Bamboo Utensils Set

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$9.95 AUD $24.95 AUD

Be kind to Mother Nature and ditch the plastic utensils for the Bamboo Utensils Set. 

The Bamboo Utensil Set is ideal for any occasion, take it to work and leave in your locker, the office drawer, in the glove box for unexpected road trips, birthday presents, stocking fillers, kids lunchboxes. The list goes on!

These sets come wrapped in a rollable cotton storage pouch, great for when you're on the go! Use the cotton pouch as a napkin or placemat, and wash as required.

DETAILS: cotton pouch, fork, knife, spoon, chopsticks, straw, straw cleaner

  • Extremely durable
  • Stain, smell & odour-proof
  • Smooth wooden finish

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Rinse cutlery under water after each use, and wash with warm soapy water.