Exhaustion Detox Pack - The Basics

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Tired of waking up tired? Ready to kick exhaustion to the curb? Burnout can be caused by a combination of a few factors: high stress, poor sleep, and mental overload. When you hit capacity, the crash that follows comes down like a tonne of bricks. We created The Exhaustion Detox Pack – The Basics to help you reset and get the deep sleep you deserve. This is the perfect starter pack combo.


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What’s inside? 


If there’s one thing that needs attention when you’re feeling exhausted – it’s sleep. Quality sleep is critical for your ongoing health and wellbeing. Put simply, sleeping well makes us feel better. It's rest and repair for your body deep down at a cellular level. Using only the finest natural ingredients, our SLEEP Superfood Powder is designed to help your body rest, rebalance and rejuvenate. The key combination of natural ingredients including Tart Cherry, Banana and Cacao contain melatonin (your sleep hormone) – and help your body produce it. Enjoy SLEEP each night, around 30 minutes before bedtime, for a deep and restorative sleep.


There's a little-known part of the brain called the pineal gland that is responsible for producing your sleep hormone melatonin. Overtime, fluoride (added to our toothpaste and water supplies for dental health) can build up in the pineal gland minimising its ability to function. Our all-natural DETOX Superfood Powder was created using 100% Tamarind powder that assists the detoxification of the pineal gland, helping it clear excess fluoride. This has the follow-on effect of supporting your sleep as your body is able to better produce melatonin and other important hormones. Take DETOX twice a week, ideally on consecutive days.


♻︎ All SWIISH Wellness products can be recycled in your normal household recycling. We use recyclable plastic to reduce packaging waste.


  • Deeper more restorative sleep
  • Better detoxification processes
  • Support for a regulated sleep cycle
  • Nervous system support
  • Antioxidant support


SLEEP Superfood Powder
Tart cherry (Prunus cerasus), Banana, Cherry, Cacao, Honey, Date, Ginger, Turmeric, Siberian Ginseng, Cinnamon, Natural Vanilla Flavour

DETOX Tamarind Superfood Powder
100% Tamarind Powder. (Warning: Not suitable if you are taking blood thinners)


  • No nasties
  • No gluten, eggs, nuts, dairy or soy
  • No artificial colours or flavours
  • No fillers, binders or preservatives
  • Non-GMO


We recommend having the SLEEP Superfood Powder each evening in warm milk or water, around 30 minutes before bedtime. 


Twice a week, ideally on consecutive days, have the DETOX Tamarind Powder in water.


SLEEP Superfood Powder – Melatonin support & improved sleep quality

There is an amino acid known as tryptophan in Tart Cherry (the No.1 ingredient in the SLEEP Powder) that is a precursor (meaning it’s involved in the production of) of melatonin (for sleep) and serotonin (your happiness hormone).

Clinical evidence further suggests that a primary function of melatonin in Tart Cherries is also as an antioxidant, helping protect the cherry from oxidative stress. This works two-fold, as melatonin doubles as a potent antioxidant in the human body, assisting with anti-inflammation, skin health, reducing free radicals, and supporting the body against oxidative damage.

(Zhao, Y., Tan, D. X., Lei, Q., Chen, H., Wang, L., Li, Q. T., Gao, Y., & Kong, J. (2013). Melatonin and its Potential Biological Functions in the Fruits of Sweet Cherry. Journal of pineal research, 55(1), 79–88.) 


In another major 2012 study on Tart Cherry and melatonin synthesis, it was found that supplementation increased circulating melatonin levels in the body, improved sleep time and quality, elevated total melatonin content, increased total sleep duration, reduced daytime napping, and improved sleep efficiency in total by 82.3%. 

(Howatson, G., Bell, P. G., Tallent, J., Middleton, B., McHugh, M. P., & Ellis, J. (2012). Effect of Tart Cherry Juice (Prunus cerasus) on Melatonin Levels and Enhanced Sleep Quality. European journal of nutrition, 51(8), 909–916.) 


DETOX Tamarind Superfood Powder – Melatonin, fluoride & the pineal gland
Tamarind is a legume and superfruit that has been clinically studied for its ability to help detoxify the pineal gland and increase the urinary excretion of fluoride from the pineal gland and body. 

(Khandare, A. L., Rao, G. S., & Lakshmaiah, N. (2002). Effect of Tamarind Ingestion on Fluoride Excretion in Humans. European journal of clinical nutrition, 56(1), 82–85.) 

(Dey, S., Swarup, D., Saxena, A., & Dan, A. (2011). In Vivo Efficacy of Tamarind (Tamarindus indica) Fruit Extract on Experimental Fluoride Exposure in Rats. Research in veterinary science, 91(3), 422–425.) 


Studies have proceeded to show that fluoride exposure may contribute to changes in sleep cycle regulation and behaviors. The DETOX Superfood Powder is therefore an excellent option for helping increase the elimination of fluoride from the body to support sleep. 
(Malin, A. J., Bose, S., Busgang, S. A., Gennings, C., Thorpy, M., Wright, R. O., Wright, R. J., & Arora, M. (2019). Fluoride Exposure and Sleep Patterns among Older Adolescents in the United States: A Cross-Sectional Study of NHANES 2015-2016. Environmental health : a global access science source, 18(1), 106.)


How do I know if I need an Exhaustion Detox?
If you are experiencing even just one thing from our list below:

  • Tired
  • Mentally overloaded
  • Low motivation
  • Stressed & anxious
  • Moody
  • Highly reactive

What do each of the powders in this pack taste like?
SLEEP Superfood Powder has a delicious mild chai flavour and DETOX Tamarind Superfood Powder has a tangy taste.

Can I take the powders in this pack while pregnant or breastfeeding?
Our SWIISH Wellness Powders are safe to consume while pregnant and breastfeeding. However, as everyone’s situation is different, we recommend that you check with your healthcare professional to see if these powders would be beneficial for you.
Can I take the powders in this pack with other medications?
Anyone on blood thinners should not take DETOX Tamarind Superfood Powder. Outside of this, our powders are all-natural and contain nothing artificial. We are unable to provide exact advice on whether they are safe to consume whilst taking other specific medications. As everyone’s situation is different, we recommend that you check with your healthcare professional to see if this powder would be beneficial for you. Please refer to the nutritional information & ingredients list for each powder.