At the end of the day, there’s nothing more important than our health and our happiness. With this in mind, TV presenter, author and cancer survivor Sally Obermeder created her blog swiish.com.au. SWIISH™ stands for – stylish women inspiring inner strength, health and happiness – embodying all of the things that Sally is passionate about.

Sally has always understood the importance of looking and feeling your best, but it wasn’t until she was diagnosed with breast cancer just one day before giving birth to her beautiful first born Annabelle, that she truly realised just how much strength it can give you.

Sally’s difficult journey of treatment and recovery inspired her to start swiish.com.au so that other women could be inspired to live full, fabulous and healthy lives. And now, thanks to the incredible work of these women - Giuliana Rancic; Bright Pink founder, Lindsay Avner and Pink Hope creator, Krystal Barter - Sally has been inspired to follow in their footsteps and has launched WISH BY SWIISH™ which plans to bring a bit of fabulousness, glamour and style into the lives of women facing an ongoing illness.

WISH BY SWIISH™ will be helping to make dreams come true, bringing a little sparkle back into the lives of women battling illness. From a weekend away with the girls, to a celebrity premiere, a shopping spree, or a rejuvenating health retreat stay, WISH BY SWIISH™ wants you to feel beautiful and to enjoy an experience that lets you know you’re being cheered on, to stay strong and keep fighting.

“When I was sick, I was incredibly fortunate to be given so much, blessed with so much, and surrounded by enormous love and support. Alex Perry was kind enough to give me one of his gorgeous dresses. Friends made sure I was pampered with lots of spa treatments, massages and facials. Those gestures of kindness made me feel special and still like my old self while I faced the ultimate battle. I made myself a promise that when I got better, I would pay it forward and do the same for someone else. And that is how WISH BY SWIISH™ has come about.”

– Sally Obermeder

Photograph thanks to Peter Brew-Bevan

You can nominate yourself, or another incredible woman whose life has been touched by illness, either currently, or in the last 12 months. Those who are granted a WISH BY SWIISH™ must be residents of Australia.

All you have to do is tell us your story, and how a WISH BY SWIISH™ would bring a little sparkle to you, or the woman you’d like to nominate. Write 200 words (or less), or if you prefer, you can submit a two-minute video about your nomination for a WISH BY SWIISH™. If you’re nominating someone other than yourself, tell us why, and what it is you wish for her, to help her feel special and fabulous. Sally and the team at SWIISH™ will review all the applications and choose the most amazing, inspiring and special wishes to be granted.

What’s going to bring you a little sparkle? Is it some time out at a health retreat? Is it a brand new pair of sky-high stilettos? Or have you always dreamed of going to a movie premiere and walking the red carpet? How about lunch at a hot new restaurant for you and your girlfriends? WISH BY SWIISH™ wants to give you an incredible experience or gift (think fashion, beauty, lifestyle) to help make you feel like the special, beautiful woman that you are! But please don’t ask for a hot date with Ryan Gosling, because if we could pull that off we wouldn’t be sitting here!

Application Form

Sally and the team at SWIISH™ are looking forward to making your dreams come true!

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