Top Knot Towel Turban

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$19.95 AUD



Win the battle against frizz and minimise drying time with the Top Knot Towel Turban. Soft and plush, this turban will speed up your morning routine while doing wonders for your hair! Designed with efficiency in mind, it features a button & loop closure to ensure the turban sits securely. Because there are more fibres in the fabric than a regular towel, this means it'll soak up the water in your hair better. By the time you take off the Towel Turban, you won't have to spend as much time blowdrying it. Also, when you rub your hair dry with a regular towel, this can damage it from the friction created. Our specially-designed Towel Turban will eliminate that . As a result, your hair will experience less heat damage and friction, which means less breakage and healthier, fuller, and shinier hair! Another added benefit is that the hair turban towel will lock in moisture better, which means your hair will have less frizz. And during drier seasons (such as winter), your hair won't feel as dried out.

DETAILS: button and loop closure, soft wearing fabric, textured waffle-like fabric 

COLOUR: blush pink

FABRIC: microfibre


After washing, flip your hair over, wrap it up in your towel, twist and secure with the button closure to hold in place.


TIP: If you wash your hair at night, you may have previously gone to bed with your head wet, which means putting a towel down across your pillow so you don't get it soaked. But you won't have to do that anymore with a Top Knot Towel Turban. Just go to bed comfortably with it on.