ve been equally as obsessed with millennial pink. Black, white and pink are doing double duty in our wardrobes as they take us from day to play in an instant - it’s all about getting maximum mileage out of each piece! From classic patterns to delicate details, these are the pieces that will take you all the way through summer and beyond.


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We relish our summers to get through our book bucket list. There’s nothing better than sitting outside with a good book and a bowl of chopped mangoes and peaches getting lost in a completely different world. It’s one of our favourite summer rituals.

One book that you definitely need to add to your summer book bucket list is ‘Group’ by Chloe Flynn. We cannot even begin to tell you how funny this book is; it’ll have everyone, and mothers in particularly, rolling on the ground laughing. It’s a tongue-in-cheek look at the weird and wonderful world of Mother’s Group, which we’re sure a lot of you will know is a secret domain dominated by mummy bloggers, alternative parenting methods, kiddie fashion shows and LOTS of activewear hahaha.

The book chronicles the life of Liv Huntley, who never saw herself as the Mother’s Group type. In fact, there was no way she was going to become one of "those" mums. But with husband Hugo always at work and bestie Sophie distracted with her latest fling, the realities of life at home with daughter Annabelle soon starts to grate, and Liv begrudgingly joins her local bub’s club.

To keep her brain from atrophying whilst on maternity leave, Chloe Flynn wrote Group to capture the sheer ridiculous of those early months as an inexperienced new mum. Chloe says Group is ‘Chick Lit plus 10 years, a mortgage, a baby, and a lot less sex’, which is probably the best description of a book we’ve ever heard haha!

Group is a humorous look at love, friendship, motherhood and finding allies in unlikely places. Oh, and coffee – lots of coffee. Always coffee!

If you love a good scandal like us, you’ll seriously love this book. It’s like Gossip Girl for mums. Throw in the isolation new mums face and the unseen challenges of motherhood with the hilarity of 21st century parenting and you’ve got yourself a cracking summer read!

To get your hands on a copy of Group, you can order a hard copy through the US’s Amazon print on demand service or you can buy it as an e-book. We ordered the paperback version and it came within a week; it surprised us how fast the shipping was! If you download Group as an e-book, you can read it on your Kindle or simply download the free Kindle app for your device.

Get Group here and make sure you let us know how you like it!

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What do great gut health, glowing skin and weight loss have in common? Mushrooms. Yep, mushrooms.

We’ve all heard of the benefits of superfoods like chia seeds, quinoa, kale and acai berries but have you ever thought of the humble mushroom as an ingredient that also belongs in the elusive superfood group?

To be honest, we never gave much thought to the good old mushroom until we did a little bit of digging, which is when discovered that we’ve been taking this humble vegetable for granted. Whilst we’ve always loved mushrooms (mushroom risotto, anyone?!) and we know that they’re good for us, we’ve never really taken notice of the individual benefits they can provide.

If you’re the same, we’re here to tell you why you should be including mushrooms in your diet and we’ve even got a killer mushroom recipe for you to try from our new cookbook, Simple and Lean!

Mushrooms are adaptogenic superfoods, which basically means that they work to create and restore balance in the body and they provide essential nutrients and vitamins to support the brain, promote gut health and encourage healthy skin.

Shiitake mushrooms, in particular, contain all the essential amino acids along with an essential fatty acid called linoleic acid. Linoleic acid helps with bone and muscle growth as well as weight loss and digestion. In addition, this amazing superfood can also boost energy and brain function, promote healthy skin and support the function of the immune system. Seriously good stuff!

To get a dose of mushrooms everyday, we have included mushroom extract in our Super Green Superfood Powder, which you can buy here.

If you want to make a totally delicious and nutritious mushroom recipe, we’ve included our Kale and Mushroom Rice Bowl from our new cookbook, Simple and Lean, for you to enjoy!

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If you told us five years ago that we would be wearing tights and sneakers to brunch with our besties, we wouldn’t have believed you.

If you told us that we would own almost as many sneakers as heels, we would have squealed with laughter. As if!

Fast-forward to 2017 and most people have dedicated activewear for different occasions – activewear for being, well, active, and then activewear for those days when they just want something comfy and cosy to wear. Activewear is everywhere and just quietly, we’re obsessed! We’re certainly not complaining about it because we loveeeee and live in our activewear!  

One brand we've discovered is Hello Monday, an activewear brand designed for modern mums. When we first came across this gorgeous company our first thought was “why didn’t we think of this ourselves?!” because it’s a genius concept. Hello Monday was born from a vision to create stylish, functional activewear for the modern breastfeeding mum.



The team behind the brand wanted mums to be able to wear current trends that don’t scream “I’M BREASTFEEDING” to the world, so they created these gorgeous pieces that are on trend, practical and discreet. Tick, tick, tick! What we love about the collection is that the tops have an awesome feeding function but they are so stylish that you don’t just have to wear them as activewear. The striped tees and tanks will look so chic with a pair of denim shorts and sandals in summer!

Style meets functionality with Hello Monday’s affordable range. We’ve put together our favourite summer must-have pieces below!

To find out more and to shop the full range, head over to the Hello Monday website, right here.

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It’s official: basket bags are the must-have accessory for summer.

Why? Because they’re the perfect size bag to carry your essentials in this summer, from a day out at the shops to a day at the beach to lunch with the girls. Gotta love a versatile bag!

We’re seeing three main basket bag styles on the streets this summer: round, barrel and totes. We’re obsessed with our smaller round or barrel bags for lunches with our besties and our larger basket totes for heading to the beach or going to the markets. The natural colour of them also ensures that they go with everything in your wardrobe! Yay!

For our ultimate style gallery and to shop our favourites, see below!






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Celebrities have always been a huge source of inspiration to us for beauty, skincare, hair and fashion. Granted they have stylists, hairdressers and makeup artists at their disposable but regardless, our favourite Hollywood A-listers always seem to get it right, every single time.

Although trends move on and celebs have their own unique style, one thing they can all agree on is the one lipstick they can’t seem to live without.

From Gigi Hadid to Jane Fonda, nude lipstick is a must in every beauty cabinet of the rich and famous. Just like a pair of nude ballet flats or pumps, a nude lippy is as essential to a woman’s makeup bag as a pair of jeans is to her wardrobe.

With summer on the horizon, we’re so excited to be pairing our best summer brights with a laidback makeup look featuring a very chic nude lip.

So you too can sport your best nude lips, we’ve rounded up our favourite nude lippies. With different price points on each one, there’s something for everyone!


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<![CDATA[CANBERRA FASHION DIARIES]]> http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/canberra-fashion-diaries http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/canberra-fashion-diaries Wed, 08 Nov 2017 00:00:00 GMT


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Scarves in summer? You’ve got to be kidding, right? We’re definitely not and that’s because we’re not talking about your favourite black cashmere scarf you wear everyday in winter, we’re talking about the ever so stylish and chic silk scarf.

Silk scarves have been around for decades with Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn both being the ultimate silk scarf style inspiration. Although they’ve always been popular with the Royal Family (it’s Lizzie’s favourite accessory!), our favourite street style bloggers, fashion editors, influencers and celebrities have all been sporting silk scarves this season, and rightly so because they are sooo chic! We’re obsessed and are finding every excuse to wear one.

The beauty of a silk scarf is that it’s an affordable accessory that can be styled in so many different ways!
Some of the ways we’re wearing our silk scarves are:





Seriously, the options are endless and these are just the ways we’ve already worn our favourite silk scarf, not to mention all the other possibilities! Although this isn’t a way to wear a silk scarf, we are also obsessed with framed silk scarves as artwork! It’s such a simple concept but absolutely gorgeous.

If you want to add a silk scarf to your summer arsenal, we got ours from Frankie Peach or we’ve also seen some beauties in Zara, H&M, Cos, Sportscraft and David Jones.

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Hi SWIISH readers, Maha here! Last month, I hotfooted it out of SWIISH HQ and to Sydney International Airport bound for one week of absolute bliss in Fiji.

I may have filled your Instagram feed with too many pictures of palm trees and crystal clear water (sorry not sorry) but so many of you contacted me asking for all of the details of where I stayed and what it was like that I thought it best to pop it all into a blog post. I had never been to Fiji before, so didn't know what to expect but to say that it surpassed my expectations is an understatement. What a beautiful country with such warm, kind and friendly people. The best part is that Fiji is so close to Australia, that it makes it a very manageable getaway, even if for just a few days.

I stayed at the beautiful Intercontinental Resort with a couple of my besties, where we basically spent the week eating, sleeping, reading and swimming. We chose this resort having heard so many others say how fantastic it is. Plus it's about an hour south of Denarau so you're getting out of the more touristy areas to somewhere a little more quiet. I can’t even begin to tell you how gorgeous it was! The staff were so welcoming and would bend over backwards for us.

Even though I did still do some work, I didn't mind because the rest of the time my brain was well and truly in OFF mode. The hardest decision to make all day was which of the many hotel restaurants we should eat at hahaha! (You know everyone at SWIISH HQ loves their food!) But in all seriousness, the chance to switch off from the world and to recharge my batteries before the busiest time of year was the best.

Besides eating, swimming and sleeping, we also did a snorkelling tour organised by the resort. The funniest (and scariest!) part was when we were just about to jump into the water and John, our snorkeling guide, told us how lucky (!!) we were that we were about to swim with piranhas and sharks! And he wasn’t joking! But on the plus side, they were baby piranhas and there was only one shark. Hahaha! The reefs were stunning with plenty of marine life to see. The water was the most incredible deep blue, and the visibility was perfect.

I’m not sure about you but I can never go on a beachside holiday without getting a massage. It’s my version of a souvenir (way better than a magnet!) and I’ll always try to get one that the therapists recommend. In this case, it was a traditional Fijian massage and I’m not kidding when I tell you that I snored for a good 58 minutes. It was just soooo relaxing! Before and after the treatment, you can also use the steam room, hydrotherapy pool and ice shower. If you do book a stay at the Intercontinental, I highly recommend checking out the spa.

I also had a lot of questions from SWIISH readers about what I wore. I'm actually quite proud to say that everything I packed I actually used - as a serial overpacker, this was a first for me. My vacay style was dominated by off the shoulder dresses and tops. It doesn't get any easier than that. Plus of course, I never travel without my Super Green Superfood Powder. It is amazing for digestion, which when you're eating out for three meals a day and enjoying the buffet a few too many times (guilty) is definitely an essential.

So there you have it! I can’t wait to go back and eat, sleep and swim some more! In the meantime, I hope you enjoy some of these holiday snaps! You can also shop my vacay essentials below.

Love Maha xx


I had a lot of questions on Instagram about my holiday packing essentials so I’ve rounded up the pieces I took to Fiji that were must-haves! You can shop them below:


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We are the first to admit that we are serial plant killers.

It’s a big statement to make but it’s true and we’ve finally come to the realisation that we need to do something about it because fake plants simply don’t make the cut anymore. Fresh flowers are fine, but it’s the succulents, herbs and indoor plants that really get us. We just can’t keep them alive!

To help us get our green thumbs, we spoke to horticulturalist, Brandon Brightman, who gave us the lowdown on what we should and shouldn’t be doing to the greenery in our office and homes.

We knew we officially needed Brandon’s help when we sent him a photo of a fiddle leaf fig and he replied asking what type of plant it was because it looked so dead haha!

What are some plants that don’t need much natural light? There are parts of SWIISH HQ that don’t get a lot of natural light and our plants seem to be suffering from all the fluorescent lights (RIP fiddle leaf fig).

Some great indoor plants that are known to survive in low natural light areas of your office or home:

Another bit of advice would be to try the plant in different areas of the room and see how it reacts to the position.
Always research the plant you intend to grow not only for care requirements but also for health – some plants can be poisonous.

What’s the best plant to have if you don’t have much time do devote to looking after it? Besides a plastic plant, of course.
Best indoor plant in my opinion is the Mother In Laws Tongue. It is a versatile indoor plant with a striking growing habit and foliage combination. It’s also very low maintenance.


Succulents are often heralded as the easiest plants to look after, but how do you keep them alive exactly? We have one in the office that is looking pretty worse for wear and it’s only been in our hands for just over one month. How many times a week/fortnight/month should it be watered? Should they get natural light?

Succulents are extremely hardy plants, but they do need natural light. They tend to grow well in sandy/loamy soil that is free draining as to avoid water logging the plant and leading to rotting.

With saying that though they still need water, it is fine to let the soil completely dry out every now and again but just a little top up once you have noticed that the pot is dry is adequate. Also a lot of succulents will show physical signs they’re not getting enough moisture by their foliage starting to shrivel.

An indoor environment with little to no natural sunlight and with an air conditioner running is definitely not ideal for successfully growing succulents.
In conclusion, they need a good amount of natural light, a well suited potting mix specifically for succulents, do not over water and drown the pot.

What are your top 5 plants (indoor or outdoor) that you would recommend to people that are accidental plant killers?

As long as you do some research on your plant, most plants found in your local nursery or Bunnings can be successfully grown.

Geraniums come in many different hybrids and varieties. Very hardy, rambling geraniums can easily take over a garden bed and can become relatively drought tolerant once established. They’re easily grown from soft woodcuttings.

Bromeliads are a tropical grouping of strappy leaf plants. They tend to grow in shaded areas although there are some that can be grown in heavier sun positions, as along as the "eye" or centre has water in it.

Some bromeliads are epiphytic which basically means they don’t need roots to source their nutrients and water.

Euphorbia species are very easy to take care of and can become relatively drought tolerant once established. They’re hard to kill, although the milky sap it exudes is poisonous and can cause irritated skin. Always wear gloves and long sleeves when working with this species.

Can a plant be resurrected once it dies? How do you know if it’s beyond help?

Once a plant dies it cannot be brought back... sorry! Signs a plant is dying/dead:

  • Browning and wilted/shriveled up foliage
  • No active green growth visible
  • Discoloured foliage
  • Limbs of woody-stemmed plants tend to snap rather then bend and flex.
  • With secateurs prune a little section of the plant to see if there is still activity inside the stem (is it green?).

It’s also worth your while depending on what plant species you have, to do a little bit of research so at least you have a little bit of an idea how that particular grows.

If we want a garden full of flowers next Spring, what’s the best time of year to plant them?

Depending on what you’re intending to plant, all plants are different so again a little research will go a long way. But typically planting out a garden bed in the previous season is recommended, this gives the plants roughly a year to adapt and hopefully perform their best for the following spring.

This isn’t to say that they won’t or can’t flower before or after, it is just a rough guide.

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<![CDATA[LIGHT AS A FEATHER]]> http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/light-as-a-feather http://www.swiish.com/blog-post/light-as-a-feather Sun, 05 Nov 2017 00:00:00 GMT

It’s rare that we come across a childrenswear brand that is so authentic, comfortable, luxe and raw. So when we do, we take notice.

Feather Drum is exactly that. Every piece we’ve seen has an enduring boho quality that has us dreaming of the carefree days of our childhood. From stunning silhouettes and muted tones to confident styles and whimsical prints that embody that bohemian spirit, we are loving this Australian childrenswear brand.

The brand has a range of boys and girls clothes and accessories and each piece is so beautiful that we wish it came in our size. We’re also just really bummed that the brand wasn’t around when we were kids!

You might know we’re having a major gingham moment right now so we couldn’t go past this Madalene Mini Smock Dress for girls or the 100% Organic Pocket Tee in Teal for boys.

It truly is the ultimate boho-luxe brand for the free-spirited child.

To see and shop the full range, head to the Feather Drum website.

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Summer fashion has always been a favourite of ours because of the endless opportunities to wear fun prints, bold colours and gorgeous silhouettes.
Of course, you can wear these colours and prints year-round, but in winter, it just doesn’t seem weather appropriate to rock a marigold yellow outfit. You’re much more likely to find us in black, navy or grey!
Enter spring and summer and it’s a whole different story. We’re obsessed with dressing in every colour of the rainbow and you should be too.
We’ve rounded up our favourite ways to wear summer brights below and a few of our favourite pieces that you can also shop!












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